Shopping deals for travelers

I am not a shopping addicted, but I need some items for my next travels. Visiting AliExpress I discovered some shopping deals for travelers deals. Maybe you need something and you can take advantage of the discounts. So I decided to share them. I will be happy if you use these opportunities because it means my travel blog is useful. Not only for the reviews. But if you are going to buy on AliExpress, leave something for me. It’s just a joke, I guess they have enough for all of us. 

From now to November 16, 2019, there will be a lot of shopping deals for travelers. Even if you are not a traveler, you may find something for a trip or your passions in daily life. I have already in my mind some object I would like to purchase a new drone or an action camera.

One day I will show you some of the pictures I take with my drone. I am learning, so the results are not perfect enough for you. Step by step I improve my skills and experience and I will use it during my world explorations. In the meantime, I do some traveler‘s shopping on AliExpress. I bought a new one in the online shop and I am really satisfied.

Shopping deals for travelers on AliExpress

The opportunities are all connected to one huge discount applied to many shopping deals for travelers. You can find a long list of smart products on AliExpress platform. Yes, the offer concerns 

Until November 16, 2019, you can get up to 50% off on all products present on the AliExpress website. There are many items you can buy thanks to the shopping deals for travelers. From watches to clothes, from smartphones to sunglasses. Accessories, devices and much more. All the products are proposed to improve the travel experience of customers. This is your chance, don’t miss it. Click here to browse all the products and discover the ones you need and prefer. 

Offers for all with shopping deals for travelers

Aren’t you interested in shopping deals for travelers? I suggest you check out the discounted items. There are products for all. Not only smart devices. Let me give you some news about the other AliExpress offers

Let me make some examples.

Until November 16, 2019, you will have the chance to buy products for your beauty. In particular for your hairs. Up to 50% off unique hairstyles is the discount applied to a great variety of items you can use to be trendy and fashionable. Click here to know all the details. 

The same deadline is applied to other deals:

  • get up to 50% off living room items, click here to see all the items;
  • take advantage of up to 50% off bedroom items, click here to browse the products;
  • for you up to 50% off bathroom items, click here to know the details;
  • a discount up to 50% off garden & garage items, click here to browse the deals;
  • up to 50% off DIY essentials, click here to get the best discounts.

These are only examples, more items and categories are waiting for you. So explore the AliExpress catalog.

My favorite offer

What do I want? After the drone, I can purchase something else. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of shopping deals for travelers. And now I am focusing on Action and Sports Camera. Browsing often the online shop I can easily discover the proposals made by AliExpress. It’s a great deal for me. Let me give some detail.

The camera will follow me everywhere and it won’t keep my hands occupied. It counts on an effective MegaPixel of 12MP, with a SONY IMX377 image sensor. This item works also with night conditions and it has a display size between  2″ and 3″. Plus there is electronic image stabilization. I am not going to annoy you with all the specifications. So I let you check out this amazing item. Just one more thing: I can have it for $ 89.99. The discount applied is 50%. Click here to see the item.

It can finish soon.




I suggest you follow my example and to take advantage of these shopping deals for travelers. If you want more ideas to get travel items, read my posts. To have all the updates and some more deals, subscribe to my newsletter. Weekly in your inbox, you will receive my blog updates. And I will send you also some extra content.

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Travel platform with international staff

How do you organize your trips? Maybe for your holidays, you need a travel platform with deals, packages, and tools or staff as support. I like to do many things by myself, as get in touch directly with hotels and airlines. But this is not always the best way to catch the lowest rates. Online you can easily find websites that offer you holiday packages and tailor-made proposals. Also, a lot of them give you flight tickets. I want to tell you about my new experience with the reservation of transport tickets.

I had the chance to find and try a new travel platform. Since I go abroad a lot for business and for leisure, I spend a lot of time to search for great solutions. That’s why I visite Omio. It is designed as a search engine for planes, trains, and buses. But thanks to the connection with Booking, you can use it also to find the accommodation. So the journey and the stay can be reserved together on the website. I had a very good experience in using them. Now, I can add it to the list of the best platform to travel.

Travel platform features

Why am I recommending you Omio? First of all, because I am satisfied and I think it can be useful for you. Then there are many features that make this travel platform a very good one. Starting from rates offered. The company is not a tour operator, but a reseller with a huge search engine. It is able to give you all the traveling solution choosing according to your criteria among 800 official partners. This allows you to compare prices and tracks. Plus you can work on connections also with different means of transport: planes, trains, and buses.

