Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

Men’s luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

Are you getting ready for the holidays? Maybe you need men’s luggage. From AliExpress I got many ideas. And I found great products. Let me show you the bestselling suitcases for men. Each great trip requires details taken care of. One of them concerns the selection of the bag. The five items I am going to mention in this post are among the most sold in the online shop. Do you agree with the majority of consumers? You can comment on the post, but this is not exactly my goal. I want to give you useful tips for travel shopping. 

I selected 5 men’s luggage, the ones that are favorite of AliExpress clients, bus also of me. Because of their features. Space, lightweight, pockets, design, and practicality. These elements are the ones I need when I buy a suitcase. What about you? What are you searching for? You can use them as hand luggage and on every type of trip. In the years I bought many suitcases, bus some of them are getting old and then I also want something new. Well, here there is the solution I applied for this “need”.

Men’s luggage: the list of bestselling

According to the type of travel it is good to have different men’s luggage. If I use the plane I prefer to focus on resistance. In case my trip is into the wild, practicality is a must. Elegance is pairing with city and business. Let’s see if you agree and if you like the selection I made according to the bestselling items on AliExpress.

XIAOMI 90FUN PC Suitcase

This suitcase won a prize for its design and it is proposed in different colors. I like black but you can choose red or yellow. There are also various sizes: 20, 24, and 28 inches. It has 2 wheels and it is easy to handle. The main features can be summarized in these 4 elements: lightweight; anti-scratch texture; mute universal wheel; TSA customs lock. It is resistant and according to the different sizes, it is possible to use it as hand luggage or checked baggage.

Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips
Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

There is a lot of space inside. Here you can find some examples of what you can put inside these men’s luggage. The smallest one, 20 inches contains 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of trousers, 1 camera, 1 pair of shoes, 1 wash bag, and 2 coats. It’s enough to take with you in the cabin all the necessary for a short trip or the first days. Helpful also in case the airline loses your suitcase. 

ZWJ Luggage

This men luggage is a high-quality business travel suitcase with a carry-on spinner wheel. Also, in this case, you can choose different sizes: 20, 24, and 28 inches. The hard shell makes it resistant, so perfect to travel by plane. The smallest one is made to be hand luggage, according to the main airlines’ policies. So there are no problems with the size of the cabin. It is proposed as a business elegant item, so the colors available are gray, rose gold, black, and beige.

Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips
Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

The comfortable aspect is given not only by the internal space. It counts 4 wheels to be handled easily and not bear the weight of the men’s luggage. Or better of the content, because it is quite light as a suitcase. Inside there are pockets and a partition to separate the items. It is useful especially if you have a suit and you want to protect the jacket. The design is quite nice because it combines elegance and practicality.

OZUKO Multifunction Large Capacity Men Travel Bag

This man’s luggage is surely a cabin suitcase, but also a bag for any occasion. You can use it for a short trip or when you need to travel light and compact. It is waterproof and it counts a shoe pouch. The item is ideal also for the boat, you can easily enjoy the journey and leave the bag everywhere. It is small, but spacious inside, and there are no risks from the contact with water. All the contents are safe.

Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips
Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

What I like is the practicality. The inside division helps to store any type of item and it keeps them ordered. This means that traveling things will remain in their space. You surely know how in normal bags after a hard trip start to go around the bag. Except when it is full. This has also a very nice design. It has special protection for a suit and it can be used as a backpack. So your hands will be free.

LIELANG Men’s Black handbag

Elegant smart man luggage. This bag is made of leather and it is waterproof. Perfect as hand luggage, the item offers an internal partition and a space for the shoes. It counts on many pockets to store also the tech devices. It is also usable as a shoulder bag to keep hands free. The large capacity is doubled thanks to the interior compartments and the side pockets.

Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips
Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

The up to 45 yards shoe space allows you to put any type of footwear. Metal zipper ensures the closure of the main and the side pockets so you can keep safe all your content. With this type of bag, I always use one of the side pockets to store a passport, phone, and boarding pass. It is even better than keeping everything in the jacket. Then in a while, you can extract them. Closing the zip I don’t lose them. 

Multifunction Men Travel Bag

Men’s luggage has to be made thinking of safety. This is surely created for this. The side pockets are closed by an anti-theft zip closure. Then if you buy this bag, they give you a free lock. It is not the only feature. The bottom protection allows putting on the floor the bag without direct contact. So if the floor is dirty or wet, there is no risk for the bag and the contents. It is also waterproof. The bag is usable as well as a backpack to keep hands free.

Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips
Men's luggage: 5 bestselling on AliExpress for awesome trips

There is a space for shoes, plus a lot of interior and side pockets created with different sizes. You can store a lot for the large capacity, but also use the pockets for various items. As well as a thermos. There is a side zipper bag, where you can put something that you might need during the journey. It is perfect as hand luggage. Inside there is a wallet bag, so you can easily store something precious and keep it safe. The colors available are gray and black.

Men luggage Aliexpress


You know how to select the AliExpress bestselling men’s luggage. I often use the platform to purchase items for my trips. This is because they propose good quality, innovation, and cheap prices. It is good to save money without renouncing to have the best products for our trips. What do you think? Imagine yourself with a cool, spacious, and light men luggage. On AliExpress you will find it. Believe me, I have direct experience.

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