Old traditions for a unique dinner

Sometimes it happens to be in front of a choice to do: tradition or luxury. In many countries the two elements are not always combined and when I have to decide about food, well, tradition is a must. I like to taste the typical recipes and to enjoy the local culture deeply. I am not saying that there is no luxury with the Albanian food, because it is not true, but in some cases some culinary experiences are in a particular setting, whith different standards.

For my last dinner in Tirana before to go back in Italy I preffered the traditional dishes, not searching for luxury and modern settings, but to go in a restaurant that is like a private house, the guest can feel at home. It is called Oda, that translated means the guest room. Infact entering in it is a typical Albanian house with ancient furniture and the traditional decorations.

Located in the center of Tirana the restaurant, managed by the owner family, offers burek, pickled vegetables, Tasqebap e other typical dishes, as the veal and the lamb always present on the menu. The food is very well cooked and the plates are nicely presented. Guests can find space in the different small rooms with not many tables. Eating at Oda gives the chance to enjoy one of the pleasures of the life.


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