Luxury miles

Travelers know very well the frequent flyer points, they can collect miles each time they book seats with their favorite airline company and with its partners. It is a good way to get some extras for free, like a better class on the plane, free tickets, nights in a hotel, and so on. Each company has its own miles collection, but today the news is coming from Qantas, the Australian airline.

The kangaroo airline established a partnership with Luxury Escapes to give the chance to its client with the Qantas Frequent Flyer card to receive points for each luxury holiday booked with the famous brand of the sector. One dollar spent means one mile collected, but to send them the customer can choose among a ticket with Qantas or a new trip with Luxury Escapes.

According to the number of points raised it will be a possible event to use the miles just to upgrade the room in the hotel or ask for a specific service, dealing with the offers proposed by the tour operator. This new agreement is perfect for the traveler that can find a flight connection with Qantas to go visit some new destination meanwhile to organize all the journey including transfer, hotel, and excursions.

Qantas and Luxury Escapes is only the last opportunities settled up for the airline clients, in fact, the company counts on many other cooperations to help travelers to earn miles to have some free benefits. Among the partners of the Australian enterprise, there are Deliveroo that brings meals at home, some restaurants as Rockpool group, and also BankWest that dedicates a particular treatment to Qantas frequent flyer customers who decide to open an account and save money in the bank.

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