Airport VIP services, how to enjoy flight waiting

Airport VIP services make life better. Travel is the most beautiful thing to do in life, but to visit new places and meet new cultures it is necessary to spend time on planes and also in the airports. For security reasons, passengers must be there one or two hours before the departure. The exact time depends on the type of flight. But sometimes the border management requires a lot of time. Thanks to the airport VIP services the process becomes easier and enjoyable.

It is quite boring to wait in the lounge for the plane, especially in small airports. But there are some ways to enjoy more time spent inside the airport. Not only in the main destinations the companies are improving fastly airport VIP services provided to passengers. The goal is to make them more comfortable. Not only the airlines offer VIP lounges. But also the companies that own the airports. There are hotels, meet and greet services and much more.

Airport VIP services

What are the main airport VIP services proposed? The variety is really big and I just tried a few of them. But I have to say that in the last years in many countries to wait for the plane is becoming a pleasure. Sometimes, unbelievable, it happens that I want to go ahead of time, just to enjoy a specific service. Do not worry, it never happens when the place to visit is so interesting and attractive.


Some examples of airport VIP services

I generally make a distinction among the services: the ones that help the passenger to not lose time and those that are created to make the waiting pleasant. In the first case, I intend fast track, check-in reserved, priority boarding and so on. The comfort is given by the private lounges, the small cars to move inside the airport, the complimentary food and drinks. These are airport VIP services.

What can happen inside the airport for a passenger who wants to enjoy better the waiting? Well, I can describe one of my trips, including the return. I use quite often two airports: Milan Malpensa, Italy, and Istanbul Ataturk, Turkey. So just to give you an example I can describe the different steps made before and after the flight. So I have the chance to go a bit more deeply into airport VIP services.

Direct experience

With my car I arrive in Milan Malpensa Airport (Terminal 1), I park under the terminal, with the elevator in a while I am in the departure area. I do the check-in and then I move to the security check. Thanks to the fast track I skip the queue and I go directly to the passport control. After that, I am free to reach the Vip Lounge. Meanwhile, I monitor the status of my flight. I can have some food and drinks, read newspapers, use the Wi-Fi, relax or work seated in the comfortable armchairs.

At the proper time, I can go to the gate and seat on the plane. When I land in Istanbul Ataturk, a very big and crowdy airport, I go down from the plane and I find dedicated personnel of the airport. The staff dedicated to airport VIP services is ready to take me to the passport control with an internal shuttle. I go with the driver and the assistance to passport control. There is a line dedicated, so I do not have to wait for the other passengers.

Going outside the airport

I go with the staff to the baggage claim and then a driver with a luxury car takes me to the hotel. On the way back a car with a driver come to the hotel to pick me up and to take me to the airport. A person waits for me at a reserved entrance. So I can do immediately the security control with my luggage and go to the check-in. I go with the assistant at the airport to the check-in. Then to a dedicated line for the hand baggage security check and passport control.

With the internal shuttle, a driver and the assistance I go to the VIP lounge to wait for my flight. They’re a great variety of food and drinks, newspapers, showers and sofas where I can relax waiting for my flight. At the proper time, a person comes to me and takes me, using the private internal shuttle take me to the gate for boarding. This service helps me to skip all the queue and also it allows me to enjoy more the waiting.


Obtain the airport services

How to get services? It is easy and you don’t need to be a VIP. According to the different airports, the policy can be different as the offer for the passenger. I mentioned Milan Malpensa and Istanbul Ataturk. In both cases, there are cards to be bought by passengers. There are various levels of membership with different prices, from a few hundreds of euro to 2.500 euro more or less. The fee for airport VIP services can be convenient if you travel often.

Better divide the two proposals. In Milan, you can purchase a card of Sea Club, for Malpensa and Linate airports, that it cost 1.000 euro per year and it gives them access to all the VIP lounges, also the ones at the entrance and the one at arrivals. In the first one, it is possible to do the check-in for the flight. But it depends on the deals with the airline company.

You can also benefit from other services, with a discount on the prices, as the Meet and Greet service (like the one that I described for Istanbul). To do all the steps before and after the flights with a preferred lane and assisted by a hostess. You can also rent a car with a driver and have the support you need to prepare yourself and wait for your flight.

Istanbul airport VIP services

In Istanbul, the company that manages the airport is Tav, owner of different airports in the world: Turkey, Croatia, Macedonia, Latvia, Georgia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia. You can request free car park and valet service, discounts for transfers, fast tracks, lounges access, ring service, business check-in, advantages in using bars, restaurants and the Tav hotel inside the airport.

You can buy the card that allows you to use lounge and fast track for free every time you need in the Tav airports for 350 euro. If you prefer you can buy a card that gives you a certain amount of services for free-spending 1700 euros or the unlimited card for 2700 euros, in this case, you will have also transfers to the city free. Those rates are the yearly fee. It is also possible to have some guests that can have the same advantages for free. You can extend airport VIP services to family, colleagues or friends.

Card usage

Of course, it depends on how much you go to these airports. If you do not fly often to those destinations you can just buy single services when you need it. Anyway in worldwide airports there are many opportunities. A guest can have more comforts and benefit from more services to have a pleasant waiting, relaxing and using better lounges with free food and drinks.


Airline companies and cards

Almost all airport VIP services in the globe have a card that allows a passenger to have discounts and facilities access. There are also other types of cards, like Priority Pass that allows passengers to enter in the lounges of the majority of the airports around the world. The cost is different and it depends on the level, so on how many entries the passenger wants to be included. The basic level is cheap but it gives only a discount.

