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Online courses to travel

Do you need money to travel? Create online courses to get an extra income. First of all, focus on your competencies. You have to think about your skills and answer these questions:

a) what do I know very well?

b) am I able to teach it?

The first answer will help you to find the fields, meanwhile, the second one will put you on the right way to refine the method. I suggest you pay attention to the audience and the competitors. Decide who are the people interested in your courses and check what is missing. Your competitors are for you a source of information. Catch what is missing e prepare tailor-made online courses.

online courses

Online courses and audience

If you are an expert about one or more topics, maybe the people will be glad to pay to attend your online courses. It depends on your niche, but selling courses online is profitable. Don’t think only to a live presence because you can realize tutorials. In this case, each person can buy it and see it even when you are sleeping. Meanwhile, you earn money many times on the same tutorial. Of course, you need to prepare more than one to have success.

This way will make you an authority for the audience and you will grow. You can use your free time so you can have extra cash to travel. Therefore you keep your job, plus you do this activity. If you reach great success, you can transform it into the main activity. What? Oh, you don’t know how the realize a video tutorial and how to sell it. No problem, online it is full of tools that will help you. Only advice: invest a bit of money, because the free sources are limited and you don’t reach the best effect. I suggest you visit this website to find all the technical answers to your questions: Teachable.

Online courses from everywhere

One of the best features of the online courses concerns the chance to lead them from any place in the world. You only need an internet connection. So you can also start to travel and continue to work. Imagine then if the topic will be related to travel. You can improve skills and knowledge while you explore the world and teach. It is a great opportunity to maximize your time usage. 


To promote yourself and your online courses, you can organize some webinars. It is a good way to interact and convince new clients to follow you. Webinars are a cool way to combine a lesson to teach interesting and useful things with a good presentation of your value. You don’t even need to be connected at the moment of the online meeting because you can plan and put some autoresponder. But I don’t suggest you do it at the beginning. It is good to answer and interact directly with participants.

Copy and innovate

You like the idea to organize online courses to make money to travel. But you don’t know how to do it. After you found the topic you need to prepare content and work on the lessons’ method. You should innovate to win the competitor, in case there are some for your arguments. I guess there are some even in the more specific and particular niche. So you can see what they do and make it better.

Regarding this way let me suggest you follow the experts on Skillshare. The platform offers a huge variety of video courses, so you can watch them and get inspired to refine the topics and plan the lessons. If you click here you will be able to get 2 free months of access. It’s a chance to spy them and why not, to learn something more to improve your skills. Especially to use social networks to promote your online courses. 

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