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How to choose the best online shop website? Blogger’s tips.

Do you like to do shopping on the web? You need to take note of this internet address: Yes, you saw it correctly. It is part of my site. Do I have an online shop website? Yes and no. Well, I am not going to sell anything, but it is one more tool to help you to find items and deals. Traveling often I started some years ago to buy products online because I could save time and especially I could do it from anywhere, finding also good chances to keep safe my budget. I want to share all my experiences with online shopping.

Before to tell you more about my new shop, I desire to give you some tips about online shopping. Explaining to you how to select a shop on the web will be helpful to support you during your net surfing and it will be a good opportunity to understand better how you can benefit from my site. An online shop website must be your ally, not a way to take your money. Don’t you agree?

How to select an online shop website

Online shopping is growing, many consumers are using it and their number is increasing month after month. On the internet, you can find any type of product and any type of price. So you can have luxury and budget gadgets to satisfy your needs. The convenience given to the customers from an online shop website is huge, but the important step is the choice at the beginning.

You can order anything you want from home or office, the staff of the shop will take care of your request and you will get everything directly to your address. There is no need to go around, wait in a queue, you just have to use a smartphone or a computer. This means to save time and also money, at least because you won’t spend on fuel to reach shops in the city. But you will have also more deals available and a huge variety of collections, no traditional shop can have the same assortment as the internet.

In many cases you will also cut the shipping costs, you will buy maybe directly from producers to save steps and commissions for vendors. But these good aspects are not always immediate, because online there are scams and not convenient offers. You have to pay attention to the proposals, to the features of the online shop website you select. Pick only reliable offers focusing on the main features. I want to tell you what are the points to check before buying. You can have a great shopping experience if you avoid the risks.

Payment methods

One of the most important elements to evaluate the reliability of an online shop is the payment procedure. Before buying something, you need to check what are the methods offered and the plans for customers. Everything must be clearly explained, so you won’t have any hidden fees or bad surprises. Verify what are the card accepted and the policy applied also for shipping costs.

Customers’ reviews

Pay attention to the opinions of buyers. Who shopped before you and wrote a review can give useful information. Shopping platforms post them and you can surf them to read their experience and tips. Ratings will give you an idea about products and services. The customer’s support, the shipping, and all the other aspect are described in reviews and they tell you a lot about the shop reliability. The opinions about the site can help you to understand if you are in the right store.

Terms and policies

Anytime you access a new online shop, check out the terms and policies because they have to explain the rules and the procedures. I mean the return policies because it may happen something wrong and you need to send the item back. Also, it is necessary to check about shipping fees, customer support, and privacy policy to keep your data safe. Verify the presence of direct contacts.

How to take advantage of online shopping

You need only some click to find and order the item you need or you want. Not all the time you save money, but there are a lot of opportunities to get convenience. Well, if you follow my advice you can have more benefits and spend less. I want to share some hints to guide you to the best online deals. I don’t mean something specific, but the following details will help you with any online shop website.

I have for you 15 tips to make sure to get all the chances to keep safe your budget and to get the products you want.

Coupon codes

Prefer online shops with available coupons. Use them but especially search for them on search engines, starting from Google. There are also good coupon apps and a website that offers you discount codes. I can do it as well. If you want to buy accessories and mobiles’ accessories you can use iDeal of Sweden, with my code BBMYANASA1 you get 15% off. This is just an example. But on the web, you will find a lot of opportunities. Search on the internet and you will see sites dedicated to your country. Then you will find also some browser extensions that will help you to catch coupons while you simply surf the net. It is a good way to save money.

Coupons hunter

Install Honey on your browser and the system will search for you the best coupon codes for the website you are shopping on. It will even apply them to your cart at the checkout. You don’t need to do anything else than install the extension on your browser. You will also get support for price comparison. It looks magic and I can tell you that it works perfectly.

Shopping day

The shopping online follows the main holidays and celebrations, so you can find proper periods with sales, but you should keep in mind that there are better days to have discounts during normal seasons. I am not telling you about Black Friday and similar, but about the right weekdays. Many stores apply special discounts and deals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It’s like Sunday for flight tickets.

Those days are good for all the categories. Then you should also catch the occasion of permanent special treatment like Amazon Prime. There is usually an entire week that Amazon dedicates to those deals, but if you subscribe to the program, you can benefit from many features created for customers. Like exclusive deals, free shipping, cool entertainment. You save money and it will be easier to not go over your fixed budget for shopping.

Free shipping

Most of the online shop websites offer deals and they include also free shipping as a promotion. So it doesn’t have much sense to accept high shipping costs. You should check better policies and conditions. If they have huge rates, well, you can find something better on the internet. Some offers allow you to cut these expenses by ordering a certain amount of products in terms of value. But many stores give you the chance to have a free shipping year or better they don’t require any money for that, despite the money you spend. Plus you can find on the web coupons dedicated to free shipping for many different online shops.

Dynamic price

What is this? Dynamic price defines the action made by retailers hiking up the prices online of the items based on your zip code, search history, or device used. So every time you see a product without buying it, the next time will cost more. It is the same principle applied in the last years by airline companies. This happens in any category. But don’t worry, there is a solution. Clear your browsing history and cookies, sign out of social media sites, switch to private browsing and the online shop website won’t recognize you. You will be on incognito mode and the price will stay as the original view. This will allow you to save money and avoid their system to earn more.

