Macedonian landscapes

Another post about my recent trip to Macedonia. Some people who wants to visit Balkans are searching for the sea. They are right because there are marvellous places on the coast, but the seaside is not the only amazing part of the area. Between Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo there is Macedonia, a small country without access to the sea, but with marvellous lakes and breathless landscapes in the nature. Mountains, hills, vineyards and many other beautiful places can be explored by the visitors.

It is at least a good option to alternate excursions with a boat on Mediterranean sea or a day at the beach. In this post I want to mention Delčevo and then let some pictures took around the country, mainly not far from the capital Skopje. Those places contain the real essence of the country, where nature and agricolture are dominant elements. Let’s start our new and small journey into the countryside.

Delčevo is a small but interesting village. It is quite big because it has around 17.500 inhabitants and it is divided in 21 hamlets. The center looks like the one that you can see in all the towns of the Balkans, with some communist and modern buildings, with shops, schools and so on, maybe nothing so particular, but there are some interesting attractions, as archeological sites, museums, churches and monastries.

I don’t want to describe monuments and the heritage, but I prefer to let the space to the rural area. The village is built on a hill and going on the top it is possible to see wooden houses and farms, close to big meadows and fields where the nature coexists with the agriulture, well developed by experts, because Macedonians are among the best farmers. Their methods are not technological advanced and more biological.

Moving from the centre of the village to the suburbs is like to travel into the time and go steps (maybe years) back. For me this is lovely, because the life, compared to Italy, looks like stopped and everything is more on a human scale. That is what I love. There are also a lot of trails around Delčevo. The local mountaineers organization is always available to take people to explore nice places. They do some trips that are open to all.

Join them is useful to not get lost and to enjoy the most interesting parts of the area. Beautiful landscapes and superb views are the ingredients of a day in the mountains. Of course in winter there is generally snow, but in summer there is the perfect environment and weather for the excursions. Macedonia is hot in summer, that is why going to the mountains help to find some fresh air. Oh, if you are lucky like me you can se an ostrich close to a lake. Certainly it is an imported animal. Anyway go around in the country is always easy, each person is safe.

I let space to the pictures.


Macedonian landscapes


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