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The tradition of coffee in Sarajevo

Thanks to the Ottoman empire in Bosnia the culture of coffee became an heritage, together with tea. In the old town in Sarajevo it is easy to find a place where to taste the Turkish coffee or tea. Anyway The Bosnian tradition offers a thick and strong coffee, served with Turkish delight. Everything is presented … Read more The tradition of coffee in Sarajevo

A top coffee in Sarajevo

If you are in Sarajevo, you can not miss the view from Avaz Twist Tower. It is located out of the centre, on the way to go to the mountain, but it offers a unique panorama on the city and surroundings. You can reach it easily by car or taxi, but it is well connected also … Read more A top coffee in Sarajevo

In Sarajevo following the steps of Morgan Freeman

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is for sure full of meaning. Because it is still a symbol for the Croat-Bosniak War that happened between 1992 and 1994. On the buildings, it is still possible to see the signs, with mortar shots and some destroyed flats. Despite the bad memories go around Sarajevo, the capital … Read more In Sarajevo following the steps of Morgan Freeman

A luxury fish as a roommate

Some time ago I had the chance to stay in Skopje in a five stars hotel in the centre, called TCC Plaza. Recently it was completely restored and improved, with some facilities as an high class restaurant, a fitness center, a spa and some meeting rooms. As well the rooms changed quite a lot, but … Read more A luxury fish as a roommate

Exploring Macedonia by car

Do you want to see Skopje or Macedonia with comfort and some luxury features? I suggest you to hire a car with a professional driver and you will focus just on the pleasant part to travel. I made some experience with Inter Ways Macedonia Rent a Car, a local agency located in Skopje and Ohrid, … Read more Exploring Macedonia by car

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