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Luxury hotels of the world: 20 reasons to stay at Marriott Bonvoy hotels

When you need to organize a trip around the globe, you have to search for accommodation. You have to select the huge ones. Why should you check out the luxury hotels of the world? Because you have better rooms, better services, and very good conditions. Each hotel has the goal to rent all the rooms.

Some of them are giving some last minutes proposals with huge discounts. This is good, but you need to wait until the last moment to reserve. And what happens if you can’t find what you are searching for? You will accept it anyway because there is no time more. What should you do? Book in advance.

I want to share some examples and deals from Marriott Bonvoy hotels. I tried them and I had superb experiences. Better space and good service can make a vacation perfect. Imagine being in a nice place but having issues with the accommodation. Everything will be ruined. You can have luxury without spending a huge amount of money. You just need to take advantage of the offers.

luxury hotels of the world

I love boutique hotels and also I prefer to spend my nights in local accommodation. It is a way to know better the typical hospitality of the country. But from time to time bigger hotels can give you more experience in serving exigent people. That’s why I consider my trips to Marriott Bonvoy hotels. The company counts on many structures around the world and some of them are not huge hotels, but smaller and cozy like boutique ones. This means that they provide any type of solution to the guests, to meet their taste and criteria. It’s the biggest group in the hotel sector.

The list of the structure is composed of luxury hotels in the world. Some of them are famous. I think that they can offer a huge variety of accommodation. They count different brands. There are boutique hotels and the biggest ones. I can find a good combination of local traditions and high-level international standards.

luxury hotels of the world

Luxury hotels of the world: Marriott experience

Marriott Bonvoy Is the main brand. But among the luxury hotels of the world part of the group, there are other important brands. Sheraton, Westin, The Luxury Collection, Le Meridien, St. Regis, The Ritz Carlton. Just to mention some of them.

Each of them has specific features, but the common points are luxury accommodation, high-quality services, and professional staff. In some countries when you go to local hotels, even if luxury ones, you can notice some lacks. The staff is not always ready to work properly, some facilities are not working. Then some services are given only partially. 

luxury hotels of the world

This happens when there are not so many tourists and schools for hospitality workers. Marriott Bonvoy hotels train their workers, so they can provide support to guests as is expected. When you enter the brand properties, you already know what they offer. Especially visiting the world for work reasons, I need special attention. To see an environment that is related to local features is nice, I like it. But in the meantime, I want to be sure about the assistance received.

When you book with Marriott Bonvoy, you can ask for a driver who waits for you at the airport and you are sure they do it. It is possible to choose the bed pillows, to use an exclusive lounge (limited to the guests of certain rooms). There the staff serves a quiet breakfast with à la carte dishes, give snack and drinks during the day.

luxury hotels of the world

Also, it is available on a computer with a printer, plus newspapers and magazines. These are just a few services provided that are very helpful for business travelers. They have a lot of facilities for families and leisure travelers. The luxury hotels of the world by Marriott Bonvoy are more than amazing rooms. This is what I search for my trips. 

Marriott Bonvoy hotels offer

This post about luxury hotels of the world wants to be just a news sharing. So I go straight to the point. These days I was surfing the Marriott Bonvoy hotels website to search an accommodation for my next trips and I came into some good offers. Maybe they are useful for your holiday. You can book one of the hotels and benefit from discounts and gift packages if you respect certain conditions. It is your chance to save money or have a better stay around the world. I give you some information to help you with the research. Then, of course, you will see what is more interesting for your needs. The proposals are frequently updated, so you might find something more interesting. Use my list as inspiration.