Omio is one of the best travel platforms because it is composed by an international staff. They affirm to have people from over 40 countries. I don’t know if this true, but I can say that I can surf the website in my own language. Then I can have assistance in my own language. The staff guarantee support from the booking time to the trip period. Of course, in case of need. So if something happens, I know that I can really talk with someone who speaks Italian, who understand me and who help me.

How to use Omio

The concept of this travel platform is to give tailor-made experiences to travelers. If you want to go around Europe, Omio is the best solution for you. It is easy to use and in a few seconds, you access to the list of the proposals selected for your requirements. Open the homepage, digit the departure and arrival cities. Then put the date. Select the button to search for accommodation with booking. You will redirect to a page with the results.

It is readable the departure hour and as well the one of arrival, the price but you can find some other indications. In fact, the system underlines the fastest and cheap proposal. Selecting the solution you prefer the travel platform redirect you on another page with all the details. From there you can proceed to buy the ticket. The system opens also another page on Booking. So you can see and choose the hotel. Omio is the best comparison site. 


I gave you some information about the travel platform. If you want to get more tips and deals, check out the sections of the blog. I will be also happy to send you weekly updates and extra contents to your inbox. You just have to subscribe to my newsletter.

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Balkans, the culture in a book

My next trip is already on my agenda and I will go back to Balkans, an area where I have been different times in last years. This time the country to be visited is Macedonia, not the Greek region but the country that now is called Republic of North Macedonia. I will have some work meeting in different places, so I want to try to plan some time as a tourist and explore better also some towns where I have been without so much time to see the attractions and the curiosities.

In the years I bought some books to know better the history of Former Yugoslavia and go deep in the culture, but I continue to research to know more because those countries are reach of history with a lot of connections with Western Europe. I decide to read an old book of a travel experience published in 1941 that describe very well social, cultural and political aspects of that time.

Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia is a travel journal with a specific analysis of the culture, the history and the politics made from an international point of view. It is not a history book, because all the elements are declined as in a diary, so easily explained from a traveller that is exploring the country. There is a meeting with people and a character that help the traveller to enter in Western Balkans world.

The brilliant observation written in the book helps me to enter more deep in the Slavic history and to learn more about the culture, step by step. Reading it I am living almost the same journey, even do it is a different period. In next days I will be again there and I will use what I have read to try to catch more benefits from my travelling in Balkans.

Stay tuned, I will post soon about my North Macedonia visits.


Free travel coupons for you

My dear readers, I have some free travel coupons for you. To thank you to follow me and to dedicate time to my blog I want to give you a small present. That’s why I decided to prepare this post full of free travel coupons for you. You can get exclusive and dedicated discounts for your trips or to buy items you may need at home and during your travels. There are some special conditions created especially for me that I give to you and some others that I can use thanks to partnerships. 

Scroll down the page and then choose what you are interested in. Click the links but don’t forget to take note of the codes, in some cases are necessary to get a special price. Then pay attention to the deadlines, because there is a limited time for most of them, after those dates you won’t be able anymore to access the discounts. If you enjoy the opportunity I will do my best to improve it adding new deals dedicated to you as my readers and followers. Of course, feel free to share the chance with your friends. They can use the same links and codes.

Free travel coupons to travel

Here you can find discounts for your trips: hotels, car rental, holiday packages, and much more. Read more about the free travel coupons and select all the ones you want.

Marriott International

Get 15% off booking 3 or more nights at Marriott in Zurich. If you want to spend your holidays in amazing Switzerland, now you have a great chance to do it with luxury saving money. It is valid until December 31, 2019. Click here to access the website and write the code B4K to get the discount.

Up to 20% on Marriott resorts in Brasil. Fun, relax, white sand and blue sea, forests, and much more are waiting for you. You have tome to book until November 29, 2019. Click here to access the website and write the code ADP to get the discount.

Get 20% off to stay in Chile. To live a cool experience in a marvelous country and to get the discount you have to book 21 days in advance. The deadline is December 31, 2019. Click here to access the website and write the code ADP to get the discount.

More countries with free travel coupons

Save up to 15% on your Los Angeles escape when you book at least 7 days in advance. Book a room and enjoy the fabulous city, Hollywood included. It is a good chance for your luxury holiday. There is no deadline. Click here to access the website and write the code ADP to get the discount.