Many benefits for passenger arrives also by certain credit cards, like Diners Club, Mastercard, and Visa that allow the holders to use Vip lounges in the airports. The other way is reserved by the airline company. If the passenger travels in business or first class or has a specific card of the company can use the fast track, Vip lounge and other services that are useful to go fast and to live a nice experience before to leave.


The airport‘s proposals

Around the world, there are innovative services dedicated to passengers. Because there are more travelers and it is important, also concerning the competition among sector companies, to offer tailor-made services. That allows making more pleasant the time spent before the departure or after the arrival. I enjoy also that kind of benefits in between flight connections.

In Los Angeles airport, thanks to The Private Suite you have the chance to enter using your car in a private area of the airport. Then have a steward that takes you to a suite that is your private lounge for the time you need, with tv, magazines, food and drinks and no one enter. Then you have the reserved safety check and passport control. With a car, the staff takes you to the plane. It’s one of the best airport VIP services.

Around the world

Cathay Pacific and Qantas are offering airline lounges with a spa. There you can have a massage or a treatment to relax and recover energy to travel. In Frankfurt, in the lounge, you can find a cigar room. And there is also a superb restaurant, where the variety of water is, even more, one of the wines. In Paris, you can eat a dinner made by a famous chef.

Get Airport VIP services without a card

These are only a few examples of airports and airline proposals for passengers, but you can find a lot of interesting features and also not only concerning the lounges. If you don’t have a ticket or a card to take advantage of the services provided you can always buy them. The costs are not high and you can pass faster or seat in a better setting, finding also satisfaction if you are hungry or thirsty. Keep into consideration that in case of delay of your flight you will enjoy your time with a spa treatment or some entertainment.

How to get airport VIP services

If you don’t want to pay a fee to the airports, you can use a travel credit card. This is the best way to earn air miles with your daily expenses. Also, you will find included airport VIP services. The trick is to select the right card. How to do it? Easy, follow the steps I suggest you through my article.


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What are you waiting for? Search your tour and plan the trip with airport VIP services.

Hotel’s butler: be a VIP in your room

It is becoming popular among hotel services. But not all the people know exactly what has to do the hotel’s butler. What about this support offered as complimentary service of the best suites? People who approach for the first time to this service they have not a clear idea about what to expect. And they don’t know what to ask the dedicate staff member. Maybe it is useful to clarify some aspects.

The number of structures that propose the hotel’s butler service up to request or complimentary is increasing. Generally, it is paired with special, signature or the biggest suites of the main brands. It happens to the mountains, to the sea and as well in the city. To have a butler means to be helped in managing the room and the stay. Of course, this professional is properly trained to satisfy most of the needs that a guest can have during the stay in the hotel.

It is important to know that hospitality companies offer the hotel’s butler to create a loyalty relationship with the guest. Obviously, the staff has to please the client and not the opposite. So you have to treat them with kindness and they have to reserve you courtesy and professionality. But you as a customer have to use the service and to ask what you need. Just keep in mind the competencies that they have.


The tasks of the hotel’s butler

Each hotel has different rules and this makes some differences in the service provided. Starting from the time: in some cases, the hotel’s butler is available only during the day. In many hotels, it is a 24 hours service. Anyway more or less the do the same things. What is common among the different structures are the unpack and pack, draw a bath and reserve a table to a restaurant.

Usually, the butler has also the task to superintend to the room cleaning. In order to keep always in perfect conditions the suite. So what a guest can ask (you should follow these indications in case you have a hotel’s butler service in your hotel room) concern mainly the management of the room. It is included the organization of an in-suite meal. Sometimes the complimentary service gives the availability of a chef and a dedicated concierge. So the butler can coordinate the contacts between the guests and those staff members.


What the butler does

The first approach of the hotel’s butler with the guests is in the room. She or he welcomes the clients of the suite and show them the different internal ambients and the amenities. This staff member explains as well the facilities of the entire structure. She or he generally tells to the guests what are the task that the butler has to accomplish to serve the customers in the proper way.

In this first meeting what is important for she or he is to understand the people who are in front of her or him. Why? To please them it is necessary to know what they want and need, providing customized service.

After that, the hotel’s butler manages the check-in, unpack the luggage and press clothes. if it is necessary and according to the hotel policy. She or he takes care of the room, meanwhile, in general, the concierge work on external need. For instance the reservation of a restaurant, the ticket purchase for some events and so on.

There is not a precise rule, so hotel by hotel these tasks can be done by the butler as well. For example, the task of the hotel’s butler is also to refill the minibar and the room with drinks and snack. Then this staff member brings the newspaper, the breakfast and a cup of tea in the afternoon or a glass of wine before dinner.

For any need, the guest can call and ask the hotel’s butler that will be discretely positioned close to the room. Or she or he will just be somewhere else with the mobile phone switched on. In order to answer immediately to the call or to the messages got from the guests. For instance, during the late night, you can write an SMS with some changes or orders about breakfast and she or he will provide to organize.

Some hotels are using the new technologies and this means that the hotel’s butler gives to the guests a tablet to manage the room. This is useful as well to interact with the staff. So the client can ask what he needs by the device and the butler will work to satisfy the request. In many hotels in the night, the butler cleans the guests’ shoes for the day after. During the day or the evening, this staff member prepares the bath and aromatherapy, where available.


Details and tip

When you book in some accommodation you can find more details about the hotel’s butler service. In some cases, they send to you a paper to be filled with your needs and interests. So they can personalize the assistance before your arrival. This will help you also to understand better what the butler will do for you during your stay. Then there will be specifics about other staff members dedicated to supporting you.

About the tip, it is totally up to you. It is of course not mandatory and the service received is included in the room rate. But if you think, at the end of your stay, that the hotel’s butler was particularly kind and professional or if she or he helped you also in some tasks not mandatory, well a tip is always welcome by the staff. Do not think anyway that the activities depend on it, otherwise, it means that the service is not well provided.