Discounted gift cards

Are you used to buy often from the same store? Buy gift cards and you will save money thanks to the discounted price. You can find them for a reduced price online. Search for the opportunities on Google. I can also suggest check out Raise and CardCash. On these sites they sell the unwanted gift cards given by users, so you can easily find some of your interests at a lower price. You buy the cards for a lower price, then you access online shops to redeem the entire value ordering items and the shopping will cost less. There are many options for any type of store. You will easily save 10-15% or even more, it depends on the offer at the moment.

Apps to save

There are a lot of apps to compare prices to find the most convenient one. They also offer exclusive deals for a limited time. There is a wide range of products and services with huge discounts, from gadgets to vacation packages. Among the sites, I suggest LivingSocial. Another good opportunity concerns cash-back apps. One of the most famous is Rakuten, but you can get many of them just by searching for new apps directly on your smartphone. You will have a part of the money spent back, so it is convenient.

Price matching

Are you on an online shop website and you want to know if you can find the same item at a cheaper price somewhere else? You can, compare prices online just making research on Google. You will just copy the name of the product from the store and paste it on the search engine. But there is one more tool made to help you from Walmart.

The famous store gives you the chance to recover money up to seven days after your purchase. How? Download the Walmart App, scan the receipt, or enter the number of it into the Savings Catcher online. Or use Walmart Pay, click “Submit eReceipt Now”. If there is a lower price somewhere else, Walmart will credit the difference directly to your Walmart Pay or your Walmart account. Isn’t it good? It works very well and this guarantees convenience at the store.

Keep items in your cart

There is no obligation to buy an item when you put it in the cart. My tip is to leave it there. Why? Because they will see you left the product there and they think you changed your mind. To not lose the chance to sell, they will be open to making an extra discount. Exit for a while and then access again the shop. You will see a coupon with 10-20% off for your purchase. If you are registered on the site, they will send you an email with a discount, keeping the products in the cart for a couple of days. Be patient and save money!


When you enter an online shop website you see a pop-up open with a box for a chat with the staff. There is no person on the other side, but a robot ready to give you info, answering your questions. Well, use it to save money. Ask for special sales or promo codes. If you already have a coupon but it is expired, ask if you can still take advantage of it. If the store has a smart staff, they planned to give you some discount to maintain you among their customers. Anyway, try to do it.

Social profiles

Another way to save money is to be smart on social networks. Follow the brands you are interested in and be updated on their flash sales. Those occasions are dedicated to their followers. They offer discounts on some collections, free shipping, and so on. Select your favorite brands, but be careful, control your shopping impulse.

Track prices

Prices drop from time to time and this is perfect to find a good moment to save money. Do you have to check the items every minute? Yes, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. Some apps will make it for you. Search for them on Google or even better on the app store on your smartphone. You will get worldwide and the local ones too. They monitor the items and their prices, sending you the notification when it decreases. You can use them with Amazon and many other online shops. No efforts, huge advantages.

Pick up in-store

Shipping costs are not so hard to cut, but in case there is no way for the items you want, you can still have a chance to avoid them. Require the shipping to the closest store and pick it up by yourself. This is convenient and there are no fees for that.


What about getting a refund for the price difference? If you notice that the items you bought have a price drop, you can contact the store and ask for a refund. This normally happens with shops online and you don’t need to do it checking all the time prices. There is a tool that can do it for you. A robot will work for you. Search Earny extension on Google Chrome and let it work. Keep in mind that it functions only for purchases.

Price negotiation

You can negotiate the price online, even if the shop has no human there to talk with you. How? On the internet, there are tools made for that task. An online shopper machine works for you and it is well known by retailers. The main tool is called PriceWaiter is a plugin installed on online stores and it gives the chance to clients to make an offer on the item they like. Your proposals are reviewed and you will get notified within 24 hours. So you’ll know if the offer is accepted or not. This too is selective about items and brands, but it helps you a lot.

Deals and budget

Even when you take advantage of deals present on an online shop website you need to fix a budget to spend. Trying not to exceed it. You should decide exactly what you need or want to buy and calculate the maximum amount of money you can spend. This will help you a lot in searching for the best products related to your budget. You will limit the list of items and you will easily get discounts and special prices, following my tips. Anyway, if you need help, online some apps and tools will help your budgeting, you just need to search for them on Google.

My Anasa Shop

Now it is the moment to know better My Anasa online shop. I already mentioned that is not a traditional store, I won’t sell anything and you won’t be able to buy on my site. It looks like an online shop and you can surf categories and products, digital and physical ones. There is a short or long description according to the single item. Then, clicking the button “buy item” you will be redirected to the site of the producer or seller. So you will get more information and details about it and you will decide if you want to buy it, search for something else, or just leave the website.

What you can find and how I selected the items

Since I have a passion for shopping and I use the internet to buy products and services for my daily life and my trips, plus gifts for family and friends, I add almost everything. There are clothes, vacation packages, automobile parts, accessories for men and women, and much more. Even software to improve your business or life. The list can be long, so the best way to check all the things inside is to visit my shop.

How I selected products and services? I used the same criteria applied when I buy something online. So, good quality, convenient price, reliable supplier, the utility of the item or service. I added ings I bought or I considered and found interesting, plus something I think you might be interested in. You can surf the list using it as inspirational and informative. You can save time and money by taking advantage of the work I have done for you. Go to my shop and get benefit from it as you like. Keep in mind that I updated it often and it is growing step by step, so bookmark the address and visit it frequently.


You know how and why my online shop website is done, why and how to use it. Plus you learned some tips to get advantages from shopping on the internet. So buy safely and keep part of your money in the wallet, without spending too much time and effort. Start here and improve your experience.

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