A discount of 25% for your stay in Europe for advanced reservations. Book a room, see art, architecture, and nature in one of the European countries and save money. It is a good chance for your luxury holiday. There is no deadline. Click here to access the website and write the code ADP to get the discount.

Free breakfast and one meal for kids in Paris. This family offer is valid until December 30, 2019. Visit the beautiful and romantic capital of France with your kids and take advantage of the offer. Click here to access the website and write the code ZJ6 to get the discount.

More free travel coupons with Marriott

Stay in Paris at least 3 nights and save 25% on the room rate. Art, architecture, and the most romantic city in the world are waiting for you. Click here to access the website and write the code SPJ to get the discount. It is valid until December 31, 2019.


It is time to discover Poland if you didn’t do it already. Thanks to Marriott International you can save up to 25% on your room rate. The country offers many attractions and amazing places where to combine relax and fun. Click here to access the website and write the code ADP to get the discount. There is no time limit.

Other special deals with Marriott

Enjoy daily breakfast for two, complimentary special cocktails upon arrival and more benefits. It’s a way to discover Renaissance Hotels by Marriott. The deadline for this offer is March 3, 2020. Click here to access the website and write the code ZJL to get the discount. There is no time limit.

Enjoy INR 500 on any hotel service per night at any of your preferred 14 Fairfield hotels in India. To get this special deal and explore this fantastic country you need to click here and use the code ZX0. The deadline is on December 31, 2019.

Enjoy free breakfast plus a ticket to visit the exhibition Vincent van Gogh at Musée Staedel in Frankfurt. To get this special deal and explore this fantastic country you need to click here and use the code L9Z. The deadline is on February 16, 2020.

Around the USA

Stay 7 days in New York and save up to 15% discount at Marriott’s Hotels. To get this special deal and explore this fantastic country you need to click here and use code ADP. The deadline is on December 31, 2019.

Stay 7 days in San Diego and save up to 15% discount at Marriott’s Hotels. To get this special deal and explore this fantastic country you need to click here and use code ADP. There is no deadline.

Book in advance in Georgia and save up to 25% discount at Marriott’s Hotels. To get this special deal and explore this fantastic country you need to click here and use code ADP. There is no deadline.

There are more offers for other countries, so if the free travel coupons are not enough for you you can visit Marriott International to get other deals. Click here to discover them. 

Rent a car

Over US$199 get US$10 off. If the rate is at least US$199 you will get a discount of US$10. A good way to save on your car rental. The offer is valid until December 31, 2019. Click here and write the code 10adq4 to take advantage of the offer.

Over US$299 get US$15 off. If the rate is at least US$299 you will get a discount of US$15. A good way to save on your car rental. The offer is valid until December 31, 2019. Click here and write the code 15adq4 to take advantage of the offer.

Over US$499 get US$25 off. If the rate is at least US$499 you will get a discount of US$25. A good way to save on your car rental. The offer is valid until December 31, 2019. Click here and write the code 25adq4 to take advantage of the offer.

More discounts for car rental

Unlimited 5% off. Rent a car and get a discount. The offer is valid until December 31, 2019. Click here and write the code 5adq4 to take advantage of the offer.

USD 30 OFF for any option you will choose to rent a car with EasyRentCars. Enjoy this offer clicking here and writing the code 8LTR30 before your purchase. It is valid until December 31, 2019.

If you sign up on the platform you will get free travel coupons: 5% off on your first rental. Click here before August 31, 2020.

Train, bus, plane

On Infobus you can find any type of ticket you need for your travels. You can get 10% off as a client of Infobus on all your reservations. Click here to find the connections and to obtain the discount. There is not a limit of time and no code to write.

Hotel booking

Fly with Qatar Airways and you can discover Qatar booking four and five stars hotels starting from 23 USD per night. This special offer is valid until December 28, 2019. Free travel coupons are available clicking here

Hotel in Dubai

Reserve a room at Atlantis The Palm Dubai and you will have a lot of dedicated discounts, there are no codes to use, but you have only to click the links related to the options.

Unlimited time:

  • Imperial Club. Book Direct For 10% Off Rooms And Suites: click here.
  • Atlantis Half Board Offer: click here.
  • Dine at Hakkasan with up to 15% off: click here

Free travel coupons for items

Here there are the main brands that offer you special prices for your purchases. There are different types of items for your everyday life and your trips.

