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VIP airport lounges: how can I get in? This is a common question for passengers, especially among those who have the chance to travel often. It is not a matter of feeling important, but to improve the waiting time quality. Entering a reserved lounge gives you a lot of advantages. You can’t imagine this, but you will save money. I will explain to you how to use Priority Pass Card.

Have you ever waited for a plane standing at the gate for hours? Have you ever spent a huge amount of money on a snack just because the airport is expensive? Me yes. That’s why I search for some way to get more comfortable. Today I was thinking that my traveler wallet is getting old. Some signs on it are demonstrating how many trips I took. Anyway, I started to check the cards I have inside. One of them inspired me to write this post. Here I review the Priority Pass Card, the VIP lounge card.

Priority Pass Card is a solution for travelers

VIP airport lounges is a need when you spend a lot of hours in a terminal around the world. Of course, it is necessary to pay a fee, but let’s make a generic calculation. It may not be applicable exactly with this amount everywhere. But the process is the same in every airport in the world. Imagine being there during lunch or dinner time. You are hungry.

What to do? Easy, you search for a bar or a restaurant. You won’t eat just a sandwich, but you will have two courses and maybe a couple of glasses of wine. You will spend around 30-35 euros. Then you will buy a magazine to read while you wait and it will be 2-3 euros. The average price of a VIP airport lounges is 35 euros. Inside you have newspapers, magazines, food, and drinks without limits included. Plus free and unlimited Wi-Fi. This becomes easily possible thanks to Priority Pass Card.

Priority Pass Card

VIP airport lounges in a card

I am going to share with you the easiest way to use VIP airport lounges, you can do it all around the world. It is a small investment that allows you to reduce the cost (do you remember the average price of 35 euros I wrote before?) and get all the benefits. It is what I did some years ago and now I am really happy with my choice. I make every journey more pleasant with my VIP lounge card.

Here you are going to read my experience with Priority Pass Card. Travel is great. But when you have to go on a plane, you have to spend hours in airports as well and it is boring, especially in small places. Imagine then too crowded places. Why not use airport lounges like a VIP with snacks and drinks included at a cheap price?

If you will follow my steps you will benefit from a very good opportunity. You just need a Priority Pass Card. But I suggest it only if you are a frequent flyer. Or at least my advice is for who is going around the world at least five or six times per year. Anyway, there are many options, so even for a few trips, it can be a good card.

VIP airport lounges and Priority Pass card

Maybe there are a few shops or they are closed and the waiting rooms are not so comfortable. That is why having a Priority Pass Card is helpful. Use VIP airport lounges is not a luxury, but only a better way to wait. It allows the owner to access the airport lounges almost everywhere: 1000 lounges in 500 cities in 130 countries. All with one VIP lounge card.

The member can decide the type of card to have discounts for any access. Alternatively, it is possible to pay a certain amount as membership and then enter for free in the lounges, for an unlimited number of times.

The owner can have also a guest and pay a discounted price for her or him. When you enter a lounge you can find newspapers and magazines, TV, computer, comfortable armchairs, showers, food, and drinks. This is the way to get direct access to VIP airport lounges. Not all the lounges are the same, some are more equipped, but for sure you can have a luxury stay. Normally the right to enter is given to first-class ticket holders, airport cardholders, or those who want to pay an expensive fee. Priority Pass Card allows you to have full access and to save money.

Priority Pass Card

If you travel with European continental flights you have only the business class and not the first one. Then to buy the membership of a card by a specific airport has no sense if you are not using it. That is why the Priority Pass Card is convenient. You will save money and you will use many lounges around the world, to wait for your plane with some luxury. This is my way of travel and it makes me happy spending a lot of time between planes and airports.

Check out your Priority Pass Card plan, get the card, and start to be a VIP at the airport. In some cases, there are spa treatments to wait for you. You will be fully relaxed before going onboard. Download the App to be always informed about the updates and to have the complete list of the lounges. You will enjoy each VIP airport lounges in the places you will visit.

Priority Pass Card

Conclusions: plan your trip

Now it is time to go, right? Your VIP airport lounges are waiting for you. So check out my destinations to get inspired and read my reviews, so you can easily plan your trip. With the VIP lounge card, you won’t have limits. Click here to get all the details.

To search for the best rates and combine the connections I suggest you use Infobus, Kiwi, and Skyscanner. The three platforms are perfect to make you saving time and money. For the hotel, there is a very good site: Booking. It is the website that researches you. Your task is only to input personal criteria. 

And if you need some travel items I can inspire you: shopping tips and Amazon Store. Plus surf the AliExpress platform.

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