Offers for holidays

Offers for holidays

Traveling is amazing, it helps to learn a lot, to have fun, to discover something new and to meet people. But it is expensive. That’s why I am giving you offers for holidays. I have a special discount for you. You already have read some other posts about deals. This is my gift to followers because reading my articles and pays attention to my activity gives me a lot of satisfaction. Then I know how much is important to save money to book a journey. I give you tips and ideas. Also, I select deals for you. Now I did one step more.

I find the best companies in the tourism sector to prepare tailor-made offers for holidays. You won’t find the same discount anywhere else because it is released for My Anasa and I did it for you. My objective is to be your support to travel. The blog is written for you, giving you the chance to get inspired, to guide you step by step in visiting or planning, and to help you in saving time and money. Let’s go to see the details. Thanks to Kiwi you will have the opportunity to keep some money in your wallet without renouncing your dream trip.

Offers for holidays: discount for you

What I am going to give you? A coupon to get 10% off on your bookings. There is a condition: a minimum purchase of 150 Euro. On the platform the offers for holidays are various. You can find different ready-made proposals or create yours. It is possible just to book a flight, a train or bus trip or a hotel room. All the options are available on Kiwi. The proposals they have can inspire you. There are destinations all around the world to satisfy any taste.

Offers for holidays

If you will appreciate my initiative I will do more, improving the partnership with Kiwi and to create other opportunities to help you to find the best offers for holidays and save money and time. I am sure that you will be satisfied by booking your trips and your travel tickets with Kiwi because it is made by experts. The platform is easy to use and complete so in a few clicks you can choose and purchase all that you need for your journey.

How to obtain 10% off

It is easy to get and use my coupon. You can just click here and take advantage of the 10% off. You copy the code and then on Kiwi, you use it in the form before the payment. If you want to go directly on the platform you proceed with your booking. Then in the space for the discount code, you have to write MYANASA (all capital letters). Ant the total cost will be reduced. You can use the money saved for souvenirs or just keep them in your wallet. 

Offers for holidays

There is one more condition. It is about time. The coupon is valid from 11th September to 11th October 2019. After this period it will expire. So you need to buy your tickets before the end to save 10%. But there is no limit when you have to travel, so if you are not going to have a break in Autumn you can reserve flights, rooms, and tours for Christmas time or the New Year. Explore all the offers for holidays and I am sure you will go in the right period. A city break, lay down on a beach, skiing… You can plan freely the most amazing trip.

It doesn’t matter where you live, the discount is valid for all of you. You can also share it with your friend, it’s a good present and it doesn’t cost anything.

Why choose Kiwi

I use Kiwi because it helps me to save time. For me, it is funny to book a flight and the hotel and plan my trip step by step, but it’s a time-consuming job. Then the rates paid can’t ever be so low as the ones of the offers for holidays proposed by the tour operators and the big platforms. This is not the only reason to use Kiwi. Yes, because save time and money can be a feature of more companies. 

Offers for holidays

This platform is made by the pioneers in virtual interlining. They use a unique algorithm to create millions of flight combinations. The design helps the user to do each step easily and quickly. And it is possible to combine the flights or the transfer with trains and buses as you prefer. But the most important thing is that they don’t leave you alone never. For any needs before or during your trip, the staff is ready to support you. Call or write to them to tell them the issue and they will assist you to solve the problem. 

This service is especially useful for flight delays. Thanks to Kiwi Guarantee you contact our 24/7 Customers Support team via email, call or even chat. They will take care of you to find other flights or to make the necessary changes. You will reach the destination and you will enjoy your holiday without problems. No flight delay or cancelation can ruin your holiday. The platform uses a lot of languages, so you can find yours.

Organize your trip

Be the first to use my offers for the holiday. The coupon with 10% off is ready for you. Click here to get it or go directly on Kiwi and write MYANASA (remember the capital letters). Even do you are not sure to book I suggest you surf the platform. You will get ideas and you will see how it works. You never know. Imagine doing a gift to your partner or your family. A nice holiday, the one you need and the one you dream to relax, to discover new places, and to be together.

Offers for holidays

If you need my tips you can check out the posts about the destinations. To be updated subscribe to my newsletter

Before letting you reserve the offers for holidays you like using my discount, I want to tell you what I do. Since I have fun planning my journeys, I explore the proposed packages to get inspired. With the ideas that come to my mind, I mix singularly the elements. I decide the destination, maybe adding more than one, then I combine flights, transfers, hotels, and tours. I obtain a completely customized holiday. It perfectly fits my taste and my goals. You can try to do the same. And don’t worry the platform deals and my coupon will make you save money anyway.

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