Luxury in Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is increasing the number of tourists and it offers high quality and luxury services, starting from the hotels and the restaurants. The country was well know around Europe as one of the main destination of the companies coming from West of EU, but now many visitors are spending their holidays. Many airline companies decided to establish new lines to Bucharest.

There are a lot of attractions in all the country. In the city there are a lot of ancient buidings and monumets, starting from Arcul de Triumf, the Palace of Parliament, the second biggest building in the world, the Village Museum, the different historical and important squares as Piata Universitatii, Piata Romana, Piata Victoriei. Then there are the Cretzulescu Church, the Romanian Atheneum and the Architecture House. Really lovely it is also the old town, full of bars, restaurants and places where to live the night in all seasons.

Outside Bucharest there are a lot of beautiful castles and amazing lakes, it deserve a bit of time to take a good tour of the different regions of Romania, but the tourists will be really satisfied. Stay in the city is comfortable, especially because of the various offer of the hotels. Among the best accomodations of Bucharest, Anasa tried for you Intercontinental Hotel.

It is located in the heart of the city and it is based in a modern and very tall building, close to the famous University Square. The staff is very welcoming and kind, ready to help the guests in all their needs. They are able to provide many services, starting from the private transfer from and to the airport. The concierge gives the advices to visit the city and to find places where to eat or to have fun.

The luxury rooms have a balcony from where to enjoy a marvellous view of the all city from the top. Anasa had the chance to stay in a corner room at the second-last floor and from there the panorama was amazing, especially to see the Palace of the Parliament all enlighted during the evening. The room was so spacious and well equipped, with a very good Wi-Fi connection and a minibar with various beverages and snacks.

Inside the hotel there is a Club Lounge dedicated to the clients of deluxe rooms and suites, where to relax, have meetings, read, work and have breakfast or a light meal during the day. There is also a wellness area with a superb spa. Guests can also live good experiences at the Intermezzo Piano Bar, the Corso Brasserie and the Modigliani Restaurant.

In the restaurant the service is excellent, as the international food prepared and served in a superb way. The various menu can satisfy any needs.  There are also rooms for the event, but also during celebrations there is no noise because there is a very good soundproofing.















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