luxury shopping in Bologna

Luxury shopping in Bologna

Are you searching for luxury shopping in Bologna? I have a place to suggest. The city is famous for history, for the attractions and the cuisine. But there are great opportunities as well for shopping lovers. I can not say that I like so much spending time inside the shops. But sometimes it is necessary and for this reason, I try to make it a pleasant experience. In Bologna there is a mall established in 1959 and since that time is hosting the best fashion, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and many other products. If you stay in the city, discover where to sleep in Bologna: best luxury hotels.

luxury shopping in bologna

Luxury shopping in Bologna: Galleria Cavour

Bologna is an elegant city, so around the center is easy to find good shops. Fashion, food, shoes, and much more are well spread around downtown. But there is a place with a high concentration of great brands for luxury shopping in Bologna. It is a superb mall, elegance and refinement are the keywords. Even if you are not planning to buy anything, having a tour of the mall can be interesting. At least to see the excellences of the Italian products.

Galleria Cavour host the best shops, located inside historic buildings in the heart of Bologna. It offers an amazing setting. The design and the elegance are very well combined in the respect of the artistic environment and the architecture of the buildings. The boutiques are placed among marble floors, frescoes, and ancient decorations. The mall is also a location for important and high-level events made to entertain international travellers who are visiting the shops. It’s a premier plaza that can become part of the tourism destinations in the city.

luxury shopping in Bologna

Luxury shopping in Bologna is a lovely activity and it is pleasant in that setting. You can explore art and high-end brands like Armani, Prada, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Tiffany, and so on. There are international names of luxury. To go around in Galleria Cavour is like to walk in the past and the future at the same time. It is not only about the setting, but for the presence of the most famous producers. They can give to the history shown by the buildings the innovation and the modernity of their creations.

Of course, it is possible to find the best and the last articles and to satisfy every taste. The mall offers a great, pleasant, and unique luxury shopping in Bologna experience. If you want to visit the city and you like fashion, jewels, and other cool products you can’t miss this place. Anyway, for architecture lovers, I suggest a visit because of the combination of ancient and modern structures.

luxury shopping in bologna

Your stay in Bologna

If you want to spend some days in the city, not only for luxury shopping in Bologna, you can get inspired by my blog. You can find more information about hotels, restaurants, and also about the city on my blog. I will also update the blog contents sharing my experience in the beautiful Bologna. That’s why you can subscribe to my newsletter and get news every week.

Check out all the options to find the perfect accommodation for you and book it. There are special deals and 15 EUR of credit automatically calculated on your order.

You should stay at least three or four days to see most of Bologna. There are many attractions and museums. Not only in the city but also outside. The marvelous surroundings offer magnificent landscapes. Art is mixed with nature. It is a rich area, but the important industries and brands are together with agriculture. The region is well known for its excellence in the food sector. Oh, don’t forget, it is important. Pasta Bolognese doesn’t exist. The real Bolognese is the sauce made with mead and tomato for lasagne. So order lasagne with Bolognese sauce. And try tortellini.

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