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Passport cover for travelers

Have you ever thought about the passport’s adventures? It looks like a stupid question, but imagine. Your document is always in your pocket during your journey. Then you go to the check-in and you give it to the airport staff. After that to the border police and again to the airport staff at the gate. It is not finished. When you arrive you show it to the border police, then to the hotel receptionist and so on. That is why you need a passport cover.

passport cover

It protects your document that goes from a hand to another for almost all your trip. The risk is to consume the cover or even to sully it. The passport cover is helpful for every traveler. For you or maybe for a friend. Why don’t you consider it as a gift? Because I can guarantee that you will make the receiver happy. There are different models, so also for a limited budget. It is the same for the design, to satisfy all the styles.

How to select a passport cover

Did I convince you to purchase a passport cover for you or as a gift for someone else? If my advice is not suitable, let’s check the top 3 reasons why you should buy it.

  1. It doesn’t matter what type of bag, purse, or backpack you have, because you already know where to put your document: the passport cover;
  2. you don’t have to search for the documents around the suitcase, the passport cover will be in your pocket. It contains the document, but it is quite small to enter in your jacket;
  3. if you are going to a crowdy place the document is in the passport cover in your pocket. There is no risk to forget it somewhere and lose it.

passport cover

The secret to spotting the best passport cover

I want to tell you some tips about the choice you have to do in searching for the passport cover. It is for you or for a person you love, so be exigent. What to check before to select the item among the market offers:

  1. film protector: a PVC film covers the front of the back of the passport. It helps against liquids or food, but this material is not much resistant;
  2. book jacket cover: a better version of the PVC. Usually, the material is leather or vinyl. It is average protection, but not so strong;
  3. portfolio passport holders: the material is more or less the same one of the book jacket, but inside there are some pockets for cards or even money. It is helpful if you want to keep together with the passport something else. I recommend anyway to not keep everything together. It is for your safety in case of a meeting with a thief;
  4. passport wallet: this type of passport cover is quite good for the protection of the document. It is an up-sized wallet and it contains the passport, the credit cards, and the travel tickets. Some of these wallets include RFID protection. It is made exactly to help the traveler to keep everything together and safe. Keep in mind my tip at point 3.
  5. document case passport holder: the aspect can look like a mini fanny pack, but it is designed to wear. You can put it in a pocket or at the wrist or neck. The models are a lot so you can choose according to the style of the receiver or to yours if the passport cover is for you. The material is generally strong.


Hints for you

With the information, you get about the main features, you should set up your expectations. Your research will be surely more effective. But I have more tips for you.
Is it still hard to choose the best passport cover? I have some questions to help you. Answer them to yourself and you will get all that you need for your purchase. Keep in mind that if you are searching for a gift you have to think about the receiver taste.
1. Do you want a high-quality, elegant, and stylish product? Would you like to buy a designer label and leather cover?
2. Will you need a waterproof material? Are you searching for resistance and durability?
3. Do you want some fancy model or a cheaper one? Just something simple to hold your document…
These question will support you in the first step of the selection.

What type of traveler are you?

Now define exactly who you are to understand what you want.
1. Do you love adventure? Are you a backpack traveler? In this case, you need to access your passport easily and quickly.
2. Are you a luxury traveler that goes around with comfort? You take flights, rent a car, use hotels. You are more relaxed and you are never in a hurry. What you need is an elegant passport cover.

Maybe you forgot that I mentioned RFID protection. So the last question is: are you really concerned about the Radio Frequency Identification scanners? will you need and will you pay for it?

Where to find the passport cover

Well, you defined everything you need to buy the perfect passport cover for yourself or as a gift. Where will you find it? I suggest Amazon. Why? Because you are seating in front of your device and all the types of holders will be in front of you. The only thing you need to do is click. No strengths and not time losing. You can only get inspired and then go to a shop in your city. Or you can buy and wait at home for the item.

You know what you need thanks to the questions and especially to your answers. So it will be easy to select the best one among all of them. Fancy or extravagant models, PVC or leather versions and so on. Online all of them are there, listed with a description. The choice is up to you.

If you are searching for other gift ideas for travelers, check out my other posts. Traveling I have a lot of ideas and experience in shopping. Find more in my shop.

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