Mountain Cabin Rental

Mountain Cabin Rental: How to Experience Privacy and Intimacy

The hottest vacation destinations are the best choice for many travelers during summertime, they search for coastal beaches, they want to go to the seaside to enjoy water and sand with all the connected entertainment. It is an amazing vacation there, but what about privacy? Beaches are too full of people and if you want to stay with your family or have a romantic getaway with your partner, intimacy will be a need, the only way to enjoy them. The same if you go on holiday with friends to have fun with them. Have you considered mountain cabin rental? There you can experience privacy and intimacy and have an unforgettable vacation without all the people around disturbing you.

Mountain cabin rentals are similar to coastal cottages, the unique difference is that they are not at the sea. Then, of course, the name is different, from cottage to cabin, but not in all cases. But the name doesn’t matter so much. You can find these small houses all around the United States and European mountains and it is full of options to satisfy your taste. They are also in other countries around the world. A stay to the cabin is becoming more popular because of their locations that guarantee a safe, fun, private, and romantic environment.

Mountain Cabin Rental

Mountain cabin rental in superb locations

There are many private cabins rented to travelers, some are related to resorts, others have private owners and most of them are located not so far from popular attractions. You can reach them within a short driving distance or walking distance. I am not necessarily talking about villages, museums, or monuments, but mainly hiking trails, biking trails, ponds, streams, or lakes. You can find some spartan cabins and also luxury ones. They may have different facilities and connected activities to do, it depends on their level and location. 

When you search for mountain cabin rentals, for example using the platform VRBO, with a lot of solutions and deals, you will see a lot of locations in the popular mountain ranges. In the USA they are located in New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina, Idaho, Wyoming, and some other place. In Europe in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, and other countries. If you don’t have a precise spot in your mind, you will have difficulties choosing. But it is a good option to examine the areas, check the availability and the features to decide where to go.

How to select the cabin

Once you selected the right destination with mountain cabin rentals, you have to choose the accommodation, the best cabin among the available ones. Most of them are grouped in the same area, surely because it may be a better or strategic point where to stay. Looking at their photos and descriptions you will have the first sensation that they are all very similar. Maybe it is true, but you have to make a deep examination of all elements and descriptions. Be prepared to check everything online or also via email asking for more information about who is going to rent it, owner or agency.

While you verify the structure by reading the features and observing photos, you need to consider the most important elements according to your needs and goals. In case, ask for pictures or more images to be sure about all the details. An extended rental could be fairly expensive. Photos are essential and you need to focus on details and pay attention to all settings. They worth more than words used to describe the place.

The pictures are useful to see how it is inside the cabin, but also the surroundings to know a bit more about the location and you will compare them with photos of the area and checking the map. Of course, they might be taken in a very good way and they appear better than the structure, but more photos you will see and compare and easier it will be to get the reality. Then it helps to see how many rooms it has, how are the bathrooms, the kitchen if they are available and in-house.

Mountain Cabin Rental

In and out of the cabin

Many people prefer to rent a cabin in the mountains because of a lack of technology and comfort, but is this exactly what you want? Don’t worry, there are different types of structures, from budget to luxury, but you have to verify where are facilities. Our bathroom and kitchen inside or outside? What are the amenities? Are there all the facilities you need? Will you grill outside or you prefer to have a kitchen inside to prepare meals? You have to answer these questions because they make the difference between a cabin that is like you want and another one that you can see full of inconveniences.

Keep in mind that in addition to the features offered by mountain cabin rental, it is important to focus on the facilities present in the surroundings. It is not only about the house but also about the attractions located not far from it. This means nice places to visit, but also restaurants, shops, or something else, like lakes, cool trails, spaces for sports activities, and so on.

You may need a gas station to fill the car for trips to other places, laundromats to wash your clothes, general stores to buy food to cook. If there is nothing you need to prepare and plan your summer vacation in a different way to have all the things you need to avoid missing facilities.


I have already mentioned, cabins in the mountains can even be expensive, especially if they are in popular destinations or at least the well-known ones. Anyway, even if you are searching for a budget vacation, you can take advantage of some deals in all locations. It depends on offers, so before renouncing to surf all the options. You may find convenient rates even if you want to go to travelers’ favorite areas like Jacksonhole in Wyoming, the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Carolinas, and the Adirondacks in New York. Or the same as Verbier or St. Moritz in Switzerland, Chamonix in France, or Trysil in Norway.

Summer vacations can be cheap everywhere. Thanks to vacation packages there are many good solutions to save money and have the holiday you want. However, it is not always easy to find them. That’s why using the platform to find mountain cabins will be helpful and you will save more time, going directly to explore the best deals according to your searching criteria. VRBO is a good platform to find packages and a lot of discounts, but thanks to its internal search engine it allows you to filter all the proposals to easily select the most suitable for your needs.

A huge part of discounts is reserved for resorts, but you can find some of them for cabins. In case you don’t see anything good for your budget, you can take advantage of last-minute deals because they will have empty cabins to fill and they need reservations. They may offer significant reductions. I suggest not plan your vacations waiting for last-minute offers because it is risky.

Booking in advance can be more convenient. Mountain cabin rentals aren’t always expensive and you have the chance to get discounts if you are an early bird client. Packages are perfect because you won’t have to change destination just for the too high prices. Find a better rate before going somewhere else. It’s your summer vacation!

Mountain Cabin Rental


Now you have an overview and some tips to consider all the elements to choose mountain cabin rental. But let me remind you of an important point that you should relate to the price. It is not only a matter of destination and vacation, but it’s about privacy and intimacy. This will make your stay memorable and you will really enjoy your family or partner and the time spent together. Why vacation at an overcrowded beach when you can schedule your summer vacation in seclusion? The choice is yours.

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