luxury hotels of the world - marriott bonvoy hotels


  1. Book early and save big“. This is the title of the offer, but also the message that meets perfectly what I wrote at the beginning. It works on most of the destinations and advanced purchases can become an advantage. You will get 20% off on room rates. It works 7 days a week. They apply the discount on their best offers, so it means saving a lot. Click here to know more.
  2. Save 15% in San Francisco. Booking a room in the city you can benefit from the discount. This offer is dedicated to weekend escapes. If you want to know when it is available and how to benefit from it, click here
  3. Stay here, fly there rate. Reserve a room for the night before to leave to your destination and get complimentary parking and transportation to the airport. No rush and no parking fees. Check out all the details of the offer by clicking here.
  4. Would you like to stay in Silicon Valley? Reserve a room in one of the Marriott Bonvoy hotels and get 15% off on any weekend getaway. Check out all the details by clicking here.
  5. Are you an AAA member? There are dedicated deals realized for you. Click here to know more about this offer and explore the discounts.
  6. Would you like to benefit from a special bed & breakfast rate? South West Hotels, part of the group, prepared dedicated offers for travelers who want to sleep well and start the next day even better. Check out all the details by clicking here.
  7. Save now, travel later deal. This rate is dedicated by Marriott Bonvoy hotels to those who want to make a reservation in advance, at least 7 days, to plan seasonal vacations. Discover here all the details.
  8. City break for solo travelers, couples, and families. Choose the place, and the hotel, you will have the chance to save a lot of money for your reservation. Marriott group reserves many specific packages and deals. I am sure you will find the one that fits you. Click here to check them. 
luxury hotels of the world

Credits and gifts

  1. “Marriott Stay for Breakfast” package if you book this offer you can get free breakfast for two adults and children during your stay. Click here to know all the details.
  2. Imagine getting up to $300 nightly resort credit to use on dining, golf, spa, and more. Thanks to the Resort Credit Escape. Marriott Bonvoy gives you the chance to have this treatment for reservations in various countries. Click here for all the details.
  3. Do you want to try luxury hotels of the world signed by Marriott Bonvoy in the USA and Canada? Book your stay using the deal Resort Credit Escape. You will get enjoy up to a $100 nightly resort credit to use on dining, golf, spa, and more. All the details are here.
  4. SoundWaves Water Experience Package: it is an exclusive offer. There is access for a limited quantity of people, so reserve now your room. To know how to book this special proposal click here
  5. Receive up to a $100 Resort Credit at Gaylord Hotels. These luxury hotels of the world reserve this amazing chance for advanced reservations. Do you want to know more? Click here.
luxury hotels of the world - marriott bonvoy hotels

Family packages

  1. Is South America your destination? Enjoy the luxury hotels of the world proposed by Marriott Bonvoy. There are family packages with a lot of special offers. Explore them on this webpage.
  2. If you are traveling around the USA, you can find a lot of tailor-made packages for families. Visit the States, you will save huge money. Check out the online page with all the details.
  3. Travel to the UK to Marriott Bonvoy participating in luxury hotels in the world. The Family Getaway will reserve great rates for you and your family to stay. Click here to get more info.
  4. Save up to 20% in multiple locations. Explore the dedicated catalog to know the list of the participating regions and cities. Access the offer here
luxury hotels of the world

More opportunities

I gave you an idea of the different deals to access luxury hotels in the world, but there are three more options that will help you to take advantage of all Marriott Bonvoy hotels.

  1. Would you like to spend a vacation in a luxurious resort? Find here the list and the selection of the ones that will apply the special discount. You will have the chance to save up to 20% at participating resorts of the group. Sea, mountain, golf course, there is a huge variety of structures.
  2. Get special experiences for your vacation. Marriott prepared a list of unique options to make your tour more amazing. Choose among the ones proposed at your destination, like attending a sporting event, visit a food factory, having a bike or aromatic tour, and so on. There is a great list of tailor-made offers to improve your visits. Check them out.
  3. Rent a car using a special discount. Marriott includes the solution dedicated to travelers who want to enjoy the place going around with a car by themselves. Explore the offers.

Gift cards

The last idea is about presents. Approaching holidays or a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, you can use Marriott Bonvoy hotels as a gift. How? You don’t have to book a room, but just buy a gift card and give it, or send it, to the person you want. The amount of money is up to you and it can be used all around the world to book a stay, a day at a spa, or a dinner at the restaurant. It can be also a part of the cots. 

Go to the website and select the card you prefer, charge the amount of money, from $25 to $2,000. It will be a great gift for anyone. You will make the person happy and it will be easy. You don’t have to move from home and check thousands of items to find the best one for your present.

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luxury hotels of the world - marriott bonvoy hotels

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