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The new logo is ready

New logo, the revisited expression of myself and of my blog. I added some color for you and for me as well. Check it out and get some traveling inspiration

A new logo for you and for me, my dear followers and readers!

After one year and a half of blogging, my logo (born in autumn 2018) changed. Not that much, but it is better. Yes, I added some color and also I gave more the idea of who I am. Most of my trips concern my job. That’s why the small guy close to the blog name inside the head is wearing a tie. What do you think? Do you like it more? This is not the only change I made or better I am doing.

The new logo represents even better myself because I see color in my life. Then I think also for your eyes is better. Don’t you think so? Anyway, as I mentioned, the logo is not the only change. What else? I am doing it step by step, so it is an ongoing work. Let me explain better what I am doing for your blog. Yes, it is yours, because I am writing to you. So don’t be shy and comment, ask. I will be happy to improve my posts answering to your needs. The goal is always the same: improve your travel experience.

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New logo and new blog

I am a person and not a company, I am not even a brand, also if I use a pseudonym. So I designed the logo by myself. The focus wasn’t on the design, but on something that could represent me. That’s why I combine the traveling aspect with the person. I am a traveler and that I want to communicate with the new logo. But you want to know what is going on. Well, I planned some step by step renovation of the pages and of the contents. You won’t see everything now, but in the following days and weeks, you will notice a new structure.

New posts

I will add new articles about my trips, with tips, reviews, and guides. Of course, there will be also some posts about shopping for travelers. I will continue to share my experience with useful items. Since I noticed a good success of the “make money to travel guides”, I decided to work more in those directions. There will be also some tips about budget travels. Yes, my experience will be helpful also to find a way to explore the world saving money. Luxury is my passion, but I take care of a lot of money. I don’t like to waste them. Everything under the new logo.


The new logo is a way to symbolize the renovation. Structure of the blog won’t change a lot in graphics, but the menu will be a bit different. I will divide per country the guides and the reviews and I will bring a difference to the selection of the guides. Why? Because I am working to improve your experience on the blog. You can find easily the posts related to specific topics. There is already the search engine on the site, but the new menu, now in preparation, will allow you to surf the topics with more precision.


I love videos, but I am not that professional in doing them. Learning, learning and trying. This is what I did in the last months. Not only I tried different free and paid tools. I worked a lot on the techniques. The goal is double, develop finally my Youtube channel, used till now just to upload heavy videos on my blog. Then to make my posts more attractive and interesting. To di that I started to use a very good platform. It is called Viddyoze and it offers amazing animation. Among the websites of this type, I have visited this is the best. Because it is made to help the company to create animations to present their products.

I am not going to sell anything, just to show you my reviews and guides. For free, obviously. But using the tool I can approach the videos with proven techniques, I mean the ones that make companies proposals unique and exciting. Well, the objective is the same. Present my travels through cool video. Of course, my new logo colored require a better site. That’s why I subscribed the service of Viddyoze. Now, I am preparing the videos, so soon I will add them to the blog.

There are different plans to get a license, a lot of tools and templates. It is possible to upload video and add effects, make animations, and so on. Otherwise, it is possible to use some other videos to be personalized. According to the plan chosen, there are different options included.

Well, now I go back to the blog renovation work. Stay tuned and subscribe to my newsletter to get more updates and some extra contents for you. There will be also some special deals for you.

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