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Online coaching and consulting

Are you searching for a way to earn extra money to travel? Online coaching and consulting is the answer. Before explaining to you something about online jobs. Today the technologies are everywhere. Most companies, businessmen, and simple people are using them for many different needs. According to a recent study made by Airtasker, IT workers get more trust from people after doctors. The research, you can read it here, gives a lot of interesting information. 

It is going to analyze what people think about professions, according to various criteria. I suggest you read it, maybe you can recognize yourself in the consideration of employees and jobs. Anyway, I am using it to underline how people engaged in the IT sector and with IT are very well considered. If you want to make extra money to travel definitely technology is the mean you have to use. Online coaching and consulting is a good way. Let’s see what you can do and how you can earn.

online coaching and consulting

Online coaching and consulting: what is this?

Basically, if you want to do online coaching and consulting you gave to share your knowledge with others. There is no limit to the topics. Of course, you need to be quite expert, also because people will pay a fee for your knowledge. If you do this is you are going to help people and use your know-how profitably. For instance, if you can plan travels you can propose counseling to companies or private who need someone to support them. Imagine if you are great at preparing viral posts on social networks. A lot of people may need your advice. 

Once you found your best competence, you have to set up an offer. Think about what type of online coaching and consulting you can give to clients. It is not a matter of topic but about the method. In fact, you will have only a computer and a camera. Your service, lesson, or counseling will be available through the tech, you won’t meet in person the customer. That’s why you have to prepare and imagine how to share your knowledge. Obviously, the client will ask you specific questions and what she/he needs. 

online coaching and consulting

How to work online

Now you know what you can do through online coaching and consulting and your question is: how can I start? You have to face the market online, create a website and promote your offer. I know, in the beginning, it is hard. So I suggest you use a platform ready to welcome you. Mentioning the research about trust and professions I named Airtasker. Access it and find your clients there. Everything is already set up to make requests and offers meet. You will easily find clients proposing your coaching service.

On the platform, you easily find a market for your knowledge and advice. You have a window to show your skills, but you can also answer clients’ requirements posted on the website. It is easy to use and you don’t need to do a lot of marketing. The staff will manage the payments for you, so you will be sure to get your money after the task is done. Less administrative work for you and more support to start. Isn’t it great? Online coaching and consulting and Airtasker are the combinations that represent a solution for you. So check out the platform by clicking here. Register and set your profile.

online coaching and consulting


I know, you still have one question. How much can I earn? Sorry, I can’t answer you. Why? Because it depends on the activity, on your tasks, on single rates and deals with clients. I can just give you an example. Surely it will help you to make a general calculation. A person does travel consulting and he charges $75 per hour. Who is interested asks for Skype calls and he gives directions, tips, and so on.

Well, through the platform explore competitors’ offers, see what potential clients are available to pay. Then set up the price to share your knowledge. Online coaching and consulting can be profitable for a certain type of service. Life coach, dating a girl, financial advice. There are a lot of things that people need to know and learn. If you are a professional like a lawyer you can sell specific advice.

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