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Luxury hotel in Rome: why choose Spagna Royal Suite

Are you searching for a luxury hotel in Rome? The city is one of the favorite destinations for worldwide tourists, but there are a lot of ways to see the attractions. The ancient city is the perfect place to live the luxury, starting from the accommodation. The center of Rome is the Coliseum, but few steps far there is the neighborhood of fashion and the most known brands, around Via Condotti. The area is famous especially because of Spanish Steps. This location is perfect for luxury accommodation in Rome.

The popular stairs, the church on the top, and the Fontana della Barcaccia in the square are the most photographed attractions of the Spanish Steps from all the tourists in Rome. Some of them have the chance also to sleep close to the monuments, choosing among hotels, B&B or flats. But luxury in Rome is something special to try. Very few hundreds of meters from the fountain there is an old anonymous building that host one of the luxury place to stay in Rome. It is not big but full of comfort and impeccable service.

The luxury hotel in Rome

I have been to the Spagna Royal Suite hotel, in Via Mario De’ Fiori 3. It’s a 4 star, but it has nothing to envy to 5 stars accommodation. The furniture and the interiors are opulent but made with a modern and smart style. All the rooms are very different and with peculiarities that made this hotel unique, like the Deluxe with the bathtub made as a big woman shoe with a high heel.

luxury hotel in rome - spagna royal suite in rome

There is a Junior Suite, the biggest room of the structure, that is a symbol of classical modern elegance. Inside there are frescos, a corner with a champagne selection, and Caffè Nespresso machine. The best part, anyway, is the wellness area inside the room, with a bathtub with hydromassage Teuco, a wall for fitness, and the Kinesis Technogym. A paradise for relaxation.

The best room is the Presidential Suite, in the dependence of Via Condotti, exactly in front of Spanish Steps. The luxury of the flat is exclusive. The three bedrooms with king-size beds are connected. Also, there is the use of the event room to welcome some visitors by the guests or simply to see the reunited family during the stay. 400 square meters of comfort and elegance. The experience is unique.

My experience at Spagna Royal Suite

Among the top rooms of Spagna Royal Suite, I reserved the Royal Suite, situated in the dependence in Via Frattina. It’s a big flat, with the main bedroom, very big with street-view windows. In the same room, there is access to the main bathroom. Inside there are a statue, a double shower, and a flat-screen TV. Next, to the bedroom, there is the living room with sofabed and the bigger flat-screen TV. A big wardrobe is in the bedroom and the corridor as well. Then there is the second bathroom, smaller but with a shower, and a small kitchen. It’s how to feel at home.

luxury hotel in rome - spagna royal suite in rome

Spagna Royal Suite is part of the luxury brand Le Reve de Naim, a guarantee for the lovers of exclusivity. The hospitality by them is like a trip in a familiar environment dominated by perfection. That’s why I am completely satisfied with my stay. Highly recommended for who wants to visit Rome and enjoy the stay. This superb hotel in Rome offers peace and it is discrete. The professional staff ready to answer any need. The breakfast served in the dining room it is not huge in terms of variety, but the quality is high. Elegance and luxury are the keywords for this hotel, so you can feel like a king.

I was there for a short trip with a friend, but this structure is perfect for couples, families, and business travelers. It is easy to find a luxury hotel in Rome, but this one is a boutique hotel. This means that you have tailor-made assistance from the staff.  They are professionals and they can treat you as a family member. Discretion is the keyword and each room has an original setting, you will never have the feeling to be in a hotel. This is quite important for me to travel. Because I feel better during my stay.


You have now more information about the luxury hotel in Rome. If you like to have more hotel tips, read my reviews. You will find inspiration to visit the Italian capital city and other places around the world.

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