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Book your luxury hotel and get familiar with the butler‘s service. You will be satisfied.

28 superb Christmas destinations for your holidays 2019/2020

Imagine finding a luxury place to spend your holidays at a cheap price. It is not a dream and if you will explore the Christmas destinations I selected for you, it will become concrete. How? Easy, I found some special deals valid until December 31, 2019. Resorts, beaches, and amazing cities are waiting for you. 

How I selected them? I explored a lot of sources to find some ideas for a break during the holidays. The result is here, 28 Christmas destinations to stay between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Keep in mind that I didn’t only find some cool places, but also special deals. Thanks to some coupons you can get discounted prices. 

Christmas destinations 2019/2020

There are 28 Christmas destinations to have a cool holiday. Each of them is exclusive, but thanks to Book Vip coupons the prices are low. Let’s go step by step. Check out the places and start to imagine yourself with your partner or your family there. Lay down on a beach with a drink, explore characteristic cities or live an adventure in nature. This is up to you, but be sure, all of them are trendy. The destinations listed are a must for this Christmas.

1. Cancun

One of the best Christmas destinations is surely Cancun. A paradise for who loves the sea, white beaches, and luxury. This Mexican pearl offers amazing landscapes surrounded by the Caribbean sea. The city and hotels represent an active life, full of entertainment. While the beaches are the ideal place to relax, stay under the sun, and swim.

If you want to go around and explore nature and history there are a lot of opportunities. It was the land of Maya. Mystical ruins will guide you into the archeological area. Then, following the Secret River, you will reach the Maya’s underworld, visiting an incomparable eco-archeological zone.

During the wintertime, there is nice weather. There are around 25°C and a very low level of humidity. Also, it’s a sunny period. Imagine leaving the snow and the stress of the city to relax on a beach.

Is this one of the Christmas destinations you want to consider? Well, so you will like the offers I selected for you.

#1 you can spend 5 nights in a suite at The Grand Sirenis Resort, the n.1 rated snorkeling resort in North America. You will get also unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks for only $590 per couple. Click here to take advantage of the deal.

#2 you have the chance to spend 5 nights at the beautiful Krystal Cancun Resort. You will have unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks included for only $599 per couple. Click here and check out the offer.

3# what about to spend 5 nights at the beautiful Omni Cancun Resort? Unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks are included. You will spend only $599 per couple. Click here and book now.

#4 one more superb option for your stay in one of the most favorite Christmas destinations. Spend 5 nights at The Sandos Playacar Resort. Unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks are included in the price, only $599 per couple. Click here to get all the details.

#5 maximum luxury for a romantic break in Cancun. Spend 5 nights in a suite at 5 Star Cancun Villa Resort. You will benefit from unlimited gourmet meals and premium drinks included in the rate, only $699 per couple. Click here and surprise your partner.

2. Daytona Beach

Florida is an ideal location for the holidays, especially in winter. It offers perfect weather and temperature. Daytona Beach is well known for motorsport, but the place has many solutions for a relaxing break. That’s why you should consider it in the Christmas destinations. White sand, Atlantic Ocean, and 20°C welcome you.

Lay down on the over 37 kilometers of beaches. Enjoy the waterfront parks. Golf courses, boat trips, different types of entertainment will help you to live a great stay. Enter museums, choose all the attractions you like and be yourself, free. To surprise your partner there is a special deal.

Spend 3 nights in an Ocean View Room at The Best Western Castillo Del Sol Daytona Beach for only $139. Click here to know all the details. 

3. Cayman Islands

Surfing the sea on a catamaran is something that you can expect from Christmas destinations? Hot weather, blue water, soft sand, and a lot of relax and fun. This is the program of a break at the Cayman Islands. A little escape to enjoy a complete journey. Yes, you can find everything you need for your getaway.

Art museums, nature, animals, restaurants are ready to make your vacation unforgettable. Yes, you have to leave a space for the gastronomy, it will please you. You can plan excursions to the three main islands. Visit handcrafts markets, see caymans and turtles. But especially book your stay. Use the best deal I share with you.

Spend 5 nights in a One Bedroom Luxury Condo at the beautiful Morritt’s Tortuga Club in the Cayman Islands for only $349. Click here to access the coupon and the special rate.

4. Miami

Walking along the Ocean Drive to admire the sea, moving around the Art Decò buildings, this is Miami. The city is full of places to discover art and culture, but also to have fun. Enjoy the beaches and the vibes of the nightlife.  Imagine a short break in this brilliant location in Florida. Sun also in winter and warm temperatures will make your stay more pleasant.

Coral Gables neighborhood propose you the Venetian Pool, water comes out from a natural source and it has nice waterfalls. There to swim is simply amazing. You can plan a trip by boat to the islands. Key Biscayne and Virginia Key are superb, especially for your vacation at one of the Christmas destinations.

Spend 2 nights in a luxury furnished suite at the Miami Beachside Resort for only $199. Click here to read the features.

5. Los Cabos

Sail around the Baja California Peninsula is something that you might like. Los Cabos is among the 2019 Christmas destinations. The place has all that you need for an unforgettable vacation. On one side, there is the uncomparable nature with a marvelous sea and amazing beaches. On the other side, hotels, restaurants, and a lot of fun activities.

You can combine relax, sport, exploration, and active nightlife. The temperature in winter is around 23°C, so warm and sunny. Visit the beaches, lay down and enjoy the sea. Then you will take a boat for some excursions. The area counts also some museums and historical sites if you want to get in touch with the local culture.

