Quality chocolate in Turin

When people think about chocolate immediately Switzerland and Belgium come to their minds, but Piedmont and Turin are not less important in chocolate production, especially about the high quality. There are great masters in the city and around the region, able to create an amazing products ready for the international competition. Among the different small brands and the artisanal chocolate shops there is one that is my favourite.

Located in the central Piazza San Carlo, the shop is called Stratta, very popular in Turin. They offer a big variety of chocolated and they are ready to personalize the chocolate according to the clients’ taste. The shop setting, with some renovation, is mainly kept as the original one created in 1836 and it has a bar where to have a drink and some pastries. Candies and cakes are very good, but the real added value is the chocolate.

The recipes used follow the tradition without missing the chance to bring some innovation. You can choose or better taste the different products to understand how amazing is the chocolate of Stratta. There are the classical Giandujotti, the chocolate bars, the lovely Chocolate-dipped alkekengi and the spicy chocolate. Every preference can be satisfied.

A mention is deserved also by the packaging chosen to give a special dress to the chocolate. To buy some products for a gift is always a good idea, because who receive can appreciate the box with the eyes and the content with the palate. If you want to try the bar you will find kind and young waiters, the only problem is that in summer they put tables in the square, meanwhile in winter the bar is inside, but there is no space for tables, so you have to stand and this is a small lack of the shop, but for sure their chocolate can easily give pleasure and let you forget about the small space.


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