Prague: city of a hundred spires

My short trip to Prague, Czech Republic, for New Year’s Eve is already finished, but it was certainly superb. I had a great time not only because of the fireworks. The city has a magnificent setting made of historical and artistic buildings. The people are friendly and especially it is possible to find travelers from all over the world. The definition “city of a hundred spires” concern the gold-tipped towers and the medieval church spires spread around the city. They are many and they constitute the skyline of Prague.

Prague is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe and it is also defined as a queen. Because of its architecture, really rich, full of important palaces part of the history of Europe. Walking around the city center, I had the chance to see a bit more things than on my previous visit. It was very interesting for me to observe a mix of styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism.

The Danube in Prague

One day I will be able to say I saw everything in Prague, I hope. But in my short visits, I can only try to enjoy some parts of the city. So I am going to mention what I explored and what I like. My goal is to inspire you, to give you some tips starting from my experience. First of all, I suggest you walk around the main squares and along the river Vltava. This gives you an idea about the shape of Prague.

It is a good idea also a cruise on the river. I had two different experiences: the first one in the summertime with pedalos and the second time for New Year’s Eve with a boat. In the first case, I had the daylight, in the second one it was obviously night. So going around I try to see the buildings from a different perspective. Try to do a list of tours on a boat during the day, I am sure you will like it. Do it before to start to go around by walk. Why? Because you will have a look at the different parts and it will decide from where to start.

What I loved most in Prague

Among the attractions, the one that hit me, especially in my curiosity, is the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town of Prague. It is really cool, with a particular mechanism and structure. But what is really cool is its legend. It says that there is a connection between the Clock and the Brothers Grimm. The great clockmaker Mikuláš from Kadaň realized it in the 15th century. Many countries, at that time, wanted to have one like it and they were trying to hire the artist. He never wanted to show the plans to other people except for the Prague Councilors.

Today there are some replicas around the world, but nothing can be like the original one for innovation and precision. You can see the rotating statues of the 12 apostles. The Clock displays Babylonian time, Old Bohemian time, German time, and Sidereal time. It also shows the moon’s phases and the sun’s journey through the constellations of the zodiac. The calendar dial, just below the clock, shows the day of the month, the day of the week, feast days, and allegorical pictures of the current month and sign of the zodiac.

What to see in Prague

If you go to Prague keep in mind some must. The first one is Charles Bridge, made of stones. It is the connection between the Old and the New Towns. It is full of tourists and street artists at almost any hour of the day and night. The Castle is one of the best examples of how the combination of different architectural styles can give humanity great results. You can see especially Romanesque and Gothic.

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saints Vitus, Wenceslaus, and Adalbert was realized in Gothic style and with a very high tower, 102.8 meters. In the Square of the Old Town, there are the City Hall and the Clock. A wonder of Prague. Wenceslas Square is inside the new part of the city, but it is impressive for its size, quite huge. In the end, I recommend seeing something modern: the Dancing House. The Nationale-Nederlanden building on the Rašínovo nábřeží was completed in 1996 and it has an impressive shape. It is closed to the river.

Now I let you watch my pictures, I took them on my different trips to Prague and they show how the city appears in all its magnificence. Have you ever been to this part of the world? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


Wenceslas Square

Prague 4

Prague 39

Charles Bridge

Architecture in Prague

Events in Prague

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  1. Praha is one of the best cities I have ever seen and I am happy when I can go back there. Beer is a must. I am preparing a post about bars and restaurants. Do you know Vytopna Railway Restaurant? It is really particular. I will mention it in my next article. I agree with what you wrote

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