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Today it’s my curiosities’ day. So I share here some interesting facts about Italy. You have already been in my country, but maybe you don’t know them. Or you never had the chance to see the beautiful Italian boot and its islands so these facts will help you to plan your trip consciously… Hey, I am joking. I just want to share some facts not much known by the people…also by some Italians…

Here you will find the basics to know Italy, starting from the name’s origin. They will open your mind to Italy. If you never been to the country of fashion and pasta, after reading this post you will have an irrepressible desire to leave. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. But I am sure that you will satisfy all your curiosities about Italy and you will see the Italian cities under a different perspective.

Italy: facts and curiosities

Are you expecting a long list of facts? Do you think to see a lot of lines full of boring information about Italy? No, I prepared a short video with some of my pictures taken during my trips to my country. Each image will have few words written about a factor a curiosity. Easier to read them and to learn them. I can query you in next days. So if you want a good grade, you have to pay attention. Just kidding you.

I am posting this article on my way to the New Year’s Eve or better to Prague. So I am full of positive thoughts and energy. Anyway, I let you see my short video and I hope you will really enjoy these facts. When I have some work meetings abroad and people ask me something about Italy, I always tell some curiosities. This catches their attention more than the well-known adjectives used to describe the famous monuments. Now I want to do the same with you.

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What you need to know before visiting Italy…and also after your trip

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