men's accessories - Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca

Men’s accessories: 6 tips to be elegant on any occasion

Being elegant doesn’t mean to wear a jacket and a tie or a signed and trendy suit, but create a style and know how to choose the proper clothes. The men’s accessories make the difference even more. Their purpose is to emphasize the style of the person, to give a more personal touch to the outfit. However, the doubt remains. What are the best accessories and how are they chosen? How do they match? I have always asked myself these questions and over the years I have found a way to answer them. The travel experience helped me a lot.

I am fortunate to travel the world for work and this means that I must always show off an adequate, refined, and representative image. Even when I visit countries with very different cultures? On the one hand, it is right to meet the traditions of others, while from above it is necessary to show one’s identity. So I never give up being an elegant man as is expected of an Italian. Precisely these aspects have allowed me to establish and follow some rules that lead me to choose the best and wear it appropriately. For example, how do ties with particular designs match? I searched for the answer and now I share it with you.

In this short guide I would like to give you some ideas and above all 6 tips to always be up to date, while traveling, as in everyday life. Elegance is part of the style and never gives up, whatever you wear. But the accessories help. In this regard, I will introduce you to one of my trusted suppliers: Antica Seteria Comasca. It allows me to have quality products at good prices and to always look good wherever I go.

Why wear men’s accessories

Elegance is often confused with the dark suit, with jacket and tie and pre-established outfits. It really doesn’t matter what clothing is, as long as it’s worn appropriately. An elegant man can wear a pair of jeans because it is a style that makes the difference and makes it suitable for the occasion. By adding the right accessories the look is emphasized and a refined image is obtained.

The choice is not easy and often the accessories are worn all together and the exaggeration leads to confusing the viewer. A single element should communicate the style of the user by attracting the attention of other people. If there are so many objects, you end up making a bad impression and communicating the inability to decide and balance. Clutter doesn’t help. The first rule to follow is: ignore the rigor. Better to prefer something flashy and extravagant in combination with simple clothing with soft colors and solid colors. Of course, you have to combine it with the outfit, being careful not to make mistakes. It still takes a touch of style.

1. The tie

An accessory often used for work and less for pleasure is the tie. You don’t actually have to go to the office or attend ceremonies to wear it. For some less formal occasions, it can still be an appreciated touch of class. But success lies in the choice. In fact, there are models for every taste, but not all of them are recommended and above all, it depends on the event and the shirt, or rather on its color and motif.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

The tie must always be combined with the shirt, but the goal is to make the outfit stand out as a whole, so attention must be paid to the whole figure. Among the men’s accessories, it is certainly one of the most used, but for this reason, it must be used appropriately. It must catch the eye but be harmoniously inserted with the chosen clothes. Otherwise, it will have the same effect as a punch in the eye.

How to do the matching? Here are some simple tips that will help you make the right choices. With a solid color shirt, you have to orient yourself on a tie with the same shades. In this way, your look will appear modern, in step with contemporary fashion trends.

Don’t be afraid of the patterned shirt, it is not an obstacle. The important thing is that you follow the colors. To respect harmony without contrasts. Choose the same main colors and shades. With stripes, you have to opt for a tie with different processing than that of the shirt. There may be designs, but they must differ from the garment motif and of course, follow good taste. For example, small polka dots are perfect.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Lines can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome when it comes to making a match. So if you have doubts about the most suitable designs and processes, change your shirt. I know, it seems like wanting to pull the oars in a boat, but rather than making mistakes, it’s better to focus on simple things. Making a mistake can mean making a bad impression. I went through it and learned over time, following others, and doing some experiments. Solid color is always the easiest solution.

But that’s not all. What do you do with a plaid shirt? Perhaps you have been told that this type of garment does not want a tie. It’s not true. A combination can also be made in this case. The tie must have a different pattern, especially in size. Checks can go well with thin lines.

Polka dots or a particular texture are also good. It is always necessary to harmonize the accessory and the garment. The goal is certainly not to go unnoticed, which is the purpose of the elegant man, but by transmitting style and not casualness. You have to hit, but gaining the favor of the beholder. If you want to make a good match without risking you can use the checked shirt with a solid color tie. In this way, the nuance of the look is emphasized.

Follow my tips also for wearing ties with particular designs. In fact, if you don’t need formalities, but want to indulge yourself with casual clothing, you must still keep in mind the matching rule. The tips I have shared are the main rules but remember you must try and experience.

