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Mamma Mia

Have you ever said “Mamma Mia“? No?!?! Maybe you have already heard it. Well, if you know some Italian or you visited my country, you know this expression. Traveling abroad I always find someone who asks me why we say it or what it means. If I have to translate it literally I should just answer “My Mother”. But, of course, we are not calling our mothers when we pronounce it. These words express wonder. For something positive and also for something negative. Oh, it is as well the title of a popular musical. Yes, I am sure you saw it. Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan were the characters of the movie.

Now you know it and you are almost ready for a new Italian trip. I am joking, but actually, this is the introduction of the topic of this post. It is a suggestion that I give to my friends abroad. At least to who wants to know something about Italians and to have some interactions with them during the trip. Mamma Mia is an example, but in this case, is also a title. Again with the musical? No, I am writing about something else. But it will be your guide into Italian family roots.

mamma mia

Mamma Mia: a book you need

It is entitled “They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“. The book is a real journey that crosses two countries. Authors are searching for their Italian ancestors. It is full of tales about their meetings and adventures but in the meantime, the authors give an image of Italy. They describe habits, traditions, and also communication approach. So, there is a double reason to read this book. You will enjoy the way how it is written. And you will also like the hectic moments. It’s a deep reflection, but also a funny point of view of our lifestyle.

What are the two reasons to read it? The first one is to have a real picture of Italy and Italians. Even if you are not traveling to my country, you will enjoy it a lot. Then, the second reason concerns how this research of origins changed forever the authors’ life. You can follow this journey as well.

It will help you to go through memories of your own family, your youth, your family’s house. Information about Italians, funny stories, and a journey through feelings and human beings. It doesn’t matter if you are Italian or not. This book is for you. They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots will contribute to change your life too.

mamma mia


Who wrote the book didn’t even know what Mamma Mia means. Then they left their country to come to Italy. On the track of their relatives went around cities and regions. Food, attractions, facts, hilarious moments. These are the ingredients of this story. It’s a travel book, a family story, a sociology book. Maybe the authors didn’t think of all these features, but they wrote a small and great book. Accept my suggestion and purchase it. You can have They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots for a few dollars, but the benefit after reading will be great.

According to my opinion, you can also get some tips for a trip to Italy. Places to see or where to eat are described. You can follow the steps of the authors, or just pick something you think will be good for your visit. Thanks to the story written on the digital pages you will explore Italy and meet Italians with a smile on your face. They Really Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots is full of emotions for you.

Click here to have a copy of the book.

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