Spend 5 nights in a suite at the beautiful Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos. For you, there are also unlimited meals and premium drinks included for only $599 per couple. Click here to access the deal.

6. Punta Cana

More than one of the Christmas destinations, Punta Cana looks like a paradise. Are you already dreaming about your vacation over there, under palms? Well, there is a good chance to stay in a luxury place for a cheap price. Caribbean sea and warm climate are surely the best to escape from the winter cold. The Dominican Republic helps you to relax and have fun.

In the winter evenings usually, there are around 20°C. What can you do over there? A lot of things because the area is very well equipped for tourists. It is a good idea to do safari tours, horseback riding, and dune buggy. You will easily plan a week over there, using the special prices I selected for you.

#1 spend 5 nights at The Sirenis Cocotal Beach. Included in the price you get unlimited meals and premium drinks, all for only $499 per couple. Click here to know all the details.

#2 spend 4 nights at the beautiful Luxury Adult Punta Cana, with unlimited meals and premium drinks included, for only $599 per couple. Click here and get immediately the coupon.

7. Myrtle Beach

Over 60 miles of coastline with superb beaches. The seaside isn’t the only attraction. This, among the Christmas destinations, is a cool place for excursions. Walking in the forest, kayak on the river,  watch the sunrise in the early morning, these activities are highly recommended. If you have a break during Autumn, it is even better for one thing. The Fall there is unique. You have to see the colors of the leaves.

While you visit the parks you should plan stops in town. Why? Because you can consume your meals in iconic restaurants. At least some of them, because some of the holiday packages include lunch and dinner. The weather is quite good and not too cold in the wintertime. You will enjoy the place, celebrating Christmas.

Spend 3 nights at The Westgate Oceanfront Resort Myrtle Beach for only $199. Click here and discover more.

8. Orlando

For a break with your partner or with your family, Orlando is perfect. In both cases, you will enjoy the city and its attractions. Surely it is one of the best Christmas destinations for kids. The presence of Disney World is the reason. But if this is not your goal, well, maybe you can concentrate on museums. The area is very important for history. That’s why there are many sites to remind important events and great collections of finds.

Then nature and beaches can help you to relax. Walking, swimming, stay under the sun are good activities to do in Orlando. The city offers you also a cool nightlife. Get the best of Orange County and Florida reserving a vacation, surprise your partner and plan all the details. To help you there are good deals.

#1 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Town Center in Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher included, for only $99. Click here to get all the details.

#2 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Villas Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher included, for only $99. Click here to access the deal.

#3 Spend 2 nights in a 1 Bedroom Villa At The Fountains Resort Orlando, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $99. Click here and book your vacation.

9. Playa Hermosa

Far from big cities and especially from the chaos there is Playa Hermosa. This place in Costa Rica offers a huge quantity of beautiful beaches. But if you want to explore the culture of the country you can go to Potrero, around 16 kilometers far. In case you miss the city you can drive to Managua or San Jose, less than 200 kilometers. You can just enjoy the sun and the seaside.

Playa Hermosa is among the Christmas destinations because of its seaside, but also for the entertainment. If you are searching for fun and not only relax, the place is great. Yes, because it is popular for travelers, so well equipped with hotels, restaurants, and clubs. Lay down during the day and party all night.

Spend 4 nights in luxury accommodations at The Villas Sol, with unlimited meals and premium drinks, for only $499 per couple. Click here and book your stay.

10. Williamsburg

A small and calm town with a rich history is one of the perfect Christmas destinations for a cultural vacation. Williamsburg is made by colonial houses, nice villas, and parks. To visit it is like to accomplish a journey into American history, discovering the past important events. Many travelers are going there each here.

For this reason, the place is considered a tourist destination. So there are many services and activities to make the traveler’s experience unique. The town is surprising and full of buildings and monuments to remember meetings like the G7 of 1983. Exploring it you won’t know only the local culture but you will go deep in USA culture and history.

There are 2 great deals for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a One Bedroom Cottage at the beautiful The Cottages at Kings Creek Williamsburg for only $149. Click here to know all the details and take advantage of the offer.

#2 Spend 3 nights in luxury accommodation at The Holiday Inn Express Busch Gardens, with a $100 Dining Card, for only $199. Click here to book your stay.

11. Gatlinburg

A village on Tennessee’s Mountains during Christmas time is the best idea to spend your vacation. This, among the Christmas destinations of my selection, is the most characteristic. It has shops like in Father Christmas village, full of decorations. Then the place is surrounded by nature and there are many festivals and activities to do. You will have fun there.

A beautiful park with waterfall will be the environment for your holidays. Walk around in the mountains and explore the downtown with its attraction. Restaurants and bars will delight your breaks offering drinks and meals coming from the local tradition. Relax and fun can be combined easily there.

Spend 3 nights at The River Terrace in Gatlinburg TN, with 2 tickets to the Wild Bear Falls Water Park included, for only $59. Take advantage of this small price clicking here.

12. Las Vegas

What about some fun at a casino in Las Vegas? Maybe your life will change or maybe you will pay all your bills with the jackpot. The city is one of the favorite Christmas destinations, but not only for the casinos. You can enjoy the vibrant location and its entertainment. Shows, attractions, huge and cool hotels, malls. The choice is yours.

No relax, but a lot of fun. Well, the hotels offer also a spa to spend your day and regenerate yourself. It is full of options and you can customize your vacation. Be creative and plan daylife and nightlife. Many opportunities are part of the Las Vegas proposal to visitors. You will enjoy the place, also thanks to the special deals.

My selection of offers for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights at the beautiful Westgate Las Vegas, with A $100 in Casino Chips included at check-in, for only $99. Discover the details clicking here.