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2. The pocket square

An accessory that is sometimes overlooked and considered too important is the pocket-handkerchief. The pocket square is instead an element that helps a lot to make an outfit and the wearer elegant. No weddings or high-level events are required. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the most classic objects. After all, the jackets are produced with the pocket, so they are almost a suggestion to fill them in a refined way. They are handy for business cards, but look better with a tissue.

Also in this case it is important to choose the most suitable pocket square. And colors and designs come into play again. The pocket handkerchief must follow the same pattern as the tie or, in its absence, the shirt. When in doubt, white is ideal. It goes well with any color and goes well on all occasions. In many cases, a tie and a pocket square are already available in stores.

The size should not be forgotten. In fact, there are several measures in the market. The rule to follow is to take a pochette suitable for the jacket pocket so that it does not disappear or overflow excessively. Then you can play with the folds. In fact, among the most used methods to wear the handkerchief, there are the folds with one or three points, puffed, or square. The latter is more suitable for business meetings. Just follow the edge of the pocket and let the pochette stand out without excess. By folding it with the tips, it looks more suitable for ceremonies and worldly events.

The material also affects the style. A different effect is obtained depending on the fabric used by the manufacturer. Above all, attention must be paid to fabrics according to the occasion. Here are some examples. Particularly important ceremonies or business meetings require wool or silk, both of which are very elegant. Cotton is fine for everyday use, while linen is recommended for the summer season.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Finally, you can consider inserting the pocket-handkerchief into the trousers. It is used, even if it appears a bit risky. You will become trendy and original. Of course, this makes you look elegant, but if you want to try it, do it at some event where no formalities are required. It is appreciated in some environments, but it is certainly out of the ordinary.

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3. The bow tie

One of the most popular accessories in men’s fashion is certainly the bow tie. If you have never worn one and want to try it on, I recommend it, you have to pay attention to the combination. After all, it is always a question of materials, colors, and models. For those who approach the bow tie for the first time, it may not seem easy. In reality, a few rules are enough to make a good impression.

Women often use it too, but in general, it is young people who have taken it back and made it part of the trends. It doesn’t work exactly like the tie. How to match the colors? If you have a plain colored shirt you need a patterned bow tie, while the patterned shirt requires a patterned bow tie. However, we must not give in to excesses, so fantasy is fine, but not too much. Because it is an object that stands out for its shape, so exaggerations are no longer elegant.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Over time you may be daring, but you need the experience to work on colors and designs. You will have to observe and test. At first try to be on the safe side, especially if you want to make a good impression by showing style and sophistication. You have to keep in mind that the design of the bow tie and that of the shirt cancel each other out visually. That’s why it takes sobriety. The color does not necessarily have to recall that of the shirt or even that of the jacket, however, it must be well balanced to make the outfit harmonious. The accessory emphasizes, so it must not overpower, but be part of the whole.

Equally important are the materials. Bow ties are produced with various fabrics, in particular cotton, wool, linen, satin, silk, twill, and velvet. But there are many others. So pay close attention to your choice. Wool and velvet are ideal to be combined with a jacket made with refined fabric. While satin and silk go well with tweed.

The shape also affects elegance. You must therefore choose between two versions:

  • butterfly: the butterfly model has a butterfly shape and is about 7 centimeters in size;
  • bat wings: this type goes well with a casual yet refined outfit. The dimensions are between 3 and 5 centimeters.  

If you want to choose the right sizes, in addition to what you have already learned, it is good that you use a bow tie proportioned to the size of the jacket lapels. In many cases, the bow tie requires the vest because it fills less than the tie and so there is space between the lapels of the jacket. The vest manages to fill the void and make the outfit more pleasing to the eye. You can do without it if you wear a jacket with a high buttoning such as, for example, a very crossed double-breasted. The butterfly model fits perfectly on lapels with medium width.

There is one last detail you need to pay attention to. This is the shirt collar. An essential detail. It must be small or French-style, that is, with points receding outwards so as not to let them come out from the lower part of the bow tie. The object must cover.

