Macedonia: lakes and vineyards

The first country of Western Balkans I want to talk about is the Republic of Macedonia. The name for institutions is Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia because there is a fight with Greece for the name. In Greece Macedonia is the northern region, around Thessaloniki, but despite the name, the Balkan republic is really a […]

The new Europe is ready for tourism

Travellers are always searching for new destinations, trying to find something of different, of undiscovered and of pretty. In Europe Western Balkans are taking a primary position in tourism sector. The governments of the countries of Former Yogoslavia and Albania are investing money to promote their lands and also to implement the structures. In last […]

Kavadarci: the place for wine lovers


Kavadarci is a famous destination for vineyards and wine. You will love this place, its beauties, and the genuine wine. Check out my guide about the area and plan your visit. All the tips are here.

Skopje and its pearls


Discover Skopje and its beauties here. Pictures, descriptions, and tips will guide you in planning your tour around the city. Read the post and find everything you need for an unforgettable journey.