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Qatar holiday: how to book a hotel with Qatar Airways and get discounts

Qatar holiday is my goal. Yes, one of my wishes is to visit the country. And since I will have the chance to get a few days off, I want to search for some ideas. Surfing the internet I found interesting news. Especially if I don’t want to limit my tour to only one country.

Maybe I can move around the area. The Middle East is in my dreams since many years ago, so it’s time to start to explore it. Well, I went on the Qatar Airways website. I did it for two reasons: search for some ticket deals and also to search for ideas. My mind has a clear thought about the destination. But I have to plan a bit.

holiday in qatar

Thanks to the airline I made a great discovery for my Holiday in Qatar. Why? Because there is an interesting offer concerning the stay. Yes, it’s not related to the plane ticket but my room. The company proposes a super discounted offer to book in 4 or 5 stars hotels.

If I fly to certain conditions, I will benefit from special rates. Of course, I need to respect the rules, but the advantage is really big. Let me explain better what I found during my research. I had already a pleasant experience with Qatar Airways, this influences me to plan a new one.

Qatar holiday $23

Qatar Airways dedicate this offer to the transfer book. The stay has a low rate, starting from 23 USD. How does it work? Before to see the details, let me give you the general overview. If you check the destinations and you go through Doha, you can benefit from this special condition.

That’s why anywhere you want to go, you should consider a holiday in Qatar. So if you are traveling, for example, from New York to Thailand, you can stop in Doha. You have to spend there for at least 12 hours. Also, the maximum limit is 4 days. In that case, you can access a booking condition unique for the Qatar holiday.

holiday in qatar

The holiday in Qatar will be very cheap. Buying the ticket, once confirmed, I can access the offer. Imagine staying in a 4 or 5 stars hotel for one or even four nights spending 23 USD per night. Ok, you are right. This is just the starting rate, but even if I spend 30-50 USD it’s not bad.

Don’t you think so? It’s not finished with the rates. People from 80 countries in the world can enter without a visa. Others, for this type of entry, can even get a free visa. This looks great. Qatar Airways apply this rate policy for hotel bookings. Of course, if you follow the rules.

Hotel 4* Hotel 5*
1 night USD 23 USD 28
2 nights USD 86 USD 110
3 nights USD 125 USD 160
4 nights USD 165 USD 210

How to book hotels with Qatar Airways

Now let’s go straight to the requirements. If I want to use this offer and if you also want to do it, I can take advantage of the Qatar Airways partnership with Booking. Thanks to their agreement I can reserve accommodation in any place I want, flying with the airline company or its partners, and earn some miles. Each dollar spent gives me the right to earn 1 mile. You can access directly the right page on Booking from here, so the special rates will be directly applied and miles accredited.

There are no limits to your stay. It works for single, couples, or small families. You can choose the rooms you want and the type of accommodation you prefer. Anyway, on Qatar Airways and Booking websites, you will find all the details to plan a Qatar holiday.

I am already thinking about my holiday in Qatar. It won’t be my last destination, but I can enjoy Doha for a few days. I don’t need even a holiday, but just a stopover. Even during a work trip. Obviously, according to the track between my departure place and my arrival city. Also, timing is important. Qatar Airways reserves a very good offer. I will use it. And you? I don’t know if you are interested, but I thought it was useful to share my discoveries with you. Check it out and decide.

What to do in Doha

My knowledge of the Middle East is very limited, at least as a direct experience. But after my flight with this airline and after my stay in Dubai, I want to do more. Especially for history and archeology. But what can I do in Doha during my stopover? I have already an idea. You might get inspired for your holiday in Qatar.

  1. Visit the cultural heart of the city, Suk Waquif. It is full of restaurants where to taste the local food and plenty of shops where to buy cool items.
  2. Enter the Museum of Islamic Art to go deep in culture and explore the antique collections. It is one of the most important in the world.
  3. Enjoy the Inland Sea. It is a special natural place. This represents the meeting between sea and desert. It is possible to swim and to do a safari on the dunes.

holiday in qatar


Doha is already on my next destinations list. Qatar Airways is helping me. Will you follow my steps? Anyway, keep in mind the airline for your flights.

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