#2 Spend 3 nights in a one-bedroom suite at the beautiful Tahiti Village Las Vegas, with 2 tickets Cirque du Soleil included, for only $159. A huge solution for you: click here and book now.

13. Fort Lauderdale

Palms, beaches, sea, and a brilliant city are the perfect setting for Christmas destinations. Fort Lauderdale has all these features and much more. The typical Florida weather, warm and sunny all year long, will make your stay pleasant. Imagine yourself on a beach during the day and in clubs during the night, together with your partner.

Don’t worry, culture can be part of your trip. Park, galleries, and the market for antiques will be the steps of your tour around the city.  Then if you want to keep your body in a perfect form you can practice some water sport. You won’t regret about a holiday in Fort Lauderdale.

Spend 3 nights at The Hollywood Beach Resort for only $249. Click here and go deep into the offer.

14. Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is another of the Christmas destinations at the seaside. For surfers, it is a paradise. For tourists, it is a great place to explore. Malls in downtown, parks around the city, and a bay to discover swimming or going around by boat. There are breweries to enjoy the local beers.

Isn’t this enough for you? Maybe you can visit the hub where local creatives inspire each other, crafts are great. Are you going to have a vacation with your partner? Virginia Beach is the choice you have to do. Why? Because there is the Chesapeake Bay. It means calm waters, oyster digs… You can organize a romantic dinner as the sun sets over the renowned Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Use the deal and surprise your love.

The offers for you:

#1 Spend 2 nights in a one-bedroom condo at the beautiful Ocean Key Resort Virginia Beach for only $129. All the details are here, click and reserve the room.

#2 Spend 2 nights in a one-bedroom condo at The Atrium Resort Virginia Beach for only $149. Click here and take advantage of the special price.

15. Hilton Head

One of the pearls among the Christmas destinations is Hilton Head. 12 miles of public beaches around the island, restaurants with oceanview, and picnic equipped areas are the main features of the place. Nature and wetlands have to be explored while you are not on the beach under the sun. But it’s not finished.

Your vacation at Hilton Head includes art. The town council acquired sculptures and artworks from different artists. They are placed in public spaces. The committee got also some donations and they created different exhibitions to show some masterpieces to visitors. Not only relax for your holidays in South Carolina but also culture.

Selected offers for you:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a suite at The Park Lane Hilton Head for only $99. Click here and discover the features.

#2 Spend 2 nights in a suite at the newly renovated Beach House Hilton Head for only $179. Reserve your stay clicking here.

16. Kennebunk

Maine in winter isn’t warm, but if you want to see a more typical place among Christmas destinations, Kennebunk is the ideal town to visit. It is full of beaches to walk on. I am telling you that because, in my opinion, the sea in the wintertime is simply amazing. There are cool houses built facing the ocean and a lot of events.

If you go to The Waterhouse Center you will attend different events, plus you will have the chance to practice ice skating. This place has a lot of attractions to be discovered and it is always ready to welcome visitors during all seasons. There you will spend a wonderful Christmas time.

Spend 3 nights in a one-bedroom suite at The Village By The Sea, for only $249 per couple. Click here and discover more.

17. Wisconsin Dells

Are you searching for fun and maybe you want to go with kids? Don’t check more Christmas destinations, Wisconsin Dells is the one for you. It is full of parks with cool attractions. Entertainment is the keyword. Do you want some examples? Old Abe’s Old Time Portraits will realize a picture of you and your family like in the past. For you, it will be like to be a person lived in the 19th century.

What about to try to take a spin around the bumper car course, a highlight among children who are revved up and ready to go? Try the Wild Fun Zone. If you like water activities, well, it is full of parks to live unique experiences, like Mt. Olympus Theme Park & Water Park. If you like trains the local museum will make you happy. They include a seven miles trip onboard.

A lot of offers are waiting for you, find here the best ones:

#1 Spend 3 nights in accommodations at The Springhill Suites by Marriott WI Dells, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $149. Click here to book.

#2 Spend 3 nights at The Holiday Inn Wisconsin Dells, plus a $100 dining voucher and 2 Waterpark passes, for only $199. Check now all the details clicking here.

#3 Spend 3 nights at The Fairfield Inn & Suites Wisconsin Dells, plus a $100 dining voucher and 2 Waterpark passes, for only $199. Click here and reserve your room now.

18. St. Petersburg

The sunset in Florida is magic. You can spend a good vacation with warm weather and sun. In the list of Christmas destinations selected for you, there is St. Petersburg. The city is the largest marina in the Southeast. The beaches are good in the wintertime too, but there are also parks, museums and art galleries with many cool exhibitions.

If you search for culture, performing arts will surprise you. Theather, orchestra, and many innovative expression shows go on in the city. Check out the calendar of St. Petersburg and you will get the list of the events, surely there will be something you like. It is a vibrant place for your vacation.

Take advantage of the special offers:

#1 Spend 3 nights in a standard room at The Bilmar Beach Resort, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $199. Click here to know the details and to book.

#2 Spend 3 nights in a standard room at The Beach House Suites – St. Pete, with a $100 dining voucher, for only $199. Click here and reserve your next room.

19. St. Augustine

A colonial village is one of the coolest Christmas destinations. Visit the Old Town and explore the buildings that made the history of St. Augustine. This is one of the most interesting places to see in Florida. Especially if you like to jump into the past and take a journey into the foundation of this area.

Museums, exhibitions centers, concerts, train tours will give you a lot of emotions. To experience history visiting an archeological site you have to go to the Fountain of Youth. You won’t get bored during your stay, I am sure you will prolong your vacation. Catch the deal and plan your trip.

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20. North Conway

Take a train to enjoy the view, then walk in natural parks, have fun on a golf course. Then attend a theatre show, visit history and art museums, see the animals around forests and hills. Enjoy water slides and go fast on the mountain coaster. These activities are just some of the ones offered by North Conway.

