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The new year is close and we all are thinking about next year trips. Lonely Planet prepared a list of the places to visit in 2019. My agenda is already quite full because of my work trips. But searching for some inspiration for holidays, I found something interesting. My region, Piedmont, is part of the advice given by Lonely Plante guide. I am quite happy about it. I am working to update my travel tips guide, but when I saw the news I thought to ask you something.

Lonely Planet and me

One of the most famous travel guidebook publishers tells about my region. But I live here and maybe I can give you some information and also some tips for your travel to Piedmont. I am not a Lonely Planet contributor, but as a local, I have something particular to share. Would you like to know something about my region? Generally, I write about my travel experiences, but rarely I describe my place because I am used living here and it is not a destination for me. That’s why now I ask you.

My small experiment

Thanks to your likes and comments I try to measure my post, to see if what I share is interesting or not. As I wrote when I got my first 1000 followers, my posts are for you, so it is really important to have your feedback. What do you expect from me? You already know what I write and how I manage my blog, so now you can say something more. Are you curious about Piedmont?

Maybe I can compare the Lonely Planet content and my point of view, finishing with some tips. If you come to Italy or you just live in another region, I suggest you explore Turin and Piedmont. It is a good mixture of ancient architecture, food, art and history combined with a unique elegant style. I wait for your comments and feedbacks.

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