Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest group boards

Welcome! This page is dedicated to my Pinterest Group Boards. You can find the list of them and also the instructions to join them to contribute and cooperate with me on Pinterest.

Pinterest Group Boards

Are you interested in joining one of My Anasa Travel Blog Pinterest Group Boards? Well, join the club! I am looking for bloggers and influencers with amazing content to join active group boards. 

Here are the open boards:


  1. Follow My Anasa – Travel Blog
  2. Review the posting rules for each board
  3. Complete the request below and indicate in the text the title of the boards you want to join

If you are selected to join group boards, you will be notified by email. 

Do you want some cooperation with my blog? reach me through my contact form.

I will be happy to explore new proposals and opportunities. This blog is open to the world, that’s why contributions and cooperations are welcome. Tips, offers, deals, opinions are the energy for any blogger.