Luxury hotel in Budapest: in front of Chain Bridge

In the charming capital of Hungary, I had a great stay. Because I reserved a luxury hotel in Budapest. In the place, it is possible to find any type of accommodation. But when I travel I like some comforts and as well the location is important. So I can go directly to the main attractions. Especially visiting cities for business reasons means having a small amount of time to be a tourist. It is good to be cared for by professional staff for any need, starting from the transfers and the assistance for reservations. The time saved becomes in this way useful to go around and see buildings, monuments, museums and so on.

My luxury hotel in Budapest: location

One of the most visited places is the Chain Bridge. It is the most famous connection between Buda and Pest, across the river Danube. Opened in 1849, the bridge represents a symbol for the city. And also it was considered in past centuries as an example of innovation. I see it as nice architecture, but of course, the bridge, the river, and the view made my stay magic. From my luxury hotel in Budapest, I saw the castle on one side and the Parliament on the other side. A marvelous panorama.

luxury hotel in budapest chain bridge

At Four Seasons Hotel

I decided to stay in the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest. It is one of the best accommodations in town. It is true, it is part of an important and international chain. But starting from the building and arriving at the typical grandeur of Budapest, there are many elements related to the local culture. The architecture and the interiors are connected with the ancient style of the Hungarian kings. This luxury hotel in Budapest shows the typical elegance of the city.

In my suite, I found elegance and modern equipment. The Art Deco furnishings are united with contemporary objects to give all comforts with a pleasant aesthetics to each room. They are spacious and full of natural light that comes from the big windows. And one more important thing, the staff is kind and professional as usual in this type of hotel. And there is a good offer of bars and restaurants.

Meals in the hotel

The meal at Kollazs Brasserie and Bar is superb. The chef prepares the food with the ability and good quality ingredients. There is a good choice between fish and meat dishes. But some recipes are very interesting like the ones with a mix of fruits and foie gras. The restaurant gives a modern culinary experience with a different menu according to the meal. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but the snacks are available all day long.

Four Seasons is a luxury hotel in Budapest, with a worldwide recognized brand in hospitality. In Budapest, it confirms a great service, without forgetting the connection with the city and the country. And this is what I like, to have also an international comfort and some elements of the local culture. That’s why, as a guest of the hotel, I felt like a Hungarian king, living as the country rulers of the past.

Tips for reservation at the luxury hotel in Budapest

If you choose a suite you can benefit from a discount, so save money. Then it is great to enjoy the best view of the city. To optimize the costs, I suggest you check out the packages, for example with the spa. Or even better the offers about city tours. They customize the visits taking you to live amazing experiences. This luxury hotel in Budapest is the ideal structure for tailor-made services. Not only for businessmen but for every traveler. Here you find the best rates.

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Enjoy your trip!

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