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Money saving tips: 25 easy ways will give you more money in pocket

It is amazing to travel around the world. You can see unique places, meet people who will teach you something and know better yourself. To do it, it is necessary to have some money. Maybe not so much, but anyway you can’t get everything for free. Well, are you sure you don’t have the chance to pay the bills to travel? You just need some advice. Here there are my money saving tips. Day after day you can reduce your expenses and coin after coin your pocket will be… more full. In our life we all have something unnecessary, if we cut it we save money and we can invest them in something better, like a trip. Maybe the journey of our life.

money saving tips

Money saving tips on your budget

All my money saving tips are based on daily life, there are 25 ways to reduce the expenses you have in your routine. 

Don’t drink coffee in a bar

In Italy is normal for almost all people. Have a cup of coffee in the morning in a bar. It costs around € 1, but many consumers do it more times in a day. This means spending around € 5 per day just for a few coffees. It is a habit, not a need. Imagine cutting this cost. You can save more or less € 100 per month. At least. Of course, it depends on how many cups you drink. Flying in Economy Class from Milan to New York a thicket cost around € 500. In five months or even less, cutting coffee, the ticket is in your pocket without increasing your expenses.

Use public transports

It depends on where you live, but if you are in a town or a big city, travel by bus is more convenient. Buses, trains, underground cost less than a car. You have to buy it, to maintain it, to add fuel, to pay insurance and taxes. A big part of your salary is going out for the car. That’s why if around you there are public transport you should go to work using them. Imagine how much you can save each month. 

Take advantage of subscriptions

From the car to public transport there is a huge difference in terms of spending. Among my money saving tips, I have to mention the subscription. Consider it on a monthly or yearly basis and you will reduce more the cost. It works also for your leisure rides. It’s a low-cost way to move for your daily transfers. Keep in mind that this is also an ecological choice. Save money and reduce environmental pollution.

money saving tips

Avoid restaurants

Are you working far from home? Are you using restaurants for your lunch? Don’t do this. Prepare the meals by yourself. You can do it in the evening and then put the food in a lunch-box. This will allow you to save a lot of money, but also to eat healthier. If you have a microwave in the office, you will taste hot meals too. I know you have some doubts about your skills. Try easy recipes, you will learn and improve yourself.

Use discounts

Every time you open the mailbox you find hundreds of flyers from shops and supermarkets. This is what happens to me in my city. I am sick of them but wait a minute. Maybe one of those supermarkets is the one you use for your shopping. Take advantage of coupons, discounts, and special promotional deals. You will save money discovering some good or new product. Each “penny” that will stay in your pockets will be useful for your trips. Don’t you think so? Try! Use my shop to find convenient items.

Go in supermarkets

The quality of food is important because we all want something good. For taste and health. Anyway, there are some products that you don’t need to buy in a grocery shop. A supermarket offers you the same thing for the lowest price. So why don’t take advantage of it? My money saving tips are not suggesting you renounce quality, only to evaluate better the products. Not all that is cheap is bad.

money saving tips

Family packages

When you select shampoo, detergent, toothpaste, and so on, buy big packs. Why? Those products are thought for families. Not only for the quantity but also the price. They cost less. These items will last more time and at the same time, they allow you to save money. 

Check the budget

What’s the point to follow money saving tips and then don’t verify your balance? When I use the cash I realize what I spend. While I use the credit card, I can see the level when I reach the limit or I get the final bill. This happens because you are not properly handling money. I don’t know if the same happens to you. Anyway, it is important to track your spending activity. This is the way to save some money. It doesn’t matter if you fix a budget month by month, it is necessary to count step by step how much you spend. It is helpful also to use a prepaid card.

Share your house

If you live in a city for your work and you pay rent, it’s time to think about a roommate. Imagine reducing the monthly cost. Students and workers can share the flat and the price. The year amount will be useful to organize a journey where you want. Surely you will have a few thousands of Euro, Pounds, Dollars, or your currency. So you can pay for an entire holiday.

Use free air miles

Using a travel credit card you can get points every time you spend money. You don’t have to increase the expenses, just pay with a credit card. Don’t forget to track everything. You have to select the best card and you’ll receive a bonus for the subscriptions and points for each Euro or Dollar spent. Then redeem the points collected to purchase plane tickets or to reserve a hotel room. There will be huge discounts or free tickets. Do you know that you pay with a credit card the rent? Read more in my guide.

Don’t go out to eat

I know, at least once per week, it is nice to eat at the restaurant. Go out with the partner or with friends. It is common in Italy to eat out on Saturday evening. Every time you have to spend between € 30-50. Cook something at home and save money for your trips. Don’t forget that this is your goal and to explore the world you need cash in your pockets.

Stop drinking alcohol

You like wine and spirits. Many people do. The point is that alcohol is quite expensive in restaurants and the supermarket as well. It is really necessary for your diet? If you avoid it you can cut the expenses a lot and you will have in your pockets the money you need to travel. Following the money saving tips, you will be satisfied as a result.

