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Qatar Airways First Class: experience on a huge 5 stars flight

I want to describe my Qatar Airways First Class experience. I am a luxury lover, so for long journeys, I search for it. Now I discovered 5 stars flights. Traveling often I have the chance to try different airlines. Going around Europe sometimes I spend one or two hours on board. So I can accept different conditions. But if the trip is longer, I need comfort. I mean space and services. Among the various companies, it is not easy to choose. Well, there is an airline that deserves my gratitude. It is called Qatar Airways. Maybe it’s less popular than others, but it offers superb flights.

It’s not marketing, but direct experience. I am delighted by the company. To be exigent is one of my features, that’s why I evaluated carefully Qatar Airways before using it. Then I did it also during my trip and before sharing it with you. My conclusions: I had some 5 stars flights and it can be useful to give you some tips. That’s why you can read this post. The growth of this airline is very fast, but surely the managers and the staff are doing a great job. They settled a high-level service. And don’t worry, the luxury, in this case, is not expensive. Qatar Airways First Class is surprising.

5 stars flights: make it possible with Qatar Airways First Class

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world according to the judgment of the experts. As well passengers are saying good words. Every time I have to book a flight, I read reviews. But those are not influencing me at all. I explore the official online pages, checking the offers, and the services. Images, videos, descriptions. Everything helps me to decide. But the most important thing is direct experience. If my choice was wrong, well, I won’t do it again. This is not the case. I am thrilled with the decision. The result of my flight onboard Qatar Airways First Class was higher than my expectations.

The attention is given to each detail from the staff surely makes it possible. Thanks to the low rates, compared to other airlines, Qatar Airways is a good choice for you. I mean that also you can make the luxury possible for your journeys. The business class, for example, is well equipped and affordable. Let me explain to you my experience on the 5 stars flights of the company.

Flying in Qatar Airways First Class

The airline counts 160 destinations worldwide and it offers unmatched levels of service. I have to say that it deserves the awards as one of the best companies. While other airlines are decreasing the services to cut the rates, Qatar Airways does the opposite. They provide outstanding in-flight service, superior onboard products, and operational excellence. You can find 5 stars flights.

I started my trip, staying in Qatar Airways First Class, to Milan and I finished it in Bangkok. It took around 15 hours. For a so long journey, I started to search for the best solutions according to comfort, prices, and services. When you move and you have to spend a lot of time on the same mean of transport, space and entertainment become very important. I saw the economy class pictures and descriptions. Then I also checked the business class.

Well, I was curious because the presentation was really on a high level. Of course, that is marketing. I checked out some reviews. Not bad, even if they have to be considered as a personal opinion and not necessarily the truth. In the end, I tried. What’s best to do direct experience.


I was wondering about the space for my legs. Then I was worry about the seats, how comfortable are they? You know, these are the classic considerations of a traveler who is going to spend hours on a plane. Exploring the Qatar Airways website, I discovered something exciting. They created Qsuite. It looks like a hotel suite, of course, according to a plane. That attracts all my attention while I was booking. Those seats are build to customize them for different needs on a single flight. It is superb to seat in Qatar Airways First Class.

I was really surprised. What are the features? Each cabin can be closed to reserve complete privacy. But if you want to work, chat or eat with your travel mates you can. Yes, the cabin can be opened and four people (colleagues or family) can see each other and be seated at a normal table. It’s like being at a restaurant or in an office. The seats can also become a double bed. It is possible to decide to be isolated from the rest of the plane or to share with travel mates space. This is the first element of the 5 stars flights.

I checked the economy class, there is more space than other airlines. So you can be satisfied also if you will choose a different level. Qatar Airways First Class offers unique features.


One of the hardest challenges on a plane concerns the meals. Yes, the quality and the quantity are the main problems of the food served during the flight. On Qatar Airways First Class it looks different. I can’t guarantee the total freshness of the ingredients, but surely what I tasted was delicious. The dishes were nice for the eyes, well presented. And they were good in the mouth. The menu allows the passenger to choose and especially appetizers and desserts seem just prepared. Also, the bread, when you eat, seems to be just prepared. It is well cooked.

qatar airways first class - first class in qatar airways

You can also taste some typical recipes prepared according to tradition. As it happens for different airlines, when you book a ticket you can indicate your specific needs. The kitchen takes into consideration all the passenger’s intolerances and allergies. Not only food but also beverages. Yes, they have a huge variety of drinks so you can choose to combine it with the food or just with your taste. The elements that define the 5 stars flights are many. 

Not only the main meals. During your flight, you get generous snacks during the middle of the journey.


