Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Campers

Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Campers

Are you an RV lover? Do you go often around with it for your trips? Each year, a large number of individuals and families during summertime decide to go on vacation and the place they visit depends on several reasons. Surely they search for new experiences, excitement, fun, discover new countries, and so on. Who prefer the outdoors should consider using RV and pick one of the popular summer vacation destinations for campers. It gives you the chance to live something new and different and also to stay in touch with nature, to choose the background for your stay, and to enjoy more the time with the people you are traveling with.

Many people going to travel to some destination to have outdoor vacation goes directly for camping. It is funny and especially for friends and families. It is a good chance to know better themselves and the others and to spend exciting time together. The outdoor activities are stunning to keep in touch with nature. Other people are not considering camping for summer vacations, it looks, for them, not qualifying. It is mostly for a weekend out. Well, who cares, each of us has his or her own way of thinking, but surely camping is a great experience at any time. If you want to go camping and have a superb outdoor vacation, you should take into consideration what type of trips are available to you.

Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Campers

Public campgrounds as popular summer vacation destinations for campers

In the last year in the United States, camping became less popular than in the past. But still a huge quantity of families and individuals still enjoying to do it. That’s why around the country there are many campgrounds, public spaces developed for them to welcome them in the most fabulous American sceneries. So, if you want to have a great vacation with your camper or even just with a tent, you should examine public campgrounds.

You can start to check and verify those structures around the area where you live, but maybe for a vacation, you want to see different landscapes and cross cities and towns that you still don’t know. The country, as it happens in others around the world, is full of campgrounds to explore. You will have to reserve your space to be sure to have one. It happens, especially during summertime to find a lot of people and some campgrounds are fully booked. You can go to a local one, but I am pretty sure you will have more days of break and you can go to another city or state.

Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Campers

How to choose a campground

Picking the right campground to live a unique and unforgettable experience starts from the destination, but it is not all about that. To make a selection and then decide the one where to go you have to make a deep examination of the layout of the grounds. Are you searching for peace? Focus on close corridors. They are present in some public campgrounds and this means that you and your family will be just a few feet away from the others. You will be surrounded by other compers. Your privacy will be almost destroyed. So you may be more interested in considering a state park as your vacation destination.

This solution is an easy decision and surely better in terms of experience. But there is a problem you need to consider. The number of choices is big. In many parts of the world there are a lot of parks, but maybe not so many. In the United States, there at least twenty or more state parks per state. So it can be hard to pick one where to go. A good way to make a selection can be to consider the amount of distance you are willing to travel. You can find them everywhere, so you can go to local ones not too far from you, otherwise, you will waste the majority of your summer vacation traveling and it is better to use it to enjoy the time at the park. You can also go to Canada, there are good options. Or why not fly to another state or even country and rent a camper there. If you have yours it would be a pity, so count the miles and take your decision.

Importance of activities

Distance is one of the main elements to choose among the popular summer vacation destinations for campers, but it is not the only one. You should focus also on the onsite activities. From birdwatching to excursions, from boating to wildlife observation. There are many things you can do, but each park has its own features and restrictions. See the list of outdoor activities available and allowed, like boating, swimming, hiking, biking, outdoor sports, and others. Then select the right place for your passions, goals, and needs. If there is not a large number of activities, it can become boring after a couple of days. They also offer guided excursions in some cases. Verify that in advance to pick the best parks and reserve or buy tickets. You may even get coupons with discounts.

You can surf the destinations online and find the official web pages of parks and campgrounds. Around the United States, in particular, it is full of public campgrounds hosted in various states and the state parks allow camping in most of the cases, so you won’t have difficulties enjoying the location staying with your camper. Among the most popular destinations in the country, the best camping places are Upstate New York, California, Oregon, Texas, and North Carolina.

The research on the web is easy and it allows you to plan better your summer vacation with RV. Anyway, you have to be able also to make an online reservation to be sure to find the space. Summertime takes many people to state parks and some of them can have all the spaces already taken. The best solution is to reserve in advance and, as I wrote, you can even take advantage of special rates with fee reductions.

Popular Summer Vacation Destinations for Campers


Camping in the outdoors is a very good way to enjoy family, friends, and nature. So, why should you search for another summer vacation? There are a lot of destinations available for campers and you will enjoy the experiences in state parks or campgrounds. The last thing you may need before leaving is the guide dedicated to the world of Rvers. “Know Where to Dump When RVs have to go…” is the book with all dump locations around different countries.

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