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Malmö and the history

Arriving in the city the modern buildings caught my attention, but  Malmö and the history are very well connected. Going around I saw some old constructions and elegant palaces. I asked and read about it, discovering that the origins, according to the books, come from 1275. In the XV century, the inhabitants built a new citadel and the castle. The population was quite limited in terms of numbers. It started to grow a lot in the XX century, especially after the construction of a big shipyard, the largest in Europe, in the XIX century.

That was the reason to call people from other cities and countries to work. Now Malmö counts more than 300.000 inhabitants, meanwhile, the metropolitan area is made of 700.000 citizens. The city is active in the culture field, in fact, there are movie festivals and many theatre events. It is also famous for design and contemporary art. Visitors can find museums and centers dedicated to art and design. As I noticed, Malmö is a perfect place for innovation. It has an international setting, useful to unite people from different parts of the world and to help them to realize common projects and ideas.


The oldest building visible now in the city are made in Gothic style, but the architecture of Malmö includes different examples. There is also Art Nouveau thanks to the synagogue. The typical Nordic-Scandinavian architecture is visible in Stortorget, the main square with the city all. The decorations of the buildings are rich but without exaggeration. As it is in northern Europe.

I suggest you walk. Malmö and the history are a binomial to be explored on foot. The spaces are big, but the main attractions are close to each other. If you like photography take your time. It is full of corners and landscapes to admire and to catch with the camera.

You will enjoy the city.

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  1. Very nice photos! I live 120 km from Malmö and have been there many times. I worked there for 7 months as a travel agent, but you have seen more of Malmö than I have!?

  2. Many thanks John! The city is very inspiring for pictures. I really like a lot Malmö. I was lucky because despite meetings I had some time to walk around and also during my transfers I could see something. I am pretty sure that you are more expert than me, I just tried to see as much as possible. And I hope to go back to Sweden, visit again Malmö and also the rest o the country.

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