Malmö: a modern city. This is what I saw. Before to start my trip I have read a lot about my destination. I asked some tips to who already visited the place and I prepared my travel. Planning my journey I collected a lot of information and I saw pictures on the internet. But to be in the city is different and better. Malmö: a modern city. I noticed it during my transfer from the train station to the hotel and during my short walk in the center. Many ancient building host institutional offices and private houses. Close to them, the contemporary constructions are present completing the panorama.

Everything is lovely composed of a precise plan of integration. In other cities in the world, I saw a gap between the new and the old structures. They were not well combined. Here in the Swedish city, I have to say the opposite. It is a harmonic development. I like the architecture made with a lot of glass because it takes sunlight inside and it gives a marvelous view from the windows. In the picture, I show you how I see Malmö: a modern city. 

Malmö: a modern city in pictures

Since the beginning of my trip, I had to take a lot of pictures. I couldn’t resist. I started going down from the train. Now, I want to share some of them with you. They show you Malmö: a modern city in every corner. Just to give you a general idea. Before to see some of the attractions, I had walked around just to see the shape of the city. On the blog, you can see reviews about the hotel, the restaurants, and about the parks. In my posts, you find my complete experience. I had a pleasant stay and I liked a lot the destination.

Now you can enjoy my pictures. I took them with my iPad, it has a very good camera inside. They are mostly focused on modern buildings, because for the old ones there another post. I hope you enjoy them. Anyway, I suggest visiting Malmö: a modern city where you can find great examples of contemporary architecture.

Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city Malmö: a modern city

Planning a trip to Malmö

The city has an airport, but it is also well connected to Denmark. There is a bridge, Öresundsbron, that connects Copenhagen to Malmö. It is possible to cross it by train or by car, including the bus. I used this for two reasons. The first one was the curiosity to travel on the sea by train, the second one is related to the price. Flights connections from Milan to the Swedish city are quite expensive, while the ones to Denmark ar cheaper. Then the train tickets can be bought at the airport and it is not expensive.

Just keep in mind that they have different currencies. So, as it happened to me, the ticket bought in Sweden costed more than the one purchased in Denmark. Except that it is a very nice experience. It is full of connections and to cross the bridge it takes around half an hour. Check out on Infobus platform to find the best deals and tracks to reach the modern city of Malmö. The internal search engine gives you the chance to compare prices and connections. Also, you can combine them. Buses, trains, and plans are available there.


Malmö: a modern city perfect for your destination. I recommend this place, but if you want to get more ideas and tips and find the country for your next trip. On my blog, the destinations section is going to be updated often with new places. I do it visit after visit. You can find also curiosities and a lot of useful information. To know all the news and when I post something new, subscribe to my newsletter, I am sending it once per week. There will be also extra contents.

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10 Responses

    1. Many thanks John! It is an amazing city and thanks to the sea and the river is really easy to catch the reflections. Thanks for checking out my post.

  1. The weather seems to be superb during this time of the year! Nice pics, BTW! You have done a lot in this short time!
    Have you a chance to see the Turning Torso. I think that is quite a piece 🙂
    Enjoy and have fun in Mälmö!

    1. Well, the weather is changing, because in a part of the day there were some clouds, but it is getting better and I was really like during my walk. I just saw Turning Torso from the center, but I hope to go closer. It is quite a curious building and also so tall compared with the others in Malmo. I am trying to use completely my free time to see the city and to enjoy it. I really like it a lot. I would love also to visit the castle museum. Thank you my dear!

    1. Thank you very much! Malmo is really beautiful so it is easy to do nice pictures. I will share more and I am trying to enjoy the city as much as possible.

    1. It is an amazing city. I will come back here for sure and of course I will plan a longer stay to go around Sweden. It surprised me and I want to see more 🙂

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