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What car are you driving? If you have a passion for luxury, you should go around with your Mercedes-Benz, as a lot of buyers are doing. The German company is again claiming the title of best-selling premium automotive brand in the world. In the past year the luxury car manufacturer increased the sales by 9.9% to 2,289,344 vehicles. A real successful result. BMW and Audi are stopped at the second and the third places.

The factory is famous for the design, for the high quality of the used technologies and also for the variety of models offered to conquest all types of clients. Among the vehicle offered E Class is the best one, according to sales datas. It has to be said that the version of Mercedes-Benz is chosen as well by who is offering services of rent a car with the driver, because of the luxury features and the comfort.

The Stuttgart factory is working mainly in four fundamentals area in order to give to its future more growth. The company strategy is called CASE, the acronym of Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric. A combination of these factors is the right way to reach the success and the positive results demonstrate it. The cars are appreciated for that reason.

The new cars sold last year were mainly in certain countries markets: Germany, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, india, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brasil.


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