Luxury amenities in the hotels

What did you find in your room during your last trip? Was the minibar well furnished? Did you have all the toileteries that you expected? In last years the demanding customers in luxury hotels increased their number and the answer came, with some innovation as well. Starting from the menu dedicated to pet to fireworks, passing by rooms for childrens and natural bath products. Why?

Social media are the guilty ones, or at least they are part of the complicity with the customers. Thanks to the opinions shared through internet by clients, the hotels started to be more responsible about the offer, especially in order to satisfy the requests of their future guests. The main point, underlined by Judi Brownell, responsible of one of the best Hospitality schools, of the Cornell University, is that travellers are searching for an experience during their stay.

Women are mainly interested in an holistic experience to feel safe, welcome and assisted, to find comfort and a lot of services. Men are more interested in finding a room well equipped for any need. According to the studies in the sector is quite visible that in last te years many boutique hotels grew up around the world. Luxury rooms and amenities, among services offered by the staff, facilities and products were the main elements to focus on.

As well 5-stars hotels improved their proposal, of course working on prices policy, but as well proposing better accomodation, servicies, facilities and amenities. The quality of the toileteries is now higher, most of them are made by famous brands and as well the beverages and the snacks are produced by the best companies. Plus it is possible to find in the room more utilities, like a complete kit to clean the shoes, Nespresso machine and in certain cases even a selection of champagne.

The hotels organize transfers from and to the airport with driver and luxury cars and they also proposed personalized tours around the cities, they offer personal assistance for shopping and to reserve unique experiences during the events. The luxury world grows up for tourists, meanwhile social network, travel influencers and websites are sharing visitors experiences and comments.



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