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4. The scarf

An elegant man also wears a scarf, a refined and also useful object for fighting the winter cold. It is often chosen as a gift, but it is not just an item that you may like, but an accessory that cannot be missing in the wardrobe of refined people. It is not enough to have one, but you have to wear it properly. If you can play more easily with colors, it is good to focus on the knot. This is precisely what makes the difference in the outfit.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

You aim for style, so it is good that you learn the fundamental rules.
  • Simple turn: only one turn of the scarf around the neck, leaving the flaps hanging at the front. If you want to look more elegant, leave the scarf so knotted inside the coat. If you want to have a jaunty look, you can leave it out of the coat. You can also make a real knot, always having the foresight to let the flaps dangle in front. It takes a medium-length scarf to wear with a temperature between 2°C and 13°C.
  • Parisian knot: it is adopted for long and wide scarves. You have to fold the accessory in half lengthwise, then place it around your neck making the two ends meet, inserting one into the loop created with the other. Leaving the knot loose is more casual and more comfortable, but the choice is entirely personal. You need a long scarf to wear when temperatures are between -7°C and 5°C.
  • Ascot Knot: Formally knotted long scarf is perfect to wear over a dress. It is about following the elegance and sophistication typical of the British style. The scarf can be placed around the neck with the two ends falling on the bust asymmetrically, the shorter end reaching the chest, while the long end reaching the waist. It’s about tying the knot a bit like a tie. The longer end passes over the short end and then tightens as desired. You get the same result as when wearing a men’s scarf. Take a couple of tricks to look perfect: hide the short end under the long one; fasten your jacket or coat by covering the ends of the scarf. The length must be medium and the temperature is between 2°C and 13°C.
  • Drape: this method is aimed at those who wear dandy clothing. The scarf is used as if it were a cape and then placed behind the neck leaving the ends free to fall on the front of the torso. For the right look, it is advisable to prefer wool with fine workmanship to emphasize the style. The scarf must be of medium length and is worn in temperatures between 2°C and 13°C.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Those who want to dress elegantly must refer to these knots. While if you prefer casual, or simply adopt different styles depending on the occasion, as it should be, you can follow other suggestions. Here’s how to tie a scarf when you don’t need formalities.
  • False knot: put the scarf around your neck by making a knot on one of the two flaps. Then proceed by inserting the other flap into the knot, obviously leaving it soft. The scarf, strictly long, must be worn with this knot when temperatures between -7°C and 5°C are recorded.
  • Double wrap: the scarf is wrapped around the neck with two turns leaving the short edges at the front. It is mainly used to fight the intense cold and it is fine to wear it with a turtleneck. You need a long scarf and should be used with this method is particularly cold temperatures, between -15°C and -3°C.
  • Stomach warmer: you need a long scarf behind the neck to be able to cross the flaps at the front bringing the ends to the back, through a knot. It takes a very long scarf and is good for temperatures between 2°C and 13°C.

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5. The mask

2020 has brought great changes in the lives of people around the world, sadly. To protect ourselves from an insidious and dangerous virus, we all had to take some specific measures. Among these is the one that involves wearing masks when we can’t stay less than a meter from others. In fact, in some foreign communities, it is normal to use this accessory to limit the damage caused by smog. A behavior that some had also adopted in the Italian city. Anyway, it has now become an obligation.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

If you can’t help but wear a mask to safeguard your health, nobody forbids doing it in style. On the contrary, you can take advantage of the partially covered face to better show off your elegance. After all, avoiding breathing harmful substances is always useful, not only for Covid. So we can get used to it and make this one of the men’s accessories to show off with pride.

The elegant man wants to be perfect and therefore even the mask must follow some rules for matching. It is certainly not the one purchased in pharmacies, but of those colored and designed by textile companies. To differentiate them, making them even more refined, is also the material.

The fabric ensures protection of the respiratory tract and also makes the accessory washable, therefore reusable. It costs a little more than some models found in drugstores, but they have a longer shelf life. This also preserves the environment. They also allow you to maintain the desired style by blending perfectly with the outfit. Although the mask is no longer a novelty, we do not yet have the experience gained with a tie, scarf, bow tie, and clutch bag, but some rules can guide in the choice and combination.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

You must always pay attention to the presence of the CE (for Europe) or authority mark because they must have a precise function, that is to retain liquids so as not to infect others. This implies compliance with precise regulations that ensure its effectiveness. By relying on local companies we can find quality and safety.