Help the planet and your pocket together

Electricity and water cost quite a lot. That’s why you should use them carefully. Don’t waste them. Switch off the light when you don’t use it. Don’t let your devices always be plugged. Close the water tap when you finish washing dishes or yourself. Each small shrewdness is helpful. Reducing the monthly bills for energy is a way to get closer to your holiday.

money saving tips

No smoking

What a bad habit. Cigarettes are expensive and unhealthy. Why ruin your body and use the money you should spend on your holiday? This is my money saving tip: stop smoking and put the money in your pockets. I am not a smoker, but approximately in Italy, a packet costs around € 5. Imagine who smokes 20 cigarettes per day how much money can keep in the wallet. If you smoke, make your calculation. Isn’t it better to be on a beach with white sand and have an exotic drink in the hand?

Deals updates

I suggest you subscribe to the travel agents and airlines newsletter. They will send you information periodically for promotions, best deals, and discounts. This news will help you to find the offers you need to organize your trip and save money. If you want more tips and selected deals, you should also subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive weekly updates to make possible your trip. Use the right engines to search for very cheap tickets like Infobus.

Consider second hands items

My money saving tips focus on books and clothes. You may need to be smart to go to the office, but you can find something nice in second-hand shops. During your free time, you use simple clothes, that’s why there is no reason to buy something new all the time. What about used books? Why buy the new ones. The content is the same, but you can save money to invest in a journey.

Cancel snacks from your diet

Again, your health is not happy when you consume snacks and soft drinks. I know, it’s a way to have a break in the morning or the afternoon. But you are wasting money buying them. If you need something to eat prepare it at home a sandwich and take it with you. There is no reason to attempt to your health. With my money saving tips, you will explore the world. Don’t forget it.

money saving tips

Choose the right bank account

Your savings deserve to grow. Banks are not giving so many interests in a small amount, but something is better than nothing. Don’t you think so? I suggest you select an interesting account in a bank. Put there every coin you save and let it grow. You will increase the amount and the banks will give you more step by step. You won’t pay for the entire holiday. But surely you will pay some bills for your trip.

Find a second job

You need more money to travel. Money saving tips are helpful, but there are other ways. For example to earn money with an extra job. It is plenty of activities you can do in your free time to increase the budget. Imagine, if you like video games you can be paid to play. There is a platform called Gaming Jobs Online that offers you a lot of chances. Anyway, you can ask your friends and contacts or read my “make money to travel guides“. You will find something that suits you.

Don’t use paid TV channels

The free TV channels are going to show you everything, why waste money on pay per view? Cance subscriptions and stop giving money to see a movie or a TV series. You will see better shows around the world, including the natural ones. It’s better. Trust a traveler like me.

Sell the things you don’t need

In the house, it is normal to have gadgets, clothes, and old objects that we don’t use. If you need money to travel, among the money-saving tips, there is one piece of advice you should follow. Sell all that is not useful at home. You will make space and earn money. You can use the local dedicated markets or the internet. There are a lot of options ready for this scope.

money saving tips

Buy an old phone

You like to travel and your budget is not enough. What will you do with the last model of the smartphone? Nothing. Adapt yourself using a previous version, it cost less and it gives you the functions you need. Save your money and spend better.

Renegotiate contracts

You signed some contracts for energy, water, gas, and so on. From time to time the companies review the offers. But they usually promote the conditions for the new clients. Call the company and ask if there are some new options to change your contract. It’s a good way to save money. Even a few cents less on the price, calculated on the total amount the difference is huge.

Use your friends

Prepare a list of your friends, writing down what they do. Why? Because sometimes you hire people for some services. Repair a pipe, fix the computer, and so on. Maybe among your contacts, there are people with the skills to help you. If they are your friend they will apply for a discount or maybe you can exchange favors. It’s a way to save money. Try it, it works!

money saving tips

Stop the subscriptions

On the internet, you can easily find a lot of information. Also, there are many free articles about all the topics. This is the reason why you should cancel any subscription to magazines and newspapers. Do the same with other services that you don’t need. This is my last among the money-saving tips, but it is the first thing to do to collect more money for your trips.

Get your bonus now

Do you want to seriously make money online? I have a free webinar that can help you and then also some courses held by affiliate marketing experts. They will teach you the basics to set up your strategy. Without a clear plan, you can’t make a profit. Then you will be able to pay bills and travel. For the courses you will need to invest some money, but, believe me, it worth it. You will repay the fee in a while doing activity online and you will get a real salary from your online work. Start from here and learn more at no cost for you.


I hope my suggestions are useful for you, you can apply the ones that suit more to your situation. Maybe some of the money saved can be used to prepare for the journey. Buy the best travel gadgets for a cheap price on AliExpress. You save and get what you need.

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