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Multifunction bag: 1 must for your amazing holiday

Planning my holidays and work trips, I always search for some useful item. It doesn’t mean to go shopping each time, but just to see if I can make my travel easier. Yes, even a small object can simplify life traveling. Well, I found great the multifunction bag. I am plenty of suitcases at home, but nothing like this. Why is this bag so cool? Well, let me explain the features.

Before I want to precise that it is not expensive, you can buy it on AliExpress. So the price is totally affordable. You don’t have even to move from your house. It is possible to order it using a computer and the item will arrive at your address.

Mainly the multifunction bag is compact with space inside. It has pockets and divided storage. So this handbag helps to keep everything in order during the trip. These are only some of the features of this holiday must. I can use it when I stay out for a few days or when I need cabin luggage on the plane. It’s perfect for a trip by boat, maybe a weekend. Lightweight and compact size allow me to go everywhere with it. This item is perfect for my trips around the world.

Multifunction bag: description

The multifunction bag count on a comfortable hand, made with high-quality material. It is weight-bearing. The brand is Ozuko, with a tradition in the combination of “beauty and practical consistency”.  That’s why the design is cool, while the bag is easy to carry. To close the bag and the pockets there are double metal zippers. So they are very smooth to pull. There is also a portable zipper pocket. Ideal to put cards, phone, or what you need quickly. It is safe, but in a while, you open and take it. You find it on the shoulder strap. 

What can you find in it? First of all, there is a multi-pocket design, with a good partition and a large capacity. There are inner pockets to keep safe something small, valuable, and important. Plus there is a pocket for the phone and a document bag. Clothes, shoes, devices, and documents. Everything finds space in it. Only a bag for your trip. Isn’t that perfect? It has also a trolley box stabilization belt. Is this multifunction bag so unique? Maybe not, but it’s hard to find one so complete, waterproof, and offered at a special discounted price. Thanks to AliExpress it is possible.

Technical elements

Let’s see some more item specifics. The multifunction bag is made with Oxford material and it has a stylish design. The material composition is polyester. A fashion one, so it is good to be combined with an elegant or casual style. Zippers are used to close the pockets and the bag. The size, as I mentioned, is quite compact so easy to carry. The height is 27 cm, the length is 53 cm, and the width is 29 cm. The weight is 1.3 kg. Not that much considered the resistance and the capacity of the item.

multifunction bag

It’s made for men, but also women can use it. Together with the travel multifunction bag, there is the shoulder bag. This makes it easier to take it for each type of trip. It is waterproof and water repellent, so there is no risk for your clothes or the content. That’s why I am thinking to use it when I have the chance to go around by boat. I love to use boats to spend a few days on lakes or seas. Luckily I have friends well equipped for this, so from time to time, I enjoy them. This bag sold by AliExpress looks like my boat trip mate.

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