We come to the style. If you want to keep your image elegant and refined, you can combine the mask with a tie or a shirt or jacket, depending on what you wear. So the main rule concerns the choice of color. It doesn’t have to be the same as the shirt, but it has to be balanced, in tune. The same goes for the drawings. Better to use sober motifs like polka dots. The pattern of the mask must follow that of the shirt, or differentiate harmoniously. We follow the same reasoning that I have suggested for the ties.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Speaking of a tie, since you wear the mask at any time and with any look, I recommend you use the same motif. On the market you will find all kinds of masks, so choose the same design concerning tie, bow tie, or clutch. They must be the same. In this way, you will have the perfect match and you will choose according to jackets and shirts. If you are not wearing any other accessories, pretend the mask is a tie and rely on the shirt. This new object also underlines the style and is part of the outfit.

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6. The sets

Taking a cue from what I have suggested for the matching of the mask, you should consider the sets. What are? Simply packs that include tie and clutch bag, tie and mask, bow tie and mask, and so on. Because? It is not a question of price, but combinations. An elegant man needs everything to be perfect, every detail. To provide great help are the men’s accessories, but to emphasize the style and be refined they must be part of the outfit correctly.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Very often you combine the objects, when you use the tie you also insert the clutch bag in the pocket and so do the bow tie. Obviously, you must also have a mask. So the easiest way to get the most suitable kit is to use the set. These accessories will be the same in design and you will not have to struggle to match the tie to the shirt, then choose a mask that goes well and a pocket square with colors well balanced to the rest of the suit. Each set has its own characteristics, so it can be combined with certain shirts, but once this is established, you can use all the accessories together automatically.

It is an excellent solution that removes all doubts and facilitates the task of wearing the right accessories based on the desired look. You can choose ties with particular designs and masks with the same motif.

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The quality and the elegant man

When choosing clothes and accessories, you want to communicate your style to others. You have to rise to the occasion on every occasion and be elegant. It doesn’t matter what you wear, because even informality wants its refinement. Even with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, we can be an example of elegance. It’s all about having the right accessory and wearing it appropriately.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories

Another element that makes the difference is quality. In fact, the materials with which the products are made allow men’s accessories to last over time, keep their shape, and appear pleasing to the eye. Taking a look at the quality of the items is important when buying, also because you avoid unpleasant surprises over time. The costs are higher, but we don’t have to spend capital to have a good product finished to perfection. Just choose the right supplier.

Antica Seteria Comasca: my choice

I am always very careful when it comes to buying clothing and accessories. Not only because I want to be elegant, but also because I want to spend my money well. I don’t have much time to go shopping, also because I travel a lot, but I always need to have something new and beautiful. Traveling for work and being Italian are two conditions for which the people I meet expect to see me well dressed. It is right that this is the case and these expectations should be met. If you too love elegance and always want to be impeccable, you understand me.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to approach different brands and also to test their online stores. For men’s accessories, I decided to rely on the experience and quality of Antica Seteria Comasca. A company that works according to the Como tradition, famous for silk and textiles in general. They represent excellence and as proof of this are the many appreciations I have received from people wearing their accessories.

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I also really like the affordable prices charged by the brand. Often there are offers and even when they are not there you can buy well. They have an online store full of items, offered in great variety to suit all tastes. There are clutches, ties, scarves, bow ties, masks, and even sets. Perhaps this too convinced me to rely on them. I find it convenient to be able to find packages with accessories already matched so that I can find the most suitable set for my shirts. Also, I browse the catalog from my phone or computer, choose, order and in a very short time, I get everything at home. Find elegance and also ties with particular designs to always look fashionable on any occasion.

For me, Antica Seteria Comasca is like an indispensable partner to be successful in my meetings, for work, and pleasure, in Italy and around the world. If you take my advice, take a look at the site. Among other things, online purchases can be paid for with various means of complete safety. I, for example, use my Viabuy.

Accessori uomo 6 consigli per un uomo elegante con Antica Seteria Comasca - men's accessories


Now you know how to dress elegantly using the right men’s accessories and above all how to combine them. You will no longer disfigure. However, following the rules I have told you, I suggest you experiment. Because by gaining experience you can be more daring without making mistakes. You will also find the colors and designs that best represent your style and combine them flawlessly. Remember that elegance can be achieved with all dresses and that it must always have a personal touch.

On the Antica Seteria Comasca website, you will find many accessories for your wardrobe but also a lot of inspiration to choose the most suitable items to be always ready to show off the most fashionable outfits. You will also have the opportunity to identify useful products to make a gift, which will certainly be appreciated.

If you liked this short guide and you found it useful, share the post. I will be grateful to you. Don’t be shy, use the comment space for questions or to share experiences and opinions. I will be happy to chat with you and add more information.

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