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Phone case or phone case wallet: how to choose it? Tips and discounts.

Since when I started to travel I take care of my case for mobile. It is not about fashion, but because of a need. Yes, I need to protect my smartphone. There are many risks to the item. It can fall and break some parts. Especially when I go to have some excursion with hard pathways. I can stay connected to the world, but also use it to take pictures. That’s why I have to keep my phone safe. Then with a phone case wallet, I can put also money and documents together.

We all can’t live without our mobile. When it has damages we need at least to stay without it for a while. In the worst cases, we lose functions and data. Who repairs them tells a lot of interesting stories about phone accidents. The world has many tech treacheries and it is important to do everything to protect the mobile. One of the first elements to add is the phone cover.

phone case protection

Why buy a phone case

The goal is to protect the smartphone and a phone cover can help us to do it. It is better to ass also a glass screen because the main damage registered by repair shops is the broken glass. Even before the phone corners. That’s why we have to consider buying a case and screen protection. I realized it traveling, but two times, before acting, I had mobile damages in my city. So it may happen everywhere at any time.

To reduce the risks, we must purchase a mobile case. How to choose the best one? You know that in the market there are a lot of options. Most of them are cool because of their design. But they aren’t resistant to hits. Among the feature to look for is the shock-absorbent material, silicone, or rubber answer easily to this requirement.

Mobile use

To evaluate the phone covers you should first think about the use of your mobile. Where and how will you use it? Everyday bumps and minor drops require a slim case, so you can focus more on the design. There are a lot of solutions for any type of device you have. But if you go, like me, around the world and you are not sure about the risks for your smartphone, consider a case with more weight to absorb the biggest shocks. Thick and bulky shells keep your phone safer. Especially young users can benefit from this. The mobile goes with them everywhere and there are more chances to damage it.

Heavy-duty protection is better. Teenagers break their mobiles quite often, but they are not unique. The solution is to think about complete protection, a touchscreen one to defend the glass, and a phone strong case. I found cool options on the iDeal of Sweden website. The brand is well known for fashion and trendy phone covers, but it offers a huge variety of resistant covers. They have also many accessories for women and men. 

Personal needs

Do you like to go to the seaside? I love the sea and that’s why I have to be careful about water damage. They are less common compared to the ones caused to screen, but they are worst for phone content. If you are spending your summer on a beach and you also go on boats, you should consider buying a water-resistant case for your phone. Select the covers that unite the protection against water and sand plus to any hit.

Then on the online shop, you can also find chargers to not stress the mobile’s battery. This is a chance to double the energy to make more things with your phone. In the catalog, there are also other useful products. A phone case wallet helps you to keep together the mobile, your ID card, credit cards, and cash. So the tip is to follow your precise needs. 

Phone models

Specialized phone cases for the iPhone are easy to be found. For Android users, it is hard to find solutions on the market. The choice can be limited. Luckily not on iDeal of Sweden. They have options for any type of mobile. You can select the model and you will get as result the list of the suitable covers. You can find customized proposals for iPhone and Android. It is easy because you find on the website the menu to choose the type. With a click, you will access the entire list.

Top tip for a phone cover use

We all use mobile to make calls, send messages, take pictures, share our imagines and thoughts, and update our social profiles. How can we do it if we do not take care of the risks? We can easily prevent damages to avoid the consequences of human errors. At least some of them. You won’t find something that can defend your mobile for all the situations. If you are searching for an invincible case you will be in trouble. This is just to tell you that the cover helps you a lot, but you always need to pay attention to any movement.

What about design?

Every day we all use the smartphone for study, work, and leisure reasons, but during holidays it is especially an eye and a memory of our vacation. With the phone in the hands, we can take a selfie with family and friends, take a picture of the best landscape, or maybe to share the view of the hotel room or the restaurant dishes.

Our smartphone is an important part of our journey, thanks to it we can tell our friends where we are and show to them, thanks to the connection with the social networks what we are doing. The mobile is an accessory to be paired with our outfit and also to be original. It can be trendy, useful, and creative, representing our style and our mood.

How to choose the mobile case design

There are a lot of models of phones, but it happens many times to have the same one of our friends and it is easy to confuse them. How to solve the problem? With a cover. There are different types of decorations to give your phone your personal touch. You can choose among a great variety of phone cases. Fashion is the leitmotiv of the products to be always trendy and to stand out from the mass. With the proper mobile case, you will be unique.




The one with the effect of marble gives you elegance, meanwhile, the floral romance is sweet and lovely. What about the wild leopard? So sexy and a symbol of a determined personality. There are also covers made with modern design, with modern art designed on the back of your phone. It is also nice to change the cover from time to time, so you can share a style or your mood at the moment.

The case is useful to protect the phone from accidents but it is also like a dress for it. It can have the same colors and the same design as your clothes, or to have the same style as some other accessories. If you want to find the most trendy cases for your smartphone follow my example. I discovered the iDeal of Sweden, a brand that offers exclusive objects like covers, chargers, wallets, and more. I use it also for gifts because there are a lot of covers for girls and my girlfriend has a real passion for cases.




You can just visit the iDeal of Sweden and you will find what you like! This weekend they have a special promotion: for each case that you will buy you will get one for free. It is a real opportunity to make happy yourself and someone special.

Phone case wallet

Especially when I travel, I like to be light. My pockets don’t need to be full and heavy, like my bags. That’s why it is important to find a solution to make everything compact. I can unite the mobile with the wallet. So my cash and credit cards won’t need to have more space. With a phone cover with a wallet, I solve directly the problem.

On the iDeal of Sweden website, I found a lot of cool options. All of them follow the elegance, the fantastic design of the covers, and they are proposed in a huge variety. So you can put more cards, a passport, cash, and so on. Choose your style and consider the function according to your needs. You know, when I started to explore the catalog, I bought more than what I wanted. Because they have accessories and a lot of cool items, like the portable water bottle. But I let you see the online shop. Start with a case for a phone with or without a wallet and continue with the things you like.

phone case wallet


Now it is time to share with you my discount. The code I will give you allows you to get 10% off on entire collections. You can add this to the 50% off that iDeal of Sweden is giving on all production. And this will be added to other discounts on the websites. So if you choose something in the sale, you will get a bigger reduction. A phone case wallet becomes more convenient in this way.

What do you have to do? Visit the iDeal of Sweden online shop by clicking here. Choose the case for your phone, with or without a wallet, or whatever you want. At the checkout include the code below and pay. Automatically the system will calculate the discount. You will obtain 15% off plus any other discount reserved by the promotions of the period.



Now you know how to choose the ideal phone cover. All the features you need to select the best option are clear. Before letting you visit the iDeal of Sweden shop, I remind you to check out all my tips about shopping. If you are searching for items to travel and not only, my posts will help you. Take advantage of the discounts and have fun with your new cases.

The company has fast shipping and a precise policy for tracking and customer support. I had a very good experience with them. I like my phone case wallet a lot.

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