Malmö: the reflected city

I literally fell in love with the Swedish city. I can’t say that this beauty wasn’t in my expectations, but I enjoyed Malmö: the reflected city. This aspect is what I found more interesting. The river, the sea, the small lakes in the park gave me the chance to see nature and the buildings reflected in the water. This is what I saw many years ago in Amsterdam, what I can see sometimes in Venice, but I didn’t expect this in Malmö.

It is a pleasant surprise and it is one of the main elements for me. You already noticed in my previous pictures how I saw the city. I want to post few more pictures about reflections. I really like to see the reality on the water, because it makes a nice copy of the colors and the shapes. Malmö, according to my way of thinking, is a perfect place to see reflections.

The pictures

Of course, I found some sun, so it was easier to catch the ideal setting for my pictures. I didn’t have much time to see everything, but at least walking around the center I found inspiration. I will definitely plan a new trip, as a tourist, in Malmö: the reflected city. Before letting my pictures talk, I want to add that the images are without filters. I took them using my iPad and I saw on the pictures the same colors of reality, so I didn’t touch them.

I share exactly what my camera captured from the reality in Malmö. Because if you haven’t been there (I am on the way back), you should put the city on your list. You will be surprised as I was. It is a unique place full of curiosities and different settings, where diverse elements are very well combined. Then you will say to me if also for you Malmö is the reflected city.

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