popular summer vacation destinations for golfers

Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Golfers

Among the millions who are going on vacation during summertime, some people want to use the chance to practice their favorite sport. They can go with family or partner, or even friends, but they want to have some time at their disposal to do what they want. This means also finding the proper place, where it is possible to practice that specific sport. It can be hard that, but maybe with some ideas and hints, any research can give great results. It is the case of people who love golf. They need to find the course and also with some precise features. There are a lot of resorts to choose from among the popular summer vacation destinations for golfers. If you know how to surf the websites you can get a lot of options and solutions.

Golf resorts are all around the world. For instance, if you search for them in the United States, you have a lot of structures to select, for any taste. This is helpful especially if you are not traveling alone but the others are not into this sport. They can easily find other attractions, facilities, and places to see while you are on the course. In many states, golf resorts are only open for the spring and summer months. Many golf resorts can be found in Arizona, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, and Texas.

popular summer vacation destinations for golfers

How to find popular summer vacation destinations for golfers

The main focus of a golf resort is obviously golf, but there are a lot of additional activities you can find inside, made to please players’ families and friends. While you are on the course they can remain inside and do something else, if they don’t want to join you. They won’t be disappointed to have a golf vacation, they won’t see the course at all but they will have fun. Plus they will go to visit nearby locations. Some structures are popular for the sport, but also surroundings. They are located close to famous destinations, from cities to parks, from mountains to sea.

Let me give some examples or ideas. If you or your family, partner, or friends love the beach, you can offer them some of the bests and go to reserve a room at one of the Myrtle Beach golf resorts. There is even a specific one where to go, near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, it is called Myrtlewood Golf Resort and Villas. This golf resort, which is a short drive to the beach, is ideal for golfers that are vacationing with their family. In addition to Myrtlewood, you can find many other golf resorts that are located close to a beach by searching for golf resorts along the coast.

If you travel with your family, checking the golf resort you will focus on the activities dedicated to them and also on what you can find around the place, like other attractions and activities to do for them and also together when you are not playing. Remaining close to beaches it can be another very good option the Marriott Rancho Las Palmas  Resort & Spa, located in California and tailored to the whole family. It offers tennis courts, swimming pools, a large water slide, kid’s camps, and onsite spas. it is a very well-equipped hotel.

popular summer vacation destinations for golfers

How to select the resort focusing on rates

Choosing the golf resort you won’t focus only on the activities and the place, but also on the prices. The rates applied for the room, the course, and all the other services need to meet your budget and are related to the importance of the facilities and the location for you. Generally, golf resorts are quite expensive, but there are good options to save money and live the experience you search for. A budget solution can be to select a resort that allows external access to their course and you sleep in another hotel, a cheaper one. While you play, your family can explore the area. Anyway, this is only an option, there is something else to consider before.

The cost of your stay should be just as important as the onsite or nearby activities and the location of the resort. If your family or who travel with you are not interested in playing maybe you should pay attention to the resort’s policies, maybe they offer discounts to non-golfers. You know, some people are choosing that type of accommodation just because of relaxation and the place, but they are not interested at all in sport. Of course, the main rates are created to propose room and onsite golf courses.

Some deals include the use of golf with private lessons and golf cart use. If someone in your vacationing party will not be golfing, they should not have to pay to use the golf services. Many of the golf courses, located in the United States, will not charge full price for non-golfers.

There is also another way to keep your budget safe without renouncing to reserve in a golf resort. Some online coupons and packages include a lot of discounts with significant reductions to the regular price. Some of them are on official resort websites, but you can find coupons also on travel websites in general. You can ask for help also to your travel agent, but in this case, you will pay a fee, so maybe using the web is the best option to save money.


Now you know how to plan your break in popular summer vacation destinations for golfers. If you want to spend hours or even days golfing then a golf resort vacation may be just what you need. Whether you are vacationing alone, with your family, or with friends, you can all find activities and excitement at one of the many golf resorts located in the United States or Europe, or even in other parts of the world. It is plenty of opportunities, just take advantage of them.

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