Luxury B&B in Naples

Naples deserve always a visit, not only for its beautiful attractions, but also for the magical atmosphere and for the friendly people who lives there. The great location of the city between the sea and the volcano helps to create a romantic ambience and the historical architecture gives great chances to jump in the local and the Italian history. An old dictum say: ”Naples is the only Oriental city without a European neighborhood“. This semplify to understand the soul of Napoli.

There are many important, well known luxury hotels to stay, but if you want to feel more at home, be in a house and to be completely independent you can choose a Bed and Breakfast. Anasa tried one for you, located in the heart of the city and very well equipped. Luxury and local culture are mixed together at The Boutique Napoli Suite and the guest is treated as a V.I.P.

In the middle of the central Via Toledo, the street of the promenade and of the shops, just behing the city hall, in a quite modern and very big building, on the fifth floor there is the accomodation. Few rooms in a flat. Anasa was in the Suite Il Golfo, the best one. The theme of it is the Naples Gulf, featured by the sea, the beautiful islands Procida, Ischia and Capri and of course the mountain almost on the coast: the popular Vesuvio.

The colours and the modern-style paintings on the wall are describing that landscape. The room is spacious, it has a big bed, a sofabed a minibar with free water. Close to the entrance of the room there is the shower, meanwhile the bathroom is separated. A balcony and a corner window give a unique view on Via Toledo and its lights, but the real surprise is behind the bed: a doble Jacuzzi where to relax during the stay. Perfect for a romantic holiday.

In the lounge of the B&B there is a common room with tea and coffe machine always available for guests. The young owners and the staff are very kind and always ready to welcome and to support clients in all their needs. Make people confortable is part of the local culture, but of course at The Boutique Napoli Suite it seems a priority of the policy. There is a lack: no breakfast inside, but it is full of bars around where to find the great traditional sweets and also salty dishes, like mozzarella and the various and superb cheeses.


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