This is one of the most complete Christmas destinations according to the attractions. There is no sea, but you can spend a lot of time just passing from an attraction to another. It is perfect for a break with your partner, but also a holiday with all your family. Kids will enjoy a lot of the city and its cool attractions.

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21. Rockland

In the list of Christmas destinations, there is another city of Maine. It is Rockland. History and good business development helped this place to become one of the most beautiful and practical areas on the coast of Maine. The most famous part is represented by the mountainous and rocky shore. There are hundreds of harbors and inlets.

What can you do there in the wintertime? For example, take a tour of lighthouses, you will be delighted. Your vacation there will combine some cultural and natural tours with pure relax. Not bad for the holidays with your partner or with your family. A great deal helps you to save money.

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22. Riviera Maya

In the South of Cancun, Mexico, there is a district of resorts called Riviera Maya. The keyword to define it is luxury. But I should add also fun, relax, sea, and beaches. These are the main things that you will find there. There is also warm and sunny weather. Isn’t it a paradise for your vacation?

In case you get bored of swimming and laying under the sun, you can search for adventure. Nature and Maya ruins are all around and you can plan a tour to discover them. Walk around forests and go deep in history will give you positive emotions. This is one of the ideal 2019 Christmas destinations.

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23. Poconos

For the classical winter vacation, I suggest you one of the best Christmas destinations in Poconos. The mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania, United States, are covered by the snow during the cold season. Plus there is a magnificent lake with a relaxing atmosphere. 

This place offers the chance to ski, so if you like snow and you want to do some sport, this is the ideal environment. Imagine being there in a villa with every comfort. Go skiing in the morning, having a relaxing afternoon, maybe in a spa. Your partner or your family will be happy.

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24. New Orleans

New Orleans has a special place among the Christmas destinations because it offers a huge variety of activities. You can start with a free tour of the city to see the typical buildings and the main attractions. Then you will visit St. Louis Cemetery and after that, you will attend the ghost tour. Because it is curious to know the Voodoo part of the place. 

To enjoy music there is always the chance to listen to the Gospel. You can’t miss a ride on a tram, it is so cool to see the city running with it. In the evening, before to jump into the vibrant nightlife go to a typical restaurant to live a gourmet experience. Restaurant Antoine’s is a must in New Orleans.

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25. Shenandoah

Among the Christmas destinations, Shenandoah is the best one for a full immersion in nature. The Valley has a lot of pathways to walk around and discover magnificent natural landscapes. Some caverns are spread in the hills and you can enter them to explore geology. Visit this place gives also the opportunity to go deep into history.

The area was the settlement of some tribes like Delaware and Catawba. Then it became the theatre of the main events of the American Civil War. Shenandoah is also a good place to relax and enjoy the view from a superb hotel, close to Virginia University, one of the local attractions not only for students.

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26. Phoenix

Phoenix is a cool city, perfect for any type of vacation. If you like art and culture you should visit the Art Museum, the Heard Museum with Indian artifacts, and the Roosevelt Row with the contemporary artists’ artworks. In case you will travel with kids go to the Children’s Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona Science Center. They will enjoy the interactive collections.

The city is part of the Christmas destinations because it is perfect in any season and it offers a lot of attractions. You should consider to go out of Phoenix and see the surroundings. There are antique settlements and parks dedicated to entertainment. Use the great offer selected for you and book your stay.

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27. Playa del Carmen

In the list of Christmas destinations, Playa del Carmen can’t miss. It is a combination of sea and culture. You find amazing beaches to stay in the sun and swim. But also you can explore Maya’s finds. Then the nightlife reserve great surprises for you, thanks to the cool Mexican city clubs and entertainment.

Going there with your partner will be perfect for a romantic and brilliant break. Hot temperature and sun will accompany your stay. You can easily alternate relax, cultural visits, and fun. What do you want more? Well, book now your vacation with a special deal and make a surprise to your partner. It is a good place also for the family.

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28. Charleston

South Carolina is always a good idea and that’s why Charleston is part of the Christmas destinations’ list. Maybe you saw the city in the game Sim City 2000 or in the movie Falling Skies. Now it’s time to see it in reality. The city is on the Atlantic Ocean and it can be defined as romantic and scenic.

This not only for the seaside but especially for its picturesque architecture. Beaches, museums, golf courses, shopping malls, and gourmet experiences will fulfill your days. Clubs and events will make your night cool. Take advantage of the offer and spend an unforgettable vacation.

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I hope you got inspired by my selection of 28 Christmas destinations. Take advantage of the deals and choose your favorite place for a break. If you are searching for more ideas for next year’s vacations, check out the list of the best 2020 destinations.

When you will make your choice, read my tips to plan a perfect holiday.

From the airport to the hotel

One of the challenges for the travellers is the transfer from the airport to the hotel. It depends on the place and on the country, but in the main cities there are many options and it can be difficult to choose the proper one. It is not a matter of price, even if it counts. Buses and trains are cheaper but they have a lot of stops and they are not going directly to your destination. There are some exceptions, as it happens for example in Budapest where you can go on a minibus that does a tour of the hotels, according to the passenger needs.

The taxi is a good option to go faster, but if you are a tourist and you are not prepared in some cases the driver can cheat on the price. It happens also to find fake taxidrivers. The best solution? I do not have the answer but in many cases I use the rent with driver. It is not always convenient, it depends on the city, but in most of the cases is the faster option with a well proportioned cost.

