Night in Istanbul Airport: 1 huge hotel for you. Saving money and time tips

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport is easy thanks to the TAV Hotel. It wasn’t in my plans to stay there. But it happened to me to have a flight in the early morning and coming from outside the city. So the best solution was to sleep there waiting for my plane. It wasn’t so bad doesn’t wake up in the night to reach Ataturk Airport. All restaurants, bars, and shops are open 24 hours per day. That means to have any chance to entertain myself, but I needed rest. My solution is the Istanbul airport hotel.

night in Istanbul


For that reason, I decided to use the Tav Airport Hotel. Thanks to my TAV card I have a discount and I can easily enjoy the accommodation. As well, I can access the lounge and even the fast track for all the security controls (one at the entrance and one to the boarding area). The chance to spend a night at the Istanbul Airport Hotel allows me to save time for the procedures and to sleep more. Not bad. Don’t you think so?

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport: hotel features

One of the elements I like most is the option to choose how many hours to stay in the room and pay for that time. So if you want just to refresh yourself with a shower and a couple of hours of sleep you can do it. There is no reason to pay an entire night for a break of a few hours. Spending the night or just some hours in Istanbul Airport is convenient. The check-in is speedy, and the structure is well equipped. They know how to satisfy travelers’ needs. Each room is well equipped with a good space to move. 

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport - Istanbul Airport Hotel

The minibar is full of different drinks and snacks. Also, you can find all types of toiletries, a bathrobe, and sleepers. Despite the position inside the airport the guest can find the perfect silence to rest. There is no noise from other rooms or the planes. To not move from the hotel during the stay, there is the option to use the Skyline Restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They propose a various choice of Turkish and International dishes to make happy each preference. 

Night in Istanbul with restaurant

Spending the night or some hours in Istanbul Airport can be good also for who wants to taste something good. As well the restaurant is open during the day with bar service and it is always possible to order a fast snack. Tav Airport Hotel provides a great service to the passenger who books a room. The structure is giving some luxury as well in settings and equipment.

It is a good choice to spend a night at the airport or just to rest for a few hours between flights. Anyway, if the hours are not so many, it is always a good idea to go around because of the shops. They are well furnished and also the bars and restaurants offer some traditional recipes or drinks to taste.

Spending the night in Istanbul Airport

Conclusions: book the hotel

Let me give you some advice. Spending the night hours in Istanbul Airport is good, the hotel has quite a big number of rooms, but to be sure to find an available bedroom I suggest you book in advance. The prices are on average and the location is perfect if you have some connections form the Ataturk Airport. 

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