MyProGuide Announces the Launch of a 6-month-long Online Travel Adventure

MyProGuide announces the launch of its 6-month long live virtual travel program, the “Semi-annual Online Tour Package”, available to customers worldwide. This program combines 20 of MyProGuide’s top-rated single live virtual tours into one exclusive travel package. This program will run from April 17, 2021, to August 28, 2021, with one online tour scheduled every Saturday, all led by MyProGuide’s global English-speaking tour guides. All of the tours will be conducted in English and will include itineraries in the following countries: Taiwan, Indonesia, Bhutan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, France, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Japan. With this program, customers will be able to travel from home via live stream and they will be able to interact with MyProGuide’s tour guides in real-time. The selling price for the program is only 99USD per ticket!

A live virtual tour is a new real-time travel experience that will enable customers to explore the world through either desktop computers, laptops, or mobile devices. How it works is that MyProGuide’s tour guide will personally go to the tourist attraction or destination as planned in the itinerary and will be streaming live there, while introducing the history of the place and telling the most fascinating stories associated with the place. The best part is that every customer will be able to interact with the tour guide in real-time- ask questions, give comments, and even request the tour guide to go closer to a particular area of interest and zoom in to certain objects that arouse intrigue and curiosity.

Perks of joining MyProGuide’s live virtual tours:

● Customers do not need to apply for tourist VISAs. Everyone that has an internet connection will be able to participate in the live virtual tours.
● These tours are “traveler-convenient”: Stay safe at home. No need to go out. Just sit on the couch and enjoy the live online tour experience.
● Connect with global travelers. Every participant can interact with all the other participants, of course, while keeping in mind to maintain good manners and respect towards each other at all times.
● Save budget! A live virtual tour is way cheaper than an actual physical trip overseas. No need to pay for airplane tickets, hotel accommodation, food, and other expenses.
● Discover beautiful places via a LIVE online experience- no sweat!

Here is the full schedule of the program:

“We are very pleased to launch our first-ever online travel program that not only includes MyProGuide’s best live virtual tour listings but also will be able to connect our tour guides with everyone who has a passion for traveling”, says MyProGuide’s founder Jo Wong.

Tickets can be purchased online through MyProGuide’s website.

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