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My Anasa Logo

You can see My Anasa logo on each page of the blog and as well on social profiles. Anyway, you might be interested in learning some curiosities on how I created it. Since I am not a professional, I worked on the images using my computer tools. Let me tell you something about the process and the features of my logo.

My Anasa logo: brand of a blog

I am a person and not a company, I am not even a brand, also if I use a pseudonym. So I designed the logo by myself. Without specific competencies, I just started to work on my goal. It is all about me. The focus wasn’t on the design, but on something that could represent me. That’s why I combined the traveling aspect with the person. I am a traveler and that I want to communicate with the new logo. But you want to know what is going on. Well, I planned some step by step renovation of the pages and the contents. I have never stopped it. So, if you are following this blog, you will always find something new and different because I like experiments.

To be honest I renew the pages from time to time. I like to make experiments and make the blog more attractive and more user friendly. You won’t see the same setting forever, but also because I add new posts about my trips and my tips for you. You will notice a new structure many times. Don’t worry, no one gets lost. You can easily surf my guides.

Logo: what you can see

The head, the profile represent my mind, always travel oriented. While I plan, while I dream, and while I work.

The world map is my goal. I want to explore the entire world step by step. The map is becoming somehow my brain.

The guy walking it’s me. Bag and suite are due to the fact I travel for business reasons. If you have read my presentation, you know it.

These elements made My Anasa logo the best one for me. I hope you like.

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