When I visit a new place I check on internet the transfer options via airport website, if available the dedicated section. Especially I search about the rates in order to not waste money. I mean I like luxury and I am available to spend more for a good service, but not to spend more than what is normal according to the country that I am going to visit. Often I travel for work reasons and I need to save time and to go directly to my destination. That is why I try the fastest solution and also to move with comfort.


Hotel transfer

What are the options? Call the hotel booked and ask for a transfer from the airport, in case you did not get a complimentary one included in your room rate. Generally hotels have their own cars or they have deals with some agencies. The cost is higher than a direct booking with those service providers. This procedure will cost you around 30% more.


Taxi risks

With a taxi you have the direct connection with your hotel, but the driver can choose a longer way to get more money and the risk is to find a fake taxi that will cost even more. It is not valid every where because there are honest people and also in some places the rates are not so higher and there are not different alternatives to be fast and to have a comfortable trip from the airport.


Private car with driver

If you have a bit of time to organize your transfer (I suggest you to find it) you can search the agencies that rent cars with drivers. They have luxury car and fixed prices according to the trips. To connect the city with the local airport there are usually competitive prices, meanwhile to go in different cities the cost can be quite high. Anyway it is a luxury transfer and you need to keep it into consideration.

It is not hard to find the various transfer service providers online, in some cases there are already showed the rates, otherwise you can ask via phone or email. It is a good idea to contact directly the agencies, so you can compare the offers. I suggest you also to ask precisely what type of car they will send to pick up you, because there are companies that use not huge and luxury car but they ask the same price of who is going to send Mercedes Class E or S, Bmw and so on. For an higher prices it is available also Rolls Royce.

The advantages of the rent with driver compare with a simple cab are:

  • a fixed price that does not change in case of some road traffic or deviation;
  • the driver waits for you at the arrivals;
  • the car is comfortable and clean, also inside;
  • the driver already know the destination and he or she already planned the best way, according to the road works and to the traffic, to arrive to your hotel;
  • especially in summer and in most of the cases but not all, there is a fresh bottle of water waiting for you on the car, so you can drink during the transfer.

Of course it is always good to check and then to evaluate the service, so if you will be back in the same city or you are using some company that is present in more cities and countries you know if you can call it again or search another one.



Just to give you a better idea on how it works I write some examples of what happened to me in years of travel. There are also some tips related to the transfers in some cities that I visited in recent time. Starting from Italy I can say that in Rome: the cost of a car with driver from the airport is the same of a taxi, but you can have more comfort and the driver waits for you at arrivals. The company that I chosen for my trips generally call me via phone when I land and we find a meeting point to be fast.

In the Italian capital the distance from the airport to the city centre requires around 45 minutes by car and the cost of the ride on the luxury car is about 45-50 euro. With the taxi you can even spend more, also because it is necessary to add a fee to carry the luggage. The situation is different among the cities, infact in Naples you can find a similar offer, also if the airport is about 20-30 minutes far from the centre. Anyway the rent with driver cost generally 40-50% more than a taxi.

Of course you have advantages, but it can be a bit much. If you choose the taxi in Naples do not forget to choose the fixed rate. The taxidriver always ask to you and it is better than to use the taximeter because he can prefer a longer way. The price from the airport to the centre is around 20-25 euro. If they ask more it is wrong. Keep in mind that they usually ask a couple of euro as tip, it is not mandatory, but it is up to you.

If you go to Sofia, Bulgaria, you will find as it happens in many places, a lot of people ready to offer you a ride, but they are fake taxi. So at arrivals you can directly go to the taxi reception. A girl will ask you the main information and she will give you a code and you can go out and find your taxi ready and especially legal. In Tirana, Albania, there are some companies at the airport, as Avis, that provide cars with driver.

The same in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, with some local companies. If you go to Bucharest there is, like in London, the black cab, the taxi company with luxury cars available for the transfers from the airport and as well to take people around the city. It costs more than a taxi but it offers a very professional service, with more clean cars and well equipped.

These are just few example on how you can move with rent with driver around Europe, but anyway I suggest you to check before to leave. In Turkey for instance in the airport managed by TAV offer different services, included the transfer. It works very well and they operate with huge Mercedes and BMW with professional drivers and they also proposed the transfer perfectly coordinated with the meet and greet service inside their airports, starting from Istanbul. There is also the option with the speedboat for the transfer via sea.


The evaluation of the service

How to evaluate the transfer service? This is the last question that can help you to choose the best company. First of all it is important to check how fast they are in answer to the request. Also it is possible to verify the information, if it is complete, and as well the courtesy used. The it comes the way to book, you control if it is easy or not. Naturally comparing the services you have the chance to check the price according to the service proposed.

After the first contact you can evaluate the transfer answering to these questions: was easy to find the driver? Was she or he on time? How was the car in term of comfort and cleaning? Was the driver kind? Did you arrive at destination without problems? The questions are covering the main elements that you need to consider to decide if the service was good and if you will use it again calling the same provider.

I had the chance to use different transfer services in Italy and abroad and always I use those questions to make a check and select the best ones. Going to the conclusions I want to make a couple of examples more. Once in Rome a driver during the trip from the airport started to talk about a person, telling me name and surname, who had bad habits. He told me almost everything about the trips of that guy, for 40 minutes… Well better have another driver, don’t you think so?

In New York I had a tour of the city in a limousine and after that the driver proposed to me to follow my movements for all my stay for a better price. He wanted to deceive the company and he sent me a friend of him. It was impossible to meet each other on time and in the place where I needed. The service was the worst one. This happens especially when you don’t need only a transfer, but a car with driver to go around in the city, so be careful when you say yes to a better price with a sub-agreement.