Once on a plane, a stewardess asked me what I wanted to drink. I answered, “sparkling water, please.” She asked me to repeat it three or four times. Maybe my Italian accent wasn’t helping my English. I tried to say “with gas,” “with bubbles”… Nothing. She left me without a drink. Luckily there was some still water together with food. I had the chance to drink something even if it wasn’t with gas. On another flight, the staff was able to speak only in their mother tongue. Luckily it was Italian. But I saw passengers with difficulties in communicating with them.

These episodes give you the idea of why I focus a lot on the service on board. On Qatar Airways First Class I found luxury assistance. Why? Because real luxury is made by people. A professional staff is able to do the job with kindness, speed, attention to detail. I don’t like the word “serve”, because a waiter, in the air also, is a person, not a servant. They give support to passengers for their needs. Anyway, the stewards and stewardess on these 5 stars flights are animated by the typical Arab hospitality. 

It’s not just to answer the people’s requests and wishes. They work intending to make you feel good like it happens at home.

Qatar Airways First Class Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment is not like other airlines but there are new release movies. 5 stars flights have to offer quality also when they have to entertain passengers. You can access TV series, music, documentaries, games. It’s a complete program and you can check it before leaving. In fact, on the Qatar Airways website, you can check the entertainment planned on your flight. If you don’t have anything to do, you will make a plan with the movies to see. The equipment is great, as it has to be on 5 stars flights.

But the most important thing is connectivity. Yes, there is Wi-Fi with OnAir mobile service. It’s possible and easy to check email with a personal device. Also, you can send SMS or MMS. All the entertainment is on a finger. Yes, because there is a joystick that allows the passenger to input any order to the system. You only need to move your finger on it. Easy life in Qatar Airways First Class

Courtesy set

I have something more to add. The majestic Qsuite has one more benefit for the guests of Qatar Airways First Class. You are not only a passenger but a real guest for the airline. For each cabin is available the amenity kit. Inside you can find skincare products and in-flight necessities. It’s a concrete help to ensure that you arrive fresh at your destination. BRIC’s and Castello Monte Vibiano, two Italian brands, signed the stylish design. Also, sleepers are available. Qatar Airways offer 5 stars flights and you feel like in a luxury hotel.


I don’t think it’s useful to share the price I paid for my flights. As you know very well according to the class, dates, promotions, and so on you will find different rates. So, to conclude my story about the experience with Qatar Airways First Class, I tell you my considerations about the prices. I looked at the various offers. Different airlines, different rates. Then I compared them with the features of the class and the services provided. This airline was more convenient.

Why spend a lot of money on luxury if you can have it for a low rate? Why travel without comfort just to save a few dollars? Is it better to choose a low-cost company if then you have to add costs for luggage, seat, meals, and so on? These questions I did to myself are now for you. You don’t have to tell me, but yourself when you have to buy the ticket. Anyway, I recommend Qatar Airways First Class and its 5 stars flights to anyone I can.

Check-in and baggage allowance

The check-in desk is dedicated to Qatar Airways First Class passengers, so no queue and a special welcome. It is also important to know that passengers who reserve the best, have more space. At the premium check-in area, it is possible to register with two carry-on baggage weighing 33 pounds.  The weight limit can be different according to your flight because they design it following the main policies in relation to the destination.

VIP lounges

Anywhere in the world, flying with Qatar Airways with a first-class ticket, you have direct access to VIP lounges together with OneWorld alliance member airline lounges. So in every airport, you can use the same service. Imagine all the services, from free snacks and drinks to showers, complimentary Wi-Fi, high-level restaurants, and even spas, like in Doha airport. Each lounge has specific services and they have many features, it is even impossible to list all of them. Waiting time becomes precious and pleasant.

Priority boarding

The airline performs zonal boarding, so first-class passengers have priority boarding on the aircraft. This means that you can go immediately and easily on the plane and store your cabin bag without being in a hurry.

Qatar Airways First Class after Covid

Why choose to experience the luxury five stars flights? Because after the experience of pandemics, we all can benefit from more accuracy. I mean that the strict protocols to protect passenger’s health are easier to follow. The distance is higher, so you have privacy and you are safe. You need to consider that ceramics are substituted by disposable kits. Anyway, fewer people are traveling, so you can completely enjoy the trip to the cabin. It is almost like flying on a private jet. But this is less expensive and more sustainable because first class is part of a huge plane with other passengers and not a plane just for a small number of people. The environment is important also for human health.

Conclusions: use the first class in Qatar Airways

As you have read the rates are low and convenient and not it is the proper chance to travel using first class in Qatar Airways. Use the opportunity now, check out the conditions, and the availability to plan your luxury experience. It is easy and it is time to treat yourself, your partner, and your family as you deserve. Go to the website and book, save money, and enjoy it.

Have a safe flight and don’t forget to check out my posts about destinations.

Where will you go? Write your favorite place in the comments below. And share my post to make other people happy.

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