Pizza and nativity in Naples

I am in Naples and I must have a pizza and write about it. This time no luxury, but great food, with a mention to another Neapolitan tradition: the statues of the crib. The city is really famous, since the very past, for their production. Via San Gregorio Armeno is the main street where are located the workshops dedicated to the Nativity. Some of the products are realized as souvenir for tourists, but some others are precious manufacts made by the masters of this art. Pizza and nativity in Naples deserves to be known.

Even it is a bit more rare, inside the best shops clients can find the old statues, real artwork appreciated by the collectors. The craftsmen are still working according to the tradition and they create statues of different size of the typical figures of the Nativity and as well some modern protagonists of the showbiz and of the politics on Italian and international level. If you want a good quality statue of shepherds you will find it there, just pay attention to select the right shop and not buying a simply souvenir for tourists.

Where to find pizza and nativity in Naples

In the same area of Naples there are some of the best pizzerias of the city. There is no luxury and of course they are crowdy by locals and tourists, anyway the pizza and some other dishes are really great. You will enjoy for sure the pizza choosing the one you prefer and before you will taste some friarielli.

Be aware that you are in Naples and in Italy, so no light meal. Anyway according to my experience, in the area, I can suggest you three places where you will enjoy your dinner. The most famous in the historical centre of the city is Sorbillo, present since 1935. It is very popular and this means that you have to wait a lot to enter, sometimes even 2 hours. You can not reserve a table, so the best solution is be there quite early, around 6.30-7 pm., so you will be among the first when they will open.

Few steps from Sorbillo there is Di Matteo, its setting is the one of the traditional Neaopolitan “locanda”. Entering you will see some pictures of Bill Clinton, he was there during his mandate of President of the USA. Thre was a G7 meeting and the mayor of Naples took him there for a fast meal. There are two floors, but it is crowdy, so waiters are focusing on the order without to chat more than what is necessary, but they are quite fast.

La Pizzeria del Presidente (Clinton was there as well), on the same street, Via dei Tribunali, and few metres from the others, is chosen by many VIP and you find their pictures on walls and on the menu as well. Anyway the staff is very kind, they have an underground floor and despite the pizzeria is always full of cliente, the waiters are so kind and available to chat a bit and to welcome the customers. You will feel at home.

Most of the people love Starita, considered the best one. For sure the pizza is unique, but there is just one oven. They are fast, but in relation to the small structure with a lot of clients. It is located in Via Materdei. Let me give you a last advice: when you choose your pizza, ask for a simple one, with not much ingredient, because it is the best way to fell the pleasure in your mouth.


Naples is the place where pizza was invented, so you can catch better the taste of pizza dough well cooked in the oven with the wood.

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