Luxury transfer in Rome

I came back to Italy and for few days I will be in Rome. The city has a lot of offers for who wants a luxury visit. Non only hotels and restaurants give amazing settings and quality services, but also the private transport. A lot of companies are offering great cars with drivers and the cost for the transfer from the airport to the centre is even cheaper than the price of a taxi. Choose the luxury transfer in Rome.

The client choose the company according to the offer and everything is organized by the staff. When the car is booked the customer will just focus on his visit. The driver will be ready at the airport to wait for the passenger. They use luxury cars as the latest versions of the most comfortable Mercedes or BMW and when you seat there is a bottle of water to wait for you.

Features of luxury transfer in Rome

The driver already knows where to go and you just seat and relax, you can make some phone calls, talk with the driver, read a newspaper or start to see some parts of the city from the window. You already know the price despite the traffic or the road deviations, you can pay with your credit card and receive the assistance from the staff for your needs.

I opted for the transfer service provided by Rim Excurs Plus, an agency that organise tours around the Italian capital city and gives a complete assistance for the tourists’ requests. They propose luxury cars with driver for the transfers form and to the airport and as well to and from the train stations. The staff is professional and they design the service according to the wish of the client.

When I landend I just switch on my mobile and the drivers was already calling me to fix the meeting inside the airport. I found him easily, he took care about my luggage and I seated in the car, staying relaxed for around the 40 minutes necessary to reach he centre from Fiumicino Airport. He was very kind and we had a pleasant talk, but anyway the drivers know how to be discrete and behave in the appropriate way according to the client preferences.

In Rome to rend a luxury car with driver is for sure the best option to go to the hotel directly, fastly and with comfort. Of course that service is available also to visit the city and of course to go to restaurants or to do shopping with a person who can take the client to the place, wait for she or for him and carry all the bags collected in the shops. These cars can go everywhere, without to observe the limits to the traffic and the restricted areas.

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  1. I’ve had a BMW once. I sold it after 4 months. They are an overstated car. I drive a Volvo XC70 and the Volvo is both comfortable and has a lot of equipment. However, Mercedes has several nice models.

  2. I like a lot of German cars, especially Mercedes. I can say they improved the technical features so much. I heard great things about Volvo, but I have never tried it.

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