Luxury dinner in Skopje

Around the city center in Skopje you will spend your time with the head turned up to see the big statues as the one of Alexander the Great and of his father Philip the Macedonian, but for sure you will need a break and to have something to eat, especially for lunch and dinner. The food is very important in the country and generally you can find a good quality, in therms of naturalness, and at quite cheap pricess. The quantity also never need to be discussed, you will be in troble to finish everything.

In Skopje you can find a lot of different restaurants and bars ready to offer you local and international recipies, but not McDonalds, closed definitely few years ago. The local meet doesn’t cost so much and it is great, really better than the one given in the fast food. Anyway if you are searching for luxury you will have few chances to be satisfied. Being in Skopje means to have a dinner at Vodenica Mulino, with very high standards.

In the restaurant, located at around five minutes by car from the central Macedonia square, they serve local and Mediterranean food. The range of the prices is quite high according to local standards, but it is one of the few places where you can have a professional service as it happens in Western European countries and also an elegant setting.

If you want to try the Macedonian recipies, keep in mind that most of them have Turkish influence, you have to order Gostivarska palachinka. I will not explain what it is, beacuse you need to taste it, but I am pretty sure that you will never regret with it. The wine selection is really various, ready to meet the different preferences of clients but also to accompany the diverse dishes proposed.

What is surprising for Macedonia, that still has to work on luxury standards, is the presentation of the plates. In┬áVodenica Mulino it is very stilish and innovative, as you can normally find in the best and trendy restaurants. From the menu you can order meat, that is of course traditional in Macedonia, but if you prefer fish, don’t worry, they have a good quality selection of it.



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