Next trip: Vienna

Next trip: Vienna

2019 started and for me, it is a new year of travels. Now I am organizing my next trip: Vienna. The capital of Austria is already on my agenda with some work meetings. It is not my first time there. I have already been there and I hope to find a bit of time to see what is missing on my list. My love for Vienna is really big, because of its elegance, the huge variety of attractions and classical music.

Each step in the city is a jump into the history. If you have already read other posts, you know it. I have a big passion for history, I like to study it and learn more about the history of the places. So I am really glad about my next trip: Vienna is the right place for me. Since I have been there I know what to do and where to go in my free time. But in the past, I didn’t have much time to explore the city bars and restaurants.

Next trip: Vienna. Did you visit it?

I will spend in the capital of Austria only a few days, but I want to try to find time for a couple of museums. Also, I would like to eat in some special place and maybe go out to explore the city in the night or at least late evening. Have you ever been to Vienna? Do you have some advice for me? I am asking about your experience. Since I established my next trip: Vienna.

When I visited Malmö some of you gave me great suggests, maybe you can do the same this time. I will appreciate it a lot. This travel blog shares my experiences, but the best part is obviously sharing. So we can exchange information and opinion about the places we visit. What do you think? Can you help me for my next trip: Vienna? I wait for your comments.

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  1. Oh, that is great. I have been there few times. Can I help you somehow? I am sure you will enjoy it

  2. I am only scared about the weather but I am sure I will enjoy it too! I am going there for business so I am afraid I won’t have much time but should you have any special place /restaurant / tip, I will take it with pleasure!

  3. I can suggest you a couple of fancy restaurants there: Baraka and Paris Budapest. I have been there for business, but I had pleasant time. The food is excellent.

  4. Coffee and cake sounds great to me. Thanks a lot for your tip, I will follow it with pleasure. Belvedere wrote in my agenda! 🙂

  5. Really? That is great, I will be glad to share some tips and some experience. I hope you will find something useful from my trip to Vienna.

  6. I was there once ,first wedding anniversary and I loved the city and the sourrending areas.we drove from Venice and had our late dog Rudolfo with us and it was amazing how we could bring him everywhere……even on the panaramic wheel.enjoy your trip ,Vienna can’t disappoint?

  7. Oh, nice. I would have the chance to do the same trip by car, but unfortunately not now. It should be very nice to go by car from Venice to Vienna. Do you still have a dog? I love dogs but I have no space and time for it unfortunately… I am sure I will enjoy my new trip to Vienna… I have been there already, but I miss the panoramic wheel, maybe I should try it.

  8. If you pay well, I will be glad to forward all my tips 😀
    Of course, I am joking. I will write about my experience and I hope you will get inspired for your summer visit.

  9. Find it!We still have dogs,(2,plus fosters who come and go),of course not the same who came to Vienna .He was our first baby and used to come everywhere with us.?

  10. Oh, it is so nice. Generally, I play with dogs of friends because I can’t have mine… I guess it was funny go around Vienna with your dog

  11. It’s a marvelous city, so elegant, full of art, but also full of life, day and nights. Stay tuned and thank you for reading my blog, Jess!

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