AliExpress free travel coupons

There are a lot of offers ready for you to get discounts on your daily life items and on objects to travel. I suggest you surf different categories and take advantage of free travel coupons. So you don’t need any code, just click the links related to the proposals.


The US $10 off for orders over $100. It is valid until November 13, 2019. Click here to get the discount. 

Your life can be more pleasant if you take advantage of special discounts. $5 off orders from $50. It is valid until November 13, 2019. Click here to get the discount.  

11.11 $10 off from $100. It is valid until November 13, 2019. Click here to get the discount. Use the code FINAL11.

Amazon shopping

Also, Amazon offers you a lot of deals. My free travel coupons include a lot of chances to get ready for your holidays. Not only, but you can also find huge discounts on a big variety of items. Click here and explore the catalog. But remember: there is always limited time on the deals. So check the website now!

Blogging with free travel coupons

Let me give you also some free travel coupons and tips to manage your blog. And consider that my experience can be useful for bloggers.

Video lessons

If you want to improve your skills in blogging, editing videos, take photos, and use social networks, you need Skillshare. The platform has a lot of video lessons for you. The courses are made by experts. Clicking here you get 2 free months, you only need to register and it is not required the credit card.

Monetize your blog

This is not a free travel coupon but a suggest. Are you searching for a way to earn money blogging? Admitad is the perfect platform. You find the best companies on the market from different fields and they pay good commissions fast. Click here and check it out. 

I hope you can use all the free travel coupons I prepared for you. Also, follow me to get more updates. Then subscribe to my newsletter to have weekly news about my trips and new deals. If you need some suggestions about travel items, check out my travel gadgets section.

Device repair: make money to travel

Do you like traveling but your budget is low? You can find some very cheap solution, or you can make more money with the device repair. How? I am not saying that is easy and immediate. But with some activity to do in your free time, you can get extra cash. Don’t worry anything illegal or scam, just a new idea. I want to tell you about device repair. Surely you have a smartphone or a tablet or a computer. Maybe all of them. Then you have even more technology at home. Actually, you are reading this post, so you have some device connected to the internet. So you have a double way to increase your income.

The first one is to save money when you need a device repair. Yes, with the solution proposed in the article you will be able to do the job by yourself. This means to save at least two-thirds of the costs. Because you may need some material to buy, otherwise you will spend only the time. The second one concerns the way to earn directly from device repair. You won’t be able only to take care of your IT items. Because with the proper guides you will help friends and other people. How? Repairing their device, TV, game console, and so on.

Device repair: a new frontier

Some abilities can help you, but it is not required a huge experience. What I am going to explain to you is about a new service provided by a French company called SOSav. It will be your ally. Why? Because the founders decided to give a lot of free guides available online. You don’t need to call an expert anymore. How they earn if they give you free guides? The company has technicians, but their job is to sell components. They collect from the producers the various parts. If you need to substitute them, you can just buy. There are all the brands on the market.

They can also help you with device repair if the issue is complex. But their interest is really to help you. They want you to solve the problem by yourself. Then if you need a reparation kit or a new piece to change it, you can purchase it in their online shop. So what’s the idea? Visit the website of SOSav and download the guides you want. It doesn’t cost anything. Try to repair your device. Guides are easy to follow with step by step instructions.

Earn money to travel

If you download the guide from the website and then you act on your device, you will save money. This is easy. How can you earn extra cash? You need to make money to travel. So you can use those guides to help other people. Of course, you can start a business. But there is competition, around the world there are shops who offer device repair. Then you need to be sure that it works. Start from relatives, friends. Ask them a little amount of money, respecting the fiscal law of your country.

They will spend less than to bring the device to a specialized center. You will get step by step the money you need to organize your trip. Obviously, the guides are perfect for small problems or not too technical. They describe the solution for hard issues, but you need to work a bit more. And especially it is good to improve your skills and experience in doing it. The experience will help your activity to grow. SOSav can help you. Check out the website and the database. It worths a visit and a bit of time spent viewing the guides.


I hope this post about device repair and SOSav can be helpful for you. If yes, share it. Maybe some of your friends can be interested in. Of course, not the ones that will become your customers. You can also find some other guides on how to make money to travel. I wrote different ideas. Check them out. Since I will write more, catch the opportunity to be updated. Subscribe to my newsletter.

Weekly I will send in your inbox the news about my blog, with the highlights of the new posts. Plus I will add extra contents. You will get guides, tips, reviews, and also some deals selected for you. I will do my best to improve your travel experience.