Packing tips

Packing tips: a free guide for you

Have you ever forget the passport or the sleepers at home? Well, me yes. That’s why I prepared a checklist for all my trips. All the times I tick the items put in the suitcase. Do you want to see it? And avoid this bad situation? Get my free packing tips. It is a guide that I am sharing with you to help you with the suitcase preparation. It is a hard job that is why support is useful.

Then when you are abroad without a pajama or something important, you need to buy it. You maybe don’t find anything you really like. It is also a cost. With my packing tips, you will be safe. All that you need will be in your luggage at your arrival at your destination. My suggestions come from my travel experience and of course by mistakes. Now pick your guide and list the items for your trip.

Get the free packing tips

What do you have to do? Nothing special, just click on the link and download my packing tips guide Pdf. It is free and totally ready for you. I want only to precise a few things about the list present in the guide. Nothing special, but important. When you will read my list you will mainly find items for a man. As I am. So if you have to put something for a woman you have to change something, or better to add something.

Anyway, you can add what you need, personalizing the packing tips according to your needs. The free guide is anyway ready for you. Save it on your computer, print it, share it with friends. It will be useful when you have to prepare your suitcase and maybe it will be helpful also for your family and friends. Don’t keep it for you. My packing tips can become also a small present for someone.

packing tips guide

Packing tips guide

Feel free to share your experience or to add something. You can use the comments below and maybe update together with you my packing tips guide.

Have a safe trip and have fun!

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