Me: all about the author of My Anasa travel blog

Me… Who am I? It is hard to describe myself in a few words. It is also difficult to share something of me you are interested in. I doubt if I should write a book about my life or explain in some lines what I am doing here. Well, I decided to write shortly who I am and why I decided to create a travel blog. Yes, one more on the internet.

I don’t think you want exactly want to know who I am, but what I can offer you through this blog. So this is my focus, my CV is not important. Then my traveler’s activity is here, in these pages. That’s why I try to be short in my presentation. I will be happy to answer you. Use the contact form and I will read all your questions and opinions. They are important feedback for me. Let me tell you in brief who I am and why I am here. Then maybe you will tell me why you are reading my blog.

Me: who I am

I am an Italian with a passion for luxury and travels. Since I have the chance for my job and for leisure to go around Italy and abroad often. I can live different experiences that I want to share with you, my dear readers. Keep in mind that I am not writing about travel proposals. But I am selecting my positive visits to attractions, exhibitions, bars, restaurants, hotels and so on and I tell them to you.

I like to give you some ideas for your trips, maybe just suggesting a good place where to go or to stay. There are a lot of blogs about the same topic, but I am not pretending to be your unique reference point. This is not my job but just a hobby, so any feedback from you will be welcome. And I hope my direct experience can be useful to plan yours. I am writing also about some services and products that I try when I like to do it.

The name

The last thing: Anasa is not my name! That word comes from the Swahili language and it means luxury, pleasure, enjoyment, and sensuality. Anyway, the same word exists in the Greek language and it means breath. It can be connected to my blog somehow. Why don’t use my name? You are not interested in me but in what I write and I believe that is more important.

This blog is anyway always in progress because I like to experiment and I want to interact with you, to do this I need to understand what you like and I will try to answer to your needs and curiosity. In the end here my experiences become your inspiration.

I hope you will enjoy my blog, anyway don’t be shy, your questions and advice will be all the time very welcome!

Last considerations about me

This blog is just a passion developed in my free time, I do business consultancy to live. This information is maybe not important, but it says to you, my dear readers, something more about my blog activity. To accomplish my work accurately, I have to analyze carefully each detail to plan a strategy. So I pay attention even to small things. That’s how to evaluate also my trips. Especially entering restaurants, hotels, and using services I check everything.

That’s why I can give you tips and reviews based on a specific approach. I can define myself exigent and if I recommend you a structure, a place, or a service, it worths it. Then it depends on taste and goals, but you can judge reading my post. For example, when I write about a restaurant I tell you the main features. But if I decide to dedicate a post it means that food is good, service is appropriate, the place is clean and so on. This is the way I apply, otherways there is no reason to suggest something. Don’t you agree? Also, if I share some deal or offer to help you to save money, I use the same criteria.

Now you can start to enjoy my blog. You know the essentials about me.

Start to explore my destinations and after my blog, visit my Instagram profile.

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