Milan: curiosities about Duomo

I go often to Milan for business and sometimes for leisure. The city offers many opportunities in terms of tourism, entertainment, and of course of business. I have to confess: I love Milan. It is quite close to my hometown and it has an international soul that I like. If you browse my blog you can easily find some posts about the city, from the best ice cream to the Castle. You will see a lot of other posts about Milan because going there often I have some experiences to share.

This article has a goal: give you some information about Duomo. It is the famous cathedral of Milan. It is the most visited attraction in Lombardy’s capital, but maybe some of you don’t know so much about its features. That’s why I  want to share with you some curiosities. If you have been to Milan, you can add some particulars when you tell about your trip to your friends. In case you will be there in the future, you will observe what I am going to post here.

The building is religious, but its architecture and the masterpieces created inside and outside on the facade are unique. You have to visit it even if you are not Catholic. It deserves to be seen for the art. Then knowing some more particulars about the construction you will love it. So, let’s go to the topic.

The curiosities of Duomo in Milan

I decided to share the curiosities on the Duomo of Milan, the third largest cathedral in the world. But I am not going to write them down. I did a short video including my pictures and some slides with a few lines: the written curiosities. When I visit a place I always try to get something more. I mean that I like to explore my destination, in each corner. To be a tourist who goes just in front of the main attractions is not part of me. I love to travel, that’s why to go to hidden pearls and to learn about some fewer know elements are my goals.

Milan is almost like my city because I spend there much time and in the years I had the chance to learn many different things. In the last days when I passed in front of Duomo, I thought about the curious facts I know. So now it is time to share them with you. I hope you will enjoy my video and then you will follow me also on YouTube.



Milan and Italy

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