Restaurant: 4 elements for you to choose the best one

When I travel I go to the restaurant for a need. But also because I am curious about the local food. I want to taste the typical recipes. When I am at home I like to go out and to eat in restaurants. But I think that it does not make sense to have the same dishes that I can have at home and prepared by myself. I search for something special and innovative and of course well served, in a lovely location and with a nice setting.

These elements help me to select the restaurants where to go. Then they also help me when I make an evaluation. So I can write on the blog about my best experiences. The question is: how to evaluate a restaurant? Or better: how I evaluate a restaurant? I am not a food expert, but I like to taste and I try to search for the quality, that sometimes is even in a pizza.

Sometimes to cook something simple in the perfect way it is more difficult than to create something innovative. If you mix a lot of flavors you can cover a bad taste and the mistakes made during the cooking session. That is why to measure a good cook it should be enough asked to her or to him to prepare a very easy recipe. Anyway, let’s go to the restaurant’s evaluation.


The Michelin stars restaurants

The stars of Michelin guide give consumers information about the level of a restaurant, as it happens with the hotels. But how they are given to the restaurants and their chefs. Since 1926 the experts of the famous tires’ brand are going to visit places around the world to select the best and recognize their high quality with the stars, from one to three.

What is the meaning of the stars? One means ”very good restaurant in its category”, two represent an ”excellent cuisine” and three stars indicate ”exceptional cuisine”. These are the results, but what are the criteria used to decide how many stars attribute to the restaurants? The parameters are four:

  • quality of the product
  • preparation technique
  • balance between ingredients
  • the creativity of the chef

The inspectors do not check only these aspects, but they also focus on the quality of service, atmosphere, furnishings, and location. Every single detail is important and the staff of the restaurant has to take care of all the elements to pass the exam and to give to the customers high-quality experience.

The examinators fill a data sheet with a list of the ingredients of the dishes tasted, then they analyze the setting, the service provided by the staff, the hospitality and the comfort. These elements receive an evaluation with a different symbol: the forks, whose increasing number from 1 to 5 is a function of a huge number of factors. The inspectors have to consider the service, the crowding, the furnishings, the atmosphere, the wine list, all the details including greetings waiters and the arrangement of glasses and cutlery on the table.


Tradition and innovation

In many restaurants is now trendy to follow the tradition, but the best cooks are using it as the base. The chef proposes the innovation, they mix the traditional recipes with some creativity to give to the guests something new and particular. I like this way especially when I go out to eat around my region. I know the local food, I like it, but it is nice to taste something different that reminds the main ingredients of the tradition.

Another feature of the dishes proposed in many restaurants is the international contamination, that is happening also because the chef is going to work and make experience abroad, so they learn how to prepare local recipes and they use also competences coming from the dishes of their own countries. The result is, in some cases, quite interesting and to discover the similar taste and the new combination gives the chance to have a journey into the food culture.

The leitmotiv of the cuisine today, proposed and sometimes just respected by the chefs, is the lightness. This is good for the health and of course, you can eat a complete mail with more courses without any problems. To be sincere I have to say that in this aspect I agree only in part because in Italy the tradition in the kitchen is not so light.

Why renounce to the real taste of the territory? I guess it is better to eat certain dishes fewer times but properly have them. Alto the creativity of the cook should be something not related to finding the light way of the preparation but to give more taste.


The taste

As I already wrote I am not an expert, but just a person who loves to eat well and in good places, sometimes in a pizzeria in a Michelin star restaurant. The recipe and its result is the most important part of the evaluation for everyone. What I check is the flavor of what the chef proposes. A dish must impress, offer a pathway to discover the ingredients and culture. Every bite is a part of the travel.

If the recipe realized can represent this, the grade is high. Then, of course, there are other elements, because a restaurant needs to give a unique experience to the guests, not only serving good food. What are you looking at before to enter in a restaurant? Well about me I can say that if it is exposed, I check the menu and then the entrance. Hotels have generally great halls, also when they have awful rooms, but the door and the setting of a restaurant are, most of the times not always, well related to the food offer.


The setting

When the chef reaches a high level in the kitchen, even if she or he has the chance to develop something new and find other challenges, works on the other parts. Improve the table, the plates, and the dining room. Take care of all details is important and I consider an elegant place, with modern or ancient furniture, is lovely, it is something more that helps the atmosphere.

A comfortable table and a spacious dining room with tables well separated are important to give to guests the privacy that they deserve to chat in peace and do not disturb the others or to be disturbed by other guests. The food is the first aspect, but to have the meal in a pleasant place makes the people happy. This is what usually happens to me.


The service

The chef is the main protagonist, but in certain restaurants, he is the master, so he (or she of course) needs a good team to be supported in the preparation. The main cook creates, gives the idea for the menu, but all of them are working together. This is what happens in Michelin star restaurants. The people in the kitchen are doing the best part, but they are not the only staff members of the restaurant.

Waiters and the maitre have the task to serve properly the plates, the drinks and also they are engaged as councilors. I know, this word is exaggerated, but they are most of the times responsible to suggest what to choose, as food and especially as a drink, selecting the proper wine according to the dishes.

They need to have competences for that, they need to know how to serve, starting from the right side from where to put the plate. Waiters have also to be kind, to answer properly to the question of the guests and to fill empty glasses maintaining the right level. The customer of the restaurant must be at the center of the attention during all meal, this is what the staff have to take into consideration to do its work correctly.


These elements help me to do an evaluation, even if I am not a professional inspector, I do the selections following a bit the procedure of the Michelin star experts. If a restaurant makes me happy and I want to visit it again, this means that I can write about it on my blog and suggest you try the same experience.

Last tips

Would you like to try some of the best restaurant recipes? I recommend you to get “Recipe Secrets Exposed“. Discover how to make your favorite restaurant dishes at home! These secret recipes have finally been revealed